None of Your Concern


Art is to console those who are broken by life.” Vincent Van Gogh

It never has been for me.  I don’t need to be consoled for enduring Life.  I create when I feel inspired to express myself in various mediums.  I enjoy the process more than what I produce.  I’ve never understood why people follow what they call ‘Art Legends’, these are just people.  People that expressed something in such a way that it birthed a form.  Ok fine.  These forms then go on to be made part of what we now call ‘Art History’, which is kind of weird when you think about it.  From the very beginning, man has expressed the things he experiences with all the senses.  Whether that’s Prehistoric Cave Art or the work of Van Gogh.  Why do people become fans of the Artist then go on to call them Legendary?  Your average person couldn’t spot a Van Gogh painting beyond Starry Night or The Scream but may be so familiar with his ‘Ear Story‘ that’s what makes the ‘Art’ legendary.  Not to say that the object itself isn’t fascinating on its own Merits but how much the Art is worth is often driven by the Legend.  Case in point, Van Gogh’s painting sky-rocketed in value after a tribute to his death.  Was it his legend or his Art that drove the market price?   Back in the 19th century he had his fans, collectors and even critics.  Why? Perhaps an attraction to an odd sort of man painting in a fashion that stood out from the rest of nameless, faceless painters.  The Royal Tribute he received wasn’t even until the 20th century, it could be argued that people become so enamoured by those that stand out, they are so often missed and have to come to terms with no future productions and/or personal relations with them.

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my ‘Art’ whatever people think that is.  I sometimes take Commissions for props and post  the final results that people have become so accustomed to seeing these things, when they don’t, it’s like I’ve stopped making ‘Art’.  It leads me to believe that some people perceive my ‘Art’ as these things I make.  They wouldn’t consider my spoken word or photography pieces to be part of that ideal.  Weird right?  It is to me at least.  Maybe you agree, maybe you have your own ideas about what Art is.  Added to this is the projection of what people believe I should be doing with or for my ‘Art’.  That old mantra “It’s Every Starving Artist’s Dream to Become Legendary!” puts you square with it.  It’s never been my dream, people don’t really ask me that anyway?  Rarely if ever do I hear:  “Sin Jones, what is your Dream?”

Why?  Well because people don’t really care about that.  I’ve been providing content on the Internet for the better part of 25 years and I guess I’ve built a fanbase that has come to expect certain things from me.  I guess they think I do it for them?  I can’t be sure but I can certainly cast my speculations.   I do all of this for ME.  When will it all end?  I can’t say but I’m sure in the not too distant future all of this stuff will be gone from your sight and I’ll be long forgotten.  Did Vincent Van Gogh set his sights on becoming a Legend?  I can speculate based on this single quote that perhaps he found consolation in the Art he produced.  Or, could it be that he too just enjoyed the process.  What goes on in your head when you are creating things can be all over the map but the map is not the territory.  I no more dwell on the map than I do the destination.  Why should I?  Certainly not to meet the expectations of fans of my Work.  What is my Work anyway?  Do you know?  Do you care?  These are rhetorical questions that need no answer; so don’t bother.  Don’t be so bothered by my lack of entertaining content.  I’m just another Person.

I don’t know that I stand out from the Mass, I do know that these are not my concerns.

Sin Jones