Modern Satanism Podcast – Episode 8


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Reap Paden chats up Lex Blackmore of the Detroit Chapter and her experiences with the media, Sin Jones regarding threats to Women’s Rights and irresponsibility of propagating Animal Sacrifice; with contributions from Pat Robertson of the 700 Club and Tom Raspotnik of Temples of Satan.

Ancient Astronauts…WTF?

It still amazes me that people believe these  Ancient Astronaut nuts.

Man IS the gods! Doh!

This is a decent documentary which debunks the presuppositions about AA’s.

If you’re a believer, great!  Believe what you like, just don’t expect me to believe it!

But hey, it’s entertainment worthy.  I’ve always liked this site: which covers the Ooparts (seemingly out of place artifacts).

It’s as if people WANT this to be true!  C’mon, get real.  When Mars Attacks, it will be some microbe or virus, at best!


And they say I’m too cynical and skeptical.  I should become a believer!  Give me SOMETHING to justify that belief!

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The Smoking Ring…The Truth about Djinn

THE DJINN… and the Smoking Ring

Jana/JaNaA, (pronounced Yanna) means ‘Hidden Paradise‘, or in some contexts ‘Hidden Fruit‘.  It’s a popular female name, but especially because of the Hebrew context ‘The Lord has been gracious…‘   It’s the root of the term ‘Geenie’, first written in 1001 Arabian Nights.  Otherwise, known as Djin/Jinn.

Ancient oppression and guilt and tantalizer of the imagination!  This hidden genius was thought to stem from themes from Ancient Sumer, where the sky kisses the ocean to bring forth the dominion of the gods.  The mythos cycles of Sumer were changed , corrupted and brought into the dominion of Kings.  This knowledge was thus buried from the common man, and reserved for an elite class of philosophers, poets and rulers (Occultists). This type of esoteric knowledge was brought into the exoteric by giving it ‘spirit’ rather than the essence tapped by elevating levels of awareness and consciousness.  Stories of spirits that roamed the earth were used to keep the people complacent and fearful.

EVIL.  These spirits would corrupt man with knowledge thought to bring him away from the gods, vs. closer to the ascension it would require to empower man with a strong sense of self and connectedness to ALL.

Why are some Djinn Blue?

If you pay attention to common themes, ‘blue’ is used as an indicator for a specific type of knowledge.  The Hindus had Vishnu, the Yezedi  Malek Taus, the beautiful blue peacock angel, and the Romans had Lucifer, the blue star illumination, the goddess Diana was sometimes called ‘Jana’. These are just a few examples, but the theme is similar, fighting the ‘good’ fight illuminated with a blue essence.

By the time this lore is brought into the new religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, it is demonized as an EVIL that man should fear.

Oh the Irony!

The Greeks brought forth the muses by drinking wine, and people in the East by smoke.  Smoking various substances was thought to bring forth the Djinn, and treated as a cultural taboo which later imbued with the knowledge of the Dragon.  This is why the phrase ‘chasing the dragon‘ is used when smoking opiates.  It’s by no coincidence that it correlates to Astronomical events.

Beware of Polaris and the flaming pearl! For if the Dragon eats the pearl, he will have the knowledge!

But most of all… Beware of the Smoking Ring!

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Beware of the Smoking Ring!

Ebay Scam: Finding the Smoking Ring

Don’t be fooled!

Get the facts straight about the Djinn!

Here’s How:

  1. Cut out the striker portion of a matchbox from a box of safety matches. Trim off any paper around the striker.
  2. Fold the striker in half, striker-sides facing each other.
  3. Set the folded striker on top of the running cold water faucet or a refrigerated metal pan.
  4. Use a lighter to set fire to the striker. Ignite both ends. Then run the lighter along the length of the folded striker. It won’t burn to ash, which is fine.
  5. Discard the burned striker.
  6. You will see a brown residue that has been deposited along the top of the faucet or metal pan. Run your fingertip along the residue to pick it up.
  7. Slowly rub your finger and thumb together. If you do this in the dark, your fingers will have a greenish glow. Very, very cool.


  1. Wash your hands after doing this, and try to avoid breathing in the smoke. The trick probably involves white phosphorus, which can be absorbed through your skin and is toxic.
  2. If you don’t have scissors, you can do this trick by tearing off the striker portion of the matchbox with your fingers. It’s just easier to cut out the striker, if you can.
  3. You could use the matches in the matchbox, rather than a lighter, of course.

What You Need

  • matchbox of safety matches
  • cold water faucet or chilled pan
  • scissors
  • lighter