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Satan and the Ancestors by Sin Jones



Theistic Satanism

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Theistic Satanism is as diverse as the adherents to Satanic religion.  ”Satan” is the focal deity at the center of worship and devotionals.  Getting down to the brass tacks of how this religion is both taught and practiced, is getting to the root of an indiviual Theistic Satanist.  

Some individuals and groups purport that Theistic Satanism is older than Abrahamic religion.  They turn to the pre-Judeo-Christian myths, claiming that it is an unbroken tradition, practiced by thousands.  Many groups are off-line, secret and underground.  They keep their practices away from the veering eye of mainstream society.  What are they hiding?  What does this imply in the wake of the SRA Satanic Panic era of the 80’s and 90’s?  Many public Theistic Satanists claim that they are not embracing dark symbols, blood, and blasphemy as a form of reactionary practice, but instead regard it as an age-old practice and continued tradition.

Some Theistic Satanists seek to have their practices shared with the general public, and so they share their self-published works, websites and forums as a way for the public to obtain the information and understanding they seek.  

The fact that the ‘tradition’ doesn’t appear to be embraced by all Theistic Satanists is of no consequence to those that make the claim.  And so, Theistic Satanism as a whole will continue to be regarded as an eclectic set of practices and beliefs held by adherents.  

Why aren’t Theistic Satanists all on the same page?  Why is there in-fighting among their ranks?  And why aren’t they unified in this ‘traditional’ religion?  These questions remain unanswered, and often lead to even more questions.

Select individuals stand up and claim they are the leader, and yet these self-positioned leaders are not embraced by all the adherents.  Pioneers of Theistic Satanic Religion are dubious at best, and there is very little, if any historical data of ‘Satanism’ before the 20th Century.  Any person interested will instead be directed to fraternal orders and blasphemy clubs most noteable in the 19th century, but these groups did not identify themselves as Theistic Satanists, or practicing a Theistic Satanism.    So you see?  It only leads the researcher to more questions, with very few anwers provided.

Idiots Guide to Theistic Satanism coming soon?  

Your guess is as good as mine.

Sin Jones
The Poison Apple