I got nothing but time…

People piss and moan about their precious wasted time.  Wasted time?  The progression of time is constant, its spent in spite of what you do.  Sun up, sun down, and the world keeps turning in spite of your concept of time!

Time-clocking is just a reminder of our daily slavery.  Get up, go labor and earn a paycheck or else starve!  Work, work, work!  How little time you have for play depends on how much of a workhorse slave you are.  Scheduling appointments that are unrelated to work, is called personal time.  It doesn’t matter what kind of appointment it is, it can be to see your Doctor, Dentist, Shrink, or Interior Decorator…This is you spending up your personal time.  No time for enjoyment?  Schedule less.

The days of using the Solar/Lunar phases to track  and stock-pile food, plan out shelter and migration is long over.  At least for the majority of populations living in civilized capitalist societies.  Speaking of being civilized…

I over-hear a woman yapping away on her cell-phone, she’s barely paying attention to the goings on around her as she sits at the traffic light yelling into her phone.  “NO, I won’t hold.  You’re wasting my fucking time!” she says, nearly rolling her car into the bumper in front of her.  I suppose she’d rather be singing along to the tunes coming out of her car radio… I can only speculate.  Her time is being spent regardless of what she’s doing in the moment.  Driving, talking, singing …tick, tick, tick… The clock is ticking!

When you’re having the time of your life or working against a deadline…Time flies.

When you’re having the shittiest time of your life, Time blows and slowly.

Day after day,

Week after week,

Year after year,

I got nothing but time.

Since time is linear, all that stuff in the past is gone.  The present is only as good as the moment and the future is full of more days, weeks, and years. Tick, Tick, Tick…

Some say that time is precious because life is short.  It’s usually when a person is dying or dead, and it only really matters to the people left behind anyway.  To the person rotting away with terminal illness time is a fettering reality.

For me, time is about moments.  Its all passing triviality,

Yesterday, today, tomorrow…

Wasting moments is like saying you’d rather put a bullet in your brain than live another one.  You’re living them right now in spite of that clock with its hands over its face!  Don’t look now!  You just gave me a moment of your time, you can’t get it back.  It’s gone for ever! 

Which leads me to memory.  You can recall any moment of your life for the Nostalgia, but it’s an emanation of the original, a poorly recorded copy.  So if you didn’t hug your kids enough when they were small, it won’t really mean much to them when they’re grown.  Most adult children patronize their parents for the sake of avoiding drama.  Some just cut them out of their lives all together. So live your moments carefully and willfully.

If you’ve got something to say, say it now.  Don’t wait and wish you had.  When the moment passes, you’ll not get it back. 

If you want to do something, do it already and stop procrastinating about it.  One moment spent may be a missed opportunity.

If you’ve done something shitty, it’s just momentary insanity…It will pass.  Even if you do it again, the last time may not be as bad as the first.  Learn from each moment and you’ll do better and get farther.

Isn’t happiness just momentary?  Who the hell walks around like a happy little snowflake every moment of the day? 

The same goes for sadness, unless of course you’re a harbinger of gloom living the moment over and over in your head.  Get the fuck over it, its gone and you’ll never get it back.

So don’t cry to me about your wasted Time, you’re spending moments all on your own.

Sin Jones