Fighting for Honor: Conversations with James Jackson

James Jackson writes:  “Occultism feminism panthers Hollywood symbolism spelling it out for secret societies to brag about Bastet witches Mafdet cats witchcraft and other inferior pagan ideas…”

The occult schools are trying to define what is hidden in religion an they are notorious for being fraudulent and lying for power and influence. There are countless contradicting occult societies and they are all inferior and their magic has failed to defeat me at martial arts for instance. One of many examples of them coming up short.

Inferior to what?  One must place a set of ideals on a pedestal before you can begin to address those that are inferior.  James goes on to say:  “There is One God and through him I am over 100-0 in martial arts. Long ago people would prove their religion through wars. When the smoke cleared the 2 largest religions are Christianity and Islam. Now secret societies are manipulating people to destroy those 2 religions so that is how it ends. Masonry, rosicrucians, theosophy, wiccan ect ect greek mysteries, dinoysus, orpheus, platonic schools of thought and more. Philosophy and religion go hand and hand. Religion seeks to join or reconnect with what is spiritual. When you are doing all guess work it is meaningless, only TRUE prophets can define the relationship between God and man. “

Only TRUE prophets?  You can imagine my skepticism with regard to self-awareness.  Just seems to me that Mr. Jackson is getting a bit caught up here.  It may spark an interesting discussion (or Not), It’s led to a scheduled interview and using my… What did he call them?  “You are a satanic feminist who dabbles in witchcraft, one look at your channel and pic one can tell that. What secret society of spiritual bottom feeders do you belong to? THe relationship is supposed to be with God not the devil. Prophets tell it better than anyone else ever has so the proof is in the pudding.”

Moi, a Feminist?  Supposed to be?  Secret Society of Bottom Feeders?  Well hey, sign me up!  Not sure what this guy is trippin’ on but if offered, I’d say “No thanks”.  Pride & Vanity, one of the Devil’s Favorite sins…  Honor?  I’d be curious to learn how this fellow not only defines it but would see it in practice.  Our discussion is scheduled for 9/25/15 6:30 EST.  Any predictions on how it will turn out?  Devil-animated-animation-devil-smiley-emoticon-000386-large

Update: here it goes!

Vanity: [8%]TCA Peel: Spring Clean up your face

It’s not going to work miracles but it will slough-off tired old skin, lighten dark spots and give you a fresh even tone.  I do a chemical peel at least once a year to diminish lines and even out the overall look of my skin.  When I take photos of myself and publish them online, I’m typically already wearing a foundation/powder.  I have an un-even skin tone due to my freckles and some sun-damage I experienced in my youth.

Use caution if you try this for yourself at home.  8% is plenty high but some opt for a higher percentage to even out hyper-pigmentation. If you’re not careful you can actually cause it using TCA.  This is an acid. I recommend doing a patch test before you apply it to your whole face.  You can pick up an 8% solution online or where fine cosmetics are sold.   You can read reviews and watch videos for days but rule of thumb: Everyone’s skin is different.   Start with the lowest % possible, you can always apply secondary layers and re-peel in 6 weeks.

stuff you need

What you need:

1) 8% TCA Solution

2) Fan Brush

3) Cotton or Sponge Applicator Brush

4) Glass dish

5) Baking-Soda, Water

6) Face Towel

7) Coconut Oil (Vaseline will work in a pinch too)

8) Paper Towels

9) Timer


Hair Bow

What you do:

1) Pin your hair back with a head band.  Wash your face, swab with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol.  Allow to dry.

2) Pour a small amount of the TCA liquid into your glass dish

3) Dip your fan-brush in the solution, tap off any excess

4) Stroke the brush along your face (from forehead on downward), avoid eyes, nose, and corners of your mouth.

5) Pass over only once

6) You can use your sponge brush or a cotton swap to apply to spots (like moles, freckles or red spots)

7) Set your timer to 10 minutes.  If it’s your first time and you experience painful burning, 5 minutes is suggested.
While the TCA is on your face and drying, mix [1 part] baking soda to [2 parts] water to make a solution to neutralize the acid. Mixing this stuff in a drinking glass is fine.  Most TCA is self-neutralizing but in the event you are experiencing a deep burn, or pain the solution will fast-track neutralizing. It’s also cooling to your face.  Seeing a red ‘sun burned’ look is normal.  Areas with the roughest patches will ‘Frost’ and may freak you out a bit if you’ve never done this before.  No worries, the look of the frost will go away after you shower and moisturize.  I typically experience frosting above my eye-brows, cheekbones chin and nose.  Ideally where you get the most sun on your face.

After your timer goes off, just rinse your face with the baking soda solution and wash with a mild cleanser.  I favor Cetaphil, it’s gentle and rids your face of all impurities.  Pat, don’t rub dry.  Use a gentle towel that isn’t too rough.  I immediately rub a bit of the coconut oil on my face.  It absorbs pretty quick and doesn’t give you that oily look that Vaseline does but you can certainly use that if you don’t have any coconut oil on hand.

red zone smile

red zoneFrosting












Redness is normal. I took this right after I rinsed and it lasted about an hour, so don’t panic.  As you can see by the red line, I avoided my jaw-line with the brush.  That area tends to stay red a little longer than I’d like so I just avoid it all together.  I also avoid my eye sockets but try to hit my high cheek bones where I have both a saturation of freckles and sun-spots.  This is what gives my eye pits that ‘brown’ tired look.  While the TCA will lighten them, I’d have to go pretty deep (or opt for laser removal) to get rid of them entirely.  In this lighting you can see my freckles under the cheek bone as well.  These lighten up pretty good and become virtually invisible under my foundation.

 As I mentioned, I typically frost above the eye brow, cheek bones, chin and nose.  This time around it was isolated to my cheek bones and brow area.  This should give you a pretty good idea of what a ‘frost’ looks like.  This whitish looking skin will fade back to flesh color within minutes after applying the moisturizer.  Right out of the shower,  you just look like you have a rosie complexion.

The real fun takes a few days.  By that night the skin gets tight and may even still burn a bit.  If you experience too much discomfort, a wash-cloth soaked in the baking soda solution is cooling.  By the following day, it’s really tight  and the areas with the most dead skin will look sort of leather- like.  Put on a good sunblock too because this process will make you more susceptible to sun damage.  This isn’t the most attractive thing but if you keep your skin moisturized you should be able to go about the day-to-day and not look like you’ve done a peel.  I applied the coconut oil several times throughout the day.  By day 3, you should be peeling.  The effect is similar to getting a sun burn on your face.  You’ll be tempted to peel it off but DON’T under any circumstances.  You want this dead skin to be released naturally, if you pull it off you run the risk of red spots or even hyper-pigmentation.  By day 4, most of this skin should be gone.  It should slough off pretty easy in the shower.  I just rub my hands over my face gently and you can feel it coming off.  By day 5, you should only have a few spots where it hasn’t come off yet.

Brush Drying

I almost forgot to mention how to properly clean and dry your brushes. Otherwise, they’ll be ruined.  For the sponge brush, a mild soap and water will do the trick.  Just make sure you wash it out of the sponge completely.  The fan brush, I use baby-shampoo and olive-oil, otherwise you’ll dry it out and render it utterly useless.  Make sure you dry at an angle so the moisture is drawn out of the brush.  If  you leave them flat, the water will damage the glue holding it to the rod.   If you don’t have either of these brushes, no worries. You can use a cotton pad but I recommend that you wear rubber gloves.  The acid will soak through and you don’t want it to damage the skin on your fingers.  I like the brush application because it gives me more control.  Just be cautious to tap off any excess acid before you apply to your face. Once I made the mistake of letting it drip into my nose, ouch!  That burned and peeling inside your nose is gross.  If you don’t pay attention to it you look like you have a boogey in your nose.

No one likes a boogey nose!



heal day 5

heal day 52

This is my Day 5 photo.  At this point, I have a few flaky/peeling spots around my nose, forehead and along the cheek bones but all in all, it’s pretty much done.  By tomorrow, it should be fairly smooth with no more peeling and I can go back to my normal make-up routine.  A week without concealer & foundation is bleh.  I opt for a light-tinted moisturizer that won’t clog my pores over a ‘mask’ of heavy foundation any day.  My most recent fave is Youthful Wear by Physicians Formula.  It’s light, doesn’t make you break out, looks smooth and not over done in natural lighting and gives you enough coverage to even out tone.   I love the powder, some days I can wear just that and it’s enough.  Garnier Skin Renew is better than most BB or CC creams I’ve tried.  Aside from being a great concealer around the eyes, it’s great for spot treatments.  Garnier’s BB Cream just makes my face look greasy, I much prefer Wet n’ Wild’s BB Cream (Fergie edition), it’s better than most BB creams out there and has SPF 15 protection. My pores, while slightly tighter, still look uneven and I have scaring from childhood chicken-pox; so the foundation will smooth all that out and I can use concealer around the eyes to lighten the dark areas.  Lip gloss and eye-liner isn’t going to cut it.  That’s pretty much what I’ve been sporting all week.  At 41, slight wrinkles under the eyes  can show your age but if you take care of your skin you can slow the ‘old’ look for a while.   What does ‘aging gracefully’ even mean?  There is no grace it letting your face go to pot or looking like you’ve been rode hard and put up dry.  Screw all that.   I’m all for any Science that will put a halt to looking like an alligator hand-bag!


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post!

Sin Jones

Vanity: Turmeric for Skin Tone

turmeric1 Turmeric can even out skin tone but use with caution.  This practice dates back to the ancient Middle East during bridal ceremonies to give the bride a glow before the ceremony.  Most of these women have an olive skin tone, if you’re pale like me (with olive hues) then it will also make your skin prone to sun damage.  After your toning, just be sure to put on a decent sunblock.  I use Avalon Organics sunblock for face with Vitamin C.

To understand what Turmeric is, you have to first understand that the main active ingredient is: curcumin.  While Turmeric has been used in traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years, it’s wise to be hip to what it actually does.  In my cursory research, I found that many people recommended it to treat acne but I couldn’t find any Scientific Studies conducted on humans for the treatment of acne.  I did however find some that demonstrated topical use for anti-inflammatory and anti-fungus treatments but both were out performed by pharmaceuticals.   Still, I think people (much like myself) are looking for natural treatments that do less harm than good.  My skin is sensitive and even using the wrong moisturizer could cause it to break out or get scaly and itchy.  It drives me nuts but that’s the lot I’ve been dealt.  I’ve used this stuff for a while and my skin reacts great to it.

I’ve read some claim that Turmeric will increase sun sensitivity but I found THIS STUDY that doesn’t coincide.  I’d wear sunblock anyway because harmful UV rays can cause anything from freckles to sun spots.  I have both so anything I can do to reduce these is a plus.  Twice a year I do a low TCA% acid peel (only 8%) which just fast-tracks a good exfoliation.  It can not only get rid of damaged skin but give you a fresh faced even tone.  Some women go to the extreme using very high percentages, usually to treat acne scars.  While I can empathize with wanting to go deep and fade it out fast, you can also cause damage to your skin.

Turmeric can also act as an anti-aging product but it’s mostly because of the grains act like an exfoliate that slough off dead skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  It’s safe enough to use under your eyes but avoid the upper lids.  Word to the wise, this stuff is YELLOW and can potentially dye your skin.  I usually apply a mix to my face with a brush but this last run, I was rushing and just used my hands and washed it off immediately with soap.

hand yellow

The next morning I woke up to yellow palms, I mean REALLY Yellow.  Then I remembered that I sometimes add Turmeric to my Henna for a deep amber stain and duh!  I don’t know what the hell I was thinking (I wasn’t).  Wear gloves and use a brush!


Here’s what I do:

In a small glass dish I add:

1 tsp Turmeric

1 tsp Honey

1 tsp Milk (2%)  Lactic Acid helps the process

I mix that up until I get a nice golden consistency similar to pancake mix.  Then (typically) brush it on with a cosmetic brush.  The gloves come in handy so you can use your finger tips to work in a circular motion to exfoliate.  I put on a headband for this, line the hair-line with coconut oil to avoid staining my hair.  Brunettes don’t usually have to worry about this but if you’re platinum like me, you’ll get a high yellow hair line that looks ridiculous.

There’s plenty of face mask recipes out there you can search, this one works wonders for my skin which is normal – oily.  I pass over once with a brush, let it partially dry and then layer on a second.  I usually keep it on from 30 mins to an hour, then rinse with luke warm water, and finally a Cetaphil wash to get any residual stuff left behind.  Use a gentle wash cloth to make sure you remove all of it.  Some women experience a slight dye to their skin but I think that’s just residue.  If you wash it off completely it won’t stain your face like it did the palm of my hands.  Completely different textures.

608416-45617-44Turmeric is also recommended as a skin-lightening treatment (especially for dark spots and freckles), I’ve not used it for that so I can’t speak from personal experience but it seems to be the mixture of acids from fruits/veggies with the Turmeric (several recipes called for Lemon Juice and/or Cucumber Juice). I haven’t noticed any dramatic effects to my freckles using the mix I do, which leads me to believe it’s mostly the citric acid if people are experiencing any effects at all. Eye PitIMG_3664 Mostly, I just experience an even tone and a slight improvement to any dark circles under my eyes. I have sunken eye pits (had them my whole life) (Un-touched photo before the Mask. ) so dark circles just exaggerate them and make me look tired even when I’m not.

I don’t know about you but I’m not going down without a fight!

  Sin Jones

3/7/15 Update:

Hyaluronic AcidI’ve been asked about a Night Serum, I wouldn’t recommend wearing the Avalon Organics Moisturizer at night, I’ve experienced break outs, my guess is it clogs your pores (due to the Sunblock it contains) so I opt for Hyaluronic Acid.  I have tried both Reviva Labs and HerbalSkin brands.  Reviva Labs states that it’s ‘Professional Strength’ but I question that, it’s also mixed with a myriad of other ingredients.  It wasn’t until I tried HerbalSkin that I experienced any real results.  It  has 100% with a bit of Collagen, what I liked about it most is that if you have any blemishes, by morning any inflammation is gone and they don’t come to the surface.  Within a day, gone.  I usually experience a break-out a few days before my menstruation cycle starts.  The inevitable always happens until I started using it.  Another perk, is that it sloughs off dead skin cells, so you can exfoliate and get a nice smooth appearance.  I have a sun spot right below my right eye that has been fading fast with this stuff (within 2 weeks), I highly recommend it.


Vanity, Bait for Satanists

Assuming the so-called Satanist understands the premise of the Left-hand-path (I know, that’s a lot to ask but humor me for a moment).   Vanity is the ideal Bait.

In real-world situations if you want to get people to do what you want, you manipulate their actions by playing up their perceived strengths while preying on their weaknesses.   This is most prevalent in Capitalist Societies that institute marketing strategies.    If you have something for sale how do you get people to buy it?  By preying on their sense of pride.  “Hey there fellow, you’re a smart shopper and you know how to save money so how can you pass up this offer?”   The bait is laid down and the successful sale is the tell-all expose on whether or not it works.  It doesn’t really matter if the stuff sold is needed, wanted or of a decent quality.  People buy worthless shit all the time because the process of grabbing a person’s will by the balls is pretty damn easy.  The Right-hand shakes the Left so rigorously that it can knock a Satanist right out of his boots.  The talk isn’t followed by the walk



Playing up Ego

  • Satanists glorify the ego, so it’s rather easy to pump up a person’s sense of self with a few compliments.  Co-signers are the proverbial ass-kissers; don’t be fooled – they want something from you.  If you think they’ll just come right out and ask for it, you’re deluding yourself. 

Playing up Intellect

  • Satanists tend to focus on building on their intelligence as a way to innovate ideas into praxis.  Some get so caught-up in a battle of wits that it’s a perpetual cycle of provocation as a way to get the baited into affirming themselves.  Bait the Baiter.

Playing up Success

  • A show of goods. “ It’s all Look What I can do!”  Even if the deeds come up short, a pat on the back will no doubt be enough to get the Satanist to act a fool. 

Playing up Sex Appeal

  • Cults of personality are built upon the appeal; the pioneers of ideas are sexy!  Bait the followers they stand up and defend their god, it’s less about them and more so about the Cult Leader.  Why are so many pounding their chests while down on bended knee, serving them?


Playing up Status

  • Fancy titles, recognition as a way to “demonstrate their power”.   Give a Satanist a peer-recognized title and just sit back and watch the sparks fly!  You won’t have to do much.


Any Novice interested in stepping up their game will take note:  Don’t take the Bait.  Not to say that the Adept is any better off.  They gobble it up too.  At some point they may come around to realize they’ve been duped, but while all up in it, the whole thing just has to play out for them to learn a valuable lesson about their own counterproductive Pride.    It doesn’t mean they’ll admit to having fallen subject to it, oh no! That would well… be a sign of mental and emotional maturity, which many people lack.


The Bait and Bleed is a tag-team effort.  There’s usually a mutual benefit to all parties involved, at least that’s what they’ll tell you later on when you throw their bait back at them.  The Baiter is trying to get you to do or say something they want, even if it’s simply to glorify their own ego. To just come right out with it usually doesn’t produce much fruit.  A show of hands may be too embarrassing.


 If you can get two rivals to bleed each other white, the instigator can sit on the side-lines gaining strength for their ends unaffected, it’s all strategy.    To what end?   All may be revealed in time but if the motivation remains Occult, then it’s just boiled down to the cold logic and reasoning of people using people for their own ends.  Either you’re using or you get used.


It’s not as if I’m arming people with ammo here, it’s already in play.  In Social Media, it’s a given.  People try to bait me all the time, immediately I’m asking myself “What does this guy want from me?”  Maybe that makes me Cynical but I tend to be more of a realist.  If my experiential knowledge has taught me anything, it’s that people are pretty damn predictable.  I’m rarely surprised, and nothing ever shocks me.


I’ll clue you in on a little bit about me, if you just come out and ask me for what you want – I may just give it to you, even if it’s simply to glorify my own ego.  I mean let’s get real here, if I can enhance you in some way, then obviously my essence is worth something to you, rather than trying to bait the Devil, strike up a deal with it!