Facebook Satanism

Yeah, you read that correctly.  It’s a real thing.  Much like Internet Religion.  I’ve covered this subject on past episodes of Poison Apple Radio  regarding the pro’s and con’s of having an Internet-based ‘church’ and congregation.    There’s always a sunny-side to the tragedy known as religious fanaticism.  Yes boys and girls, there’s even chat-room prayer sessions, complete with costumes and a scratchy audio file of the Black Mass playing in the background!  I’m not joking.  

Some of the more serious Satanic groups got the right idea, but this takes both knowledge and skill.  If you are going to provide a service to your congregation, might as well do it with a little flair!  Trouble for me is, some of these Satan-pups look up to me as sort of a role model.  I know…I know… it is pretty amusing.  One of the most detested women in Satanism is a role model.    The kids call me Mamma SIN because I’m there to answer questions and not treat them like douchebags.  When they ask me what groups are legit, and which to stay away from, I advise them as if I were speaking to my own child.  The fact of the matter is, Satanists are mostly douchebags.  The idea that Satanism is love, light and lollypops, is usually perpetuated by the Dark-pagan types.  The reality is, Satanists are using psychological war-fare on the Internet, and some have underlying agendas that would blow your top off.  They either want your money, your loyalty, or to raise them up like pop-stars of the Internet.  In any case, they all want something from you.  It’s the dirty little secret some of these scumbags want to be swept under the carpet.  Its old adage that there’s plenty of sheep out there to take advantage of.   If you are out there trying to grasp Satanism in our modern world, well…You have your work cut out for you.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some highly intelligent folks out there too, and they are more concerned with manifesting their own dreams into reality, and they don’t need sheep to do it.  Some are truly on the up and up, but get affiliated with the douchebags by proxy.  It’s the reality of Satanism. 

If you were around during the latter part of the 90’s and early 2000’s, then you know firsthand, the ridiculosity of the Myspace era of Internet Satanism.  Every weirdo with a notion to start a ‘group’ certainly did, and the rest of us sharpened our trolling skills.  I ran a group myself called Satanic Mind, it was more of a fight-club format, and it too was trolled, but when you are a troll yourself, well then it becomes a perpetual motion machine.  You end up making a few friends along the way, learning new code, and well…Having a hot shitty good time.  It’s the Internet people. Either you get trolled, or learn to keep the trolls out of your domain.  And believe me; some groups deserve to be trolled into oblivion but especially the douchebags.

The Facebook phenomenon is like Myspace 2.0.  The thing is, with such a unique platform, Millions of people are available to be exposed vs. the more focused groups you found on Myspace.  A friend of mine sent me an invite to Facebook in 2007.  I signed up, took a look around and decided it was lame.  So my account sat dormant for 2 years.  Then, I was taking a transcendental dance class, and the group insisted on using Facebook to share info when we weren’t meeting in person, so I had to revive my account.  Between 2009 – 2010 our group was pretty active, and focused on our studies.  The instructor took a break from teaching to focus more on her performance arts and writing, so our class came to a close.  This left me with my Facebook account which pretty much became dead, so I decided to open up my profile to be more public, at that time I was only concentrated on the people I needed to communicate with.  I didn’t allow Satanists to add me, even though I got requests on the regular.  By 2011 I figured I’d see how things went, and began opening my friends list to more of my pagan associates, and random Satanists.  And as I suspected, bam!  Crazies run amok!  You get all types when you are open to millions.  Anything from your rational Devil Worship to the off the deep end type stuff.  I’d get messages on the regular asking me for help with anything from exorcisms, to magic spells to cure blatant stupidity.

The Facebook Group issue was problematic.  You log in to find some asshat added you to 35 groups, and your alerts are off the charts.  The more you remove yourself, the more you are added to.  I searched the Facebook features for permissions, and nada.  It seemed Facebook didn’t want you to be able to pre-approve group invites.  It was up to you to either stay or go at your own discretion.  So the daily annoyance of removing yourself from groups was the plight of Facebook.  Many of the Satanic Forums quickly died off as Facebook became the place where everything was happening.  Many groups rolled up their Ning groups and closed them, proboards became a ghost town, and wall.fm was competing with Facebook for features.   It seemed like all the usual players were on Facebook.  As much as people would love to imagine that there’s millions of Satanists in the world, the reality is it’s only a few thousand.  After a period of time, you become familiar with the same faces, screen names, and organizations.  The way Facebook was designed; keeping the crazies out of your strata becomes nearly impossible.  

Between late 2010 -2011 I was using Facebook for what it was intended for.  Networking, sharing information and promotional features.  Other Satanists were using it for creating churches, coffee klatches and focus groups dedicated to being a pain in the ass.  By February 2012, I scheduled deleting of my Facebook account for the end of the year.  I made a shit ton of contacts and folks that liked to follow my writing and art projects.  This would give them ample time to collect my stuff, and connect with me on my other platforms.  I created an event as a Social experiment, and called it The End of the World Facebook, for shiggles.  Thousands of Facebook users ranted and raved on that event for a good 60 days, all the while I’m laughing and trolling it.  Weirdos.  They were treating my ‘event’ as if it were another one of these cancerous Facebook groups where the users believe they are entitled to all sort of things.  Explanations, hanging on their every word, and meeting their demands.  Pretty amusing actually.  

In the meantime, it was business as usual.  I’m sharing links, networking and promoting my projects.  Satanists still don’t like shameless self-promotion, they complain about your Narcissism, and a myriad of other crybaby complaints that are their problems that they want to make your problems.  Facebook Satanists demand that you treat Facebook like it’s their living room.  So, say for example I’m discussing a news article on my own page, because they are subscribed to you and receive your updates, well…Now your discussion appears on their wall when they log-in.  Since your commentary appears in their atmosphere, they begin to make all sorts of demands and complaints.  I always gave the usual response:  Don’t like what I have to say, or the subject matter?  Unsubscribe and stop stalking me.  I mean, that’s what we do on Social Media, we are social stalkers.  For me?  It was all rather easy.  If I found your content boring or uninteresting, I utilized the features of Facebook to hide your updates.  You could still be on my friends list, but I no longer see what you are posting on your feeds.  Easy enough right?  WRONG.  Facebook Satanism involves starting groups to talk about you.  Much like High School.  So a group will be erected in your name, the owner invites their friends to talk smack about you and your content.  Then they invite you to it, as another childish move to get a rise out of you.  I’m not so easy to rise, so I just ignore it and block the person being a douche.  Easy enough right?  WRONG.

Step 2 of Facebook Satanism, is erect a WordPress site to flame you which then gets shared on Facebook and out there into the search engines.  It’s what gave me the idea to erect one in Tom Blackwood’s name, because he’d been using this tactic for years.  Why not give him a dose of his own medicine?  What makes this douchebag immune to the same tactic?  Blobtard.com was born in the Winter of 2012.  I also have a Facebook fan page.  All linked and at the click of a button, I’m sharing content with thousands of users.   My campaign of Trolling the Troll has been a year long flaming of the biggest scam artist and douchebag on the Internet.  In the meantime, his merry band of idiots created a group on Facebook called The Satanic Security Agency.  It purports to filter out sex offenders, predators and scumbags from Facebook.  In truth, it’s Coffee Klatch 2.0.  There, these Facebook Satanists fabricate criminal allegations, scams and smear for the sole purpose of just being douchebags.  The false claims are discussed, but those accused are not allowed into the group to clear their name of any false allegations.  To include but not limited to, pedophilia, rape, murder, theft, and even kidnapping.   The sunny side?  All the crazies are in one group, and it alerts the rest of the Satanists on Facebook on who to block from their personal pages and groups. Some of these weirdoes have sugar plum dreams of creating the next Satanic Panic through Facebook networking.  Yeah, really.  

Aside being douchebags, Facebook Satanism involves sharing links from external websites, pictures of spooky devils, altar photos, desecration of churches, horror films and men in corpse paint.  It’s so EVIL!  This is to entice members of Facebook to join their off-Facebook websites.  Some free, some carrying a member fee .  

The A-typical altar set up, attributed to suggestions made by Anton Szandor Lavey.  I saved this photo from Facebook.  Yawn...

Some Facebook Satanists pride themselves in being Facebook Satanists.  Some manage to have fairly decent discussions with the right admins in place to filter out, unrelated material to the focus of the group.  When trying to get down to the brass tacks of the -ism, you’ll find that many Satanists on Facebook don’t practice Satanism, they just talk about it on Facebook.  It can be likened to independent research, or a hobby.  Other Facebook Satanists are only interested in culling in the numbers.  It’s more about popularity and cults of personality than it is Satanism.  I don’t get the benefit.  On my own page, I accumulated a little over 2000 contacts over a nearly 2 year period.  I was not actively looking for people to add, I would get add requests based on an interest in my content.  I filtered out people that I didn’t converse with, or made little to no contact with me.  Plus, it made it easier to manage my list.  Some Facebook Satanists are looking to have well over 5,000 contacts…Even if none of them ever visit their pages, look at their links or discuss their topics. It’s just about the numbers.  The more contacts you have, the more successful a Satanist you become.  I find that both odd, and smells of a weak ego.  A successful Satanist?  Which leads me to…

Satanism as a business, commodity and something to be bought, sold, whored and resold for profit.  Please, I have no interest in turning my Satanism into a business, nor do I have any interest in collecting ‘customers’ for my wares.  Give me a break.  My website The Poison Apple, has always been a hobby, over 80% of the content is 100% free, and the rest is some of my art and crafts.  My work is for a target audience, I don’t expect it to sell like gang-busters.  I mean, what person do you know that is in the market for a Necromancy Divination Cabinet?  Get real.  Whatever doesn’t sell off my website, I bring to my local vending events, where it will and does sell.  These events only occur 4 times a year, and I enjoy them.    It’s a hobby.  It’s not my ‘business’.  I work in other markets to make money to support myself and my lifestyle.

Facebook Satanism is enough to make you dry heave.  I deleted my personal page over a month ago.  I maintain my public pages for my site, and plugging info.  Works just fine without the nuances of Facebook Satanists.  I’ve had my public pages longer than my private page, and its all gravy.  No trolling, spamming, or flaming ever occurs on those pages.  

Now that I’m not on Facebook, you’d think it stop right?  WRONG.  Now I get emails on my Gmail account to include screen captures from Facebook.  WTF y’all, give it a fucking rest.  Weirdoes.

I have plenty to manage without Facebook, I mean…It’s all for entertainment and networking right?  Some people regard Facebook as their whole world, the ‘reality’ of Satanism, and the real world.  Nope.  Facebook is full of whackos, posers, hipsters and yes…Those damn weirdoes.  They think they are powerful enough to control your thoughts, and activities.  Boy are they wrong. It’s all an imaginary world they live in, where they are master of the unknown universe!

I swear.  Shit gets weirder and weirder as time goes on with this grand innovation called the Internet.  

Stay tuned!

Sin Jones

The Poison Apple



They are everywhere.  Reading your blogs, and writing their own rhetoricals about your life.  Social Media is designed for cyber-stalking.  I mean, let’s be real here, that’s what we do.  We stalk each other’s content, and if a person likes your content entirely too much, people cry wolf:  ”Help me!   Help me!  I’m being cyber-stalked by weirdos!”  

Ummmm yeah, then stay off the net.  Weirdos are everywhere.  

People have this imaginary world built for themselves. They sit in the comforts of their homes, they blog, and post on Social platforms, then cry their privacy has been invaded when this public content is shared or discussed. 

Ummmm yeah… Get a notebook and shove it under your pillow.

At what point does Social stalking become truly problematic?  In my opinion, it is when users of Social Media facilitate smear and fabrication and use Social Media for its venue.  Even that may be protected by ‘Freedom of Speech’.  Doesn’t matter much that this user is calling you a pedophile, rapist, or some other false criminal allegation.  It doesn’t matter if there is zero evidence to support that claim known to be false.  It also doesn’t matter if great efforts are made to ensure this content is sent out into cyberspace creating a large foot print of smear, attached to YOUR NAME.  YOUR IDENTITY.  It doesn’t matter to those that sit complacent and do nothing.

It matters to me.  I’ve seen the lives of others destroyed because they simply weren’t strong enough to fight off the content.  Even when they disappeared from the web, the smear campaigns would continue, and it would affect that person offline.  More and more employers are using the web to screen out applicants for employment.  As more and more people are stuck, that means more people are on social programs like welfare.  I want people off welfare, to get a leg up and be productive.  This affects our economy overall.  This directly affects me.    This is why it matters to me, and I believe it should matter to you too.  The more apathetic people are, the more we all suffer.  If you find yourself irritated with the inflation of prices, lack of jobs, and the ever declining economy, you can look to Social Media as a culprit in the scheme of things.  And believe me, it’s not the only culprit, but it certainly contributes a whole lot.

Just a few weeks ago, a man that was speaking out against this tactic was targeted.  The scumbag that was launching these campaigns called his employer, and he was fired.  Not for any wrong doing, but because the employer could not deal with the constant phone calls and drama.  He was ‘let go’ as a liability.  He was new at the job, and didn’t really have the time in to speak on his behalf as an asset.  And so, this man became again unemployed.  He has a family to support.  And so, in desperation, he’s back on welfare, he’s still hunting for work.  I empathize with his struggle.

It enrages me that Social Media abusers can get away with what they do. Spreading smear, criminal allegations, and other nonsense to destroy the reputations of people for the shear thrill of it.  In their personal strategies they are eliminating people.  Eliminating their competitors, and using Social Media as a smear machine likened to the tactics of Sun Tzu, a military general and author of The Art of War.  And it works.  Do you know why?  The general population is droning about not really paying attention to lies masked as truth.  The quest for truth is usually coveted by the lovers of knowledge.    The sheeple take things at face value, or say:  “Well, better him than me.”  Thing is, it could be YOU.  And where do you think you will turn when it does happen to you?  If you think Law Enforcement will help you, you are mistaken.  If you think spinning your wheels with a civil suit will help you, you are delusional.  The Internet is a whirlwind of disinformation, trolling and bullshit.  All of it, protected content, even that content that aims to destroy you.  A handful of individuals have been successful in pursuing legal cases, but those circumstances are unique, each case is unique, there is no cookie-cutter case of Libel.

What motivates these weirdos?  Again, each weirdo is unique but share similar traits.  They want something from you.  They want to be you.  And so, they seek to destroy you so they can have some sort of personal victory over you.  They are green eyed monsters that want what you have.  Maybe you are funny, witty and people follow your content because they find you amusing.  Maybe you are a prolific writer that provokes others to think, and for themselves.  Well then, you’ve just become a threat, these weirdos don’t want free thinkers.  They want drones.  They want you to gobble up every ounce of bullshit they spew into the ether.  More often than not, this bullshit carries a price tag, and they want YOU to become their customers.  At what cost, and to what end?  It may cost you, your very soul.  So go ahead and make a deal with the Devil.  Make sure you sign it in your blood, sweat, and tears.  Might as well make it stick.  Right?

I’m not content to just sit complacent.  I will not tolerate it.  And so, I speak out against it.  I know this makes me a target for the same tactics.  I accept that personal responsibility.  I accept that I will be accountable to myself, and thus I take action.  May not seem like much, blogging, but I can tell you first hand, it makes an impact.  I don’t just stop there, I am on radio, pod-casts, and I spread the word.  That makes me an even bigger threat.  I am a threat to the tactics employed by the Bullshit Artist.  I call Bullshit when I smell it.

It’s a loveless effort.  I will not be embraced. I will be vilified for my efforts, because let’s face it…People always think it’s about THEM.  It’s not.  It may be a service to they, those and them in some manner but at the very root of this, is for ME.  When I say “I” will not tolerate it, I mean that.  I honestly don’t know why anyone would, even if I understand their complacency and hesitance to involve themselves.  Believe me; I know all too well how people rely on their reputations as commerce.  I do not.

I have always been of the Devil.  I am a Satanist, with reasoning behind it.  My Satanism isn’t reactionary to some butthurt I have over the religion of my family.  I still use elements of it in my Occultism.  You could  even call me a Crusty-Catholic if you prefer, but I’m not a Catholic.  I never confirmed.  I never embraced the religious aspects, though I whole heartedly understand its rituals and a need for them.  It pains me to see Catholics missing the mark, completely confounded by the religions they believe they practice.  The message from Genesis through Revelations has always been resoundingly clear to me.  







What will you be remembered for?  Or will you have been so mundane and boring that forgetting you isn’t even given a second thought?  Memories are your immortality.  And there are plenty of weirdos in the world that will in fact be forgotten.   Weirdos are like Broken Dolls, doesn’t matter how many times you try to repair them…Broken is broken.  Stay away from them, that’s my advice.  And beware of the Weirdos…They are stalking you this very moment.  Be careful not to be too interesting, stay safe, and stay mundane and boring.  Maybe its better that you are forgotten.    The comfort of safety has always been regarded above Liberty after all.  It’s the American Way.

“Well-behaved women, rarely make history”  -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Sin Jones