Happy Birthday to Me?

Happy Birthday To Me?






Today, January 3rd, 2013 is my 39th birthday. Isn’t it just another day on the calendar? Celebrating your birth, can often be just a distraction from the turning of days.

Ringing in a ‘New Year’ is much like the old one. Do people really change or is it simply the events that force change on the people?

What event will have to take place during 2013 for people to RISE!?

The Roman Empire fell, and its decline can be attributed to losing sight of what it once stood for. SPQR!

What does the Republic of America stand for? Do people really know what it once stood for? Still stands for?

When you are choosing from choices already made for you, what Liberty do you really have? How free are you in a state of servitude?

When the Plebs rely on the Patrician Class to give them their greatness, it’s only a matter of time before the Imperial City crumbles to the ground; for without the people there can be no empire!

It’s not enough to be unhappy with the Senate, or the decisions of the Emperor. It requires an action to cause events!

It’s not enough to take an action when you are completely ignorant to what is going on!

  • Empower yourselves with knowledge.
  • Gain strength for the challenges ahead.
  • Seize Power to create a life worth living!

Don’t tell me of your miseries, tell me how you plan to change them.

Sin Jones
The Poison Apple