So you think you have power huh?  What do you do with it when you have it?  And do you really have it as much as you think you do?  

I can’t help but notice that people often forget they operate in systems of control.  Right out of the womb you are groomed to be a laborer to provide something back to the country you live in.  In order to obtain goods and services, those goods and services must be provided by SOMEONE. And so, you are first introduced to the family unit.  This system is in place so that a group survival effort.  The labor is easier if you have a support group to learn skills, employ them and gain from them.  The family unit includes a teaching element.  Everything from behaviors, to ideas which support beliefs.

As you grow you have been controlled by the family unit, as well as the society in which that family is part of the landscape.  The landscape is formed by multiple families in a concentrated area.  Together with others the family unit forms a larger system of control.  Societies are built upon them.  Man was brought from a tribal communal living environment, into a larger more civilized system of control.  

In order for larger groups of people to have their survival needs met, they strive to acquire more than just basic survival.  Industrialization has ushered us into a larger span of systems.  All in the name of becoming a nation of prospering people.  Look around you, you don’t see everyone prospering, and reveling against the systems in control offers a societal notion of punishment and justice.  

You can’t even make a buck without being expected to give most of it away in taxes.  And forget not mowing your grass for two weeks without a notice from the city with a warning of fines if you don’t feel like mowing in the 100 degree heat.  There’s a system for that too.  

It makes you wonder:  What power do ‘I’ really have?  It all starts with the power of the mind, and its stratospheric ability use it and wisely.  The Sly Man knows all too well how to be on the Sly and get what he needs or wants.  

He knows a lot of things, he’s made it his business to be aware and by being aware there’s a strong desire to know more.  Any lover of knowledge is in a constant pursuit of a deeper love. Love is the Law, and Love Under Will ascends the self-higher and higher, thereby achieving higher levels of being…Of POWER.  

Through the acquisition of more power one can strive towards more autonomy and closer to the godhead.  You can have knowledge, but it doesn’t mean you are in the know nor have Gnosis.  Having it and using it wisely is the key element to using personal power.  It is a defining aspect of those on the Left-hand-path.  I use that term, only in that I recognize it as a label for the essence I am describing.  As a hermetic, I don’t find the need to hardline label the primal essence of man.  In fact, the goal of a hermetic thought process is to nullify duality.  The Occultist strives towards using knowledge with a particular wisdom held of the seemingly unknown.  There is knowledge that takes digging to find, and is often hidden away for a meticulous reason.  The Occult is hidden in plain view, not yet demystified, and thus all around you.

The Devil is always in the details, and it’s often the allure to Satanic thought and praxis.  The Satan is an essence that is primal man.  It’s merely a mirror reflection of himself, his thoughts and deeds.  The Devils of this world are among you, and are not always what they seem.

There are powerless people in this world, and it’s because they don’t recognize any power of their own, and find it too difficult to acquire it themselves.  It’s easier to allow yourself to submit to another that offers some semblance of that family unit system you were born to (habit).  They are often your friends, family members, and Mentors. They teach you things, and aim to control your thoughts, and actions.  They seek to benefit from you in some manner, even if the perks on your end are lacking.  This is considered the Exoteric control system. You can even call it Institution.

And so, a system of control is employed by yet another system of control.  Even those on a Left-hand-path can get ‘caught up’ in a system.  It can be a social group, organization or ‘church’.  It doesn’t matter what the system is, if they allow themselves to be over-powered then they have been disrupted and have assimilated.   In essence, then become dead weight for the rest of us to carry.  What gall they have to believe we should be so willing to carry them!

Empower the people, and there’s less dead weight.  They Sly man is among you causing chaos in these systems.  The disruptions to your mechanical way of being are yanking you out of the droning of habit.  Grabbing your attention and directing you to knowledge that you may not have in this moment.  Perhaps you find yourself believing something because you’ve been taught, or forced to conform to an idea.  Perhaps you were even forced to submit to a Master.  The Sly Man is whispering in your ear, asking you questions you may not want to answer.  

Pssst…Ever wonder why some ideas are the accepted norm?  What makes it so, and who is the authority?  Do you acknowledge this authority?  And if so, why?

I know, it’s tough.  Life I mean.  It’s harder to seek the truth, than it is to believe the bullshit of self-positioned authority.  Some systems are necessary, as man isn’t quite ready for absolute chaos.  He clings to organization and conformity tight like a babe in the night.

I’m always looking around for powerful people, who walk their talk, and strive to become more each day.  Those people who hold strong to their convictions, and are active in the changes they would like to see in the world.  Sadly, the numbers are few.   I’m also very interested in what they are doing with their own power.  

I’ll repeat the question:

So you think you have power huh?  What do you do with it when you have it?  And do you really have it as much as you think you do?  

I’d really like to know…


The Poison Apple

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