Your guess is as good as mine…

I  received this message on September 12, 2014:

Margaret Kudelska


Good morning
I would like inform you that if you will stalk me like previous in my work place in Glastonbury and if you will push others to do things against me or you will contact with others Polish satanist and with them will do by corruption something against me or used sabotage- If for exemple you will do ( recordings by using micro cameras or by using bugs); and you will show this with your friend from Church of Satan and diffrent organisation – I will sue you. I will inform first Pilish consul in your american area and Police near you and I will ask them for help. I will also tell other Catholic organisations and people who fight with stalkers.


To which I responded to the twit:

Sep 12 at 12:46 PM
I don’t know what you’re talking about.  Sounds like a bunch of paranoid delusions to me.  I have no idea who you are, nor have I any knowledge of your workplace or whatever.
~The Cult of SIN~
You’ll never come out the way you went in.
I’m open to the idea of it being nothing but trolling but let me tell you, I get dumb shit like this all the time.  Apparently, I’m an epicenter for consumer complaints.  So sorry you’re not enjoying your Internet experience but in spite of popular opinion, I’m not the God in the machine.
She responds today:

Maggie Kudelska


Today at 8:14 AM

Good morning

That was a LEGAL  WORNING.

You and your friends are all the  same… the same answers:-). It dosnt works.

few of you are mental or alcoholic.. or have dementia…


My Reply:
Maggie Kudelska
Today at 9:48 AM
Again. I don’t know who you are.  If you want to stop contact, stop visiting my website and emailing me. Derp.
~The Cult of SIN~
You’ll never come out the way you went in.
I’m only adding it to my blog for the entertainment value.  I figure if she’s being trolled by some person (even loosely affiliated) from the CoS, they can have a good laugh about it.
Yes, there really are people this stupid and they have access to technology.
Sin Jones

Give it a rest America!

Chick’fil A is a hot button topic today, oh yes indeedy it is.  Why?  Why is a fast food restaurant newsworthy?  Chick’fil A doesn’t support gay marriage.  And?  Isn’t it the owner’s right to not support gay marriage? You don’t like their political stance?  Don’t buy their food.  Don’t support it with your dollars.   No, that’s too hard for people to wrap their noggins around, so instead they intend to rally against a business.  They want to affect their profits and how that directly affects the economy.  Yep, that’s the American Way!  

What these idiots don’t seem to understand, is that every American citizen has a right to own a business, and support or not support what they so please.  Take for instance a pharmacy that refuses to carry birth control.  The pharmacy owner may be against it as a means to promote promiscuity, or unwanted pregnancies.  And?  He has that right!  You don’t like it?  Go to another pharmacy that does carry it!  You aren’t entitled to jack shit.  This is an American value, freedom of choice!  You have choices, and if you don’t like the choices made for you by people in power, then make your own choices!

So an anti-rally is set up to protest the Chick’fil A political agenda.  ”Kiss more chicks”.  Gays are called to arms to show up in the restaurant and kiss each other.  Why?  What does this solve?  What does this do?  It sends a resoundingly clear message to the patrons, and staff:  We are gay!  So what?  Why do people insist on parading their love lives around like some sort of personal accomplishment?  

I’d find it more accomplished to target the legislation that does not allow for civil unions and same sex marriage.  Those that do not support it seem to be using their profits to lobby, so what stops you from lobbying for it?  What stops you from supporting lobbyists that are beating the pavement to ensure that American citizens have equal rights and privledge?  I understand.  It’s better to make a fool of yourself and take liberties and profits away from a chain of chicken peddlers.  It’s so goddamned American it makes me hurl.

Americans march into voting polls and believe they are making a difference.  Psh, that’s the delusion of choice.  Real choices and real voting occurs with every dollar you spend.  Every dollar is a vote!  If you don’t research the political agendas of the corporations you are supporting, how in the holy hell can you have a leg to stand on and bitch in the first place?  I understand.  It’s easier to buy things you need with no care or concern, its about competitive prices  and trendy goods.  It’s not really about the corporations agendas, right?  WRONG.

Shop smarter America!  Do your friggin’ homework, and give it a rest!

Kissing your partner in Chick’fil A is ‘headline worthy’ and not much else.  Do you really think its going to change the agenda of Chick’fil A?  If you believe that, you are delusional.

Sin Jones

The Poison Apple

The War on children!

Steven Johnson Leyba wrote this piece and includes it in his theatrical performances. The videos demonstrate some of the philosophical principles behind the *intentions’ of others that seek to subjugate, control and oppress you. Case in point, my artwork and projects in conjunction with Steven Leyba have been included in the shit slinging.  More recently Divine Filth was used as a method to posit misogynistic viewpoints.   This art piece was used by Tom Erik Raspotnik to claim that ‘I’ was “breaking into porn” as he put it.  This was intended to diminish the work that I do, while offering an insult intended to take me down a notch as a woman.  I find it amusing because Tom really believes this is a mechanism he can use to control my actions and reactions.  It only demonstrates how truly small minded he is.

I have always enjoyed this piece ‘The War on Children’ immensely as it represents a powerful message which I find rooted in truth.  The idea that more legislation and conditions should be placed on adults in the ‘name of children’ is just an avenue by which people lose more of their own control, and choices are made for them by those in power.  This is the very reason that censorship is placed on just about everything in the name of protecting the children, in addition adults are bombarded with ‘child safety’ mechanisms, warnings, and control; even if they do not have children.  I find the piece relevant for a few reasons:

1.  It has been purported that “I”, along with Diane Vera (who has recently been targeted) are “anti-family”. In the accusations of Jake (James) Nicholson II.  This is TRUE to a degree.  In speaking with Diane more directly, in the context of Socio-political issues, to be anti-family is to revel against the ‘traditional family’ as being a man+woman+children.  She, like myself are very pro-Liberty, in that a family is constituted by those that seek the family unit.  This can be represented equally as man+man or woman+woman or even poly families + children.  Same-sex marriage continues to be a hot-button subject as Judeo-Christian values still dominate our American society.  It is FALSE in the sense that Jake Nicholson II intended.  He is attempting to shift blame to Diane for his own inefficiencies and problems, simply because she offered to aid Jake when his wife was throwing him out of the house and on the streets.  She thought, she was being helpful.  She thought it was clear to Jake that Diane cared for him as a friend.  She was assisting him with finding a place to stay, so he would not be homeless or hungry.  If Jake felt that this sincere offer was undermining his family, perhaps he might look down his own arm.  It has been made public by Jake and his wife Tabitha that Jake himself undermined his family by cheating on this wife with her 18 year old sister, and was plotting to leave with her to start a NEW family.  He is not willing to accept the burden of responsibility to his own family, thus he is shifting his own guilt and shame to anger and projecting at Diane as well as others who only tried to assist him in a difficult situation.

2.  The blogging and smear campaigns launched against Diane, myself and other parties involved is being peacocked as an effort in the ‘name of protecting the children’.  This is a RUSE.  Jake Nicholson II has demonstrated that he is only using the conflict to find footing for his own posturing, in addition with working in conjunction with Tom Blackwood and Robert Fraize.  As a team effort, they believe they can effectively cover more ground if they work in tandem producing defamatory content, fabrications and twisting of the truth.  While it is stated that they are cleansing the religion, in truth, the targets on Tom Blackwood’s list are merely competitors he seeks to have defamed to raise himself up as an ultimate authority over Theistic Satanism.  And so, in the name of protecting the children, Tom Erik Raspotnik is using this mechanism as a system of control.

3.  Artists tend to have an impact on culture because of the use of prolific symbolism and creative presentation.  Juxtaposed with the dry speeches of politicians that talk in circles but offer no inspiration, people tend to either A)lose the message or B)are lulled to sleep. Artists have always been the warriors of American culture.  They continue on provoking the masses to pay attention to the signs all around them, right in front of them or else they will become prisoners of the mind.  Thus, they will often defend these systems of control and justify having their masters dictate the rules and laws of living a productive life.  Artists are equally aesthetic terrorists.  Post-9/11 the term terrorist becomes even more alarming and provocative that artistic people are vilified and regarded as criminals.

I support the War on Children.

Down with children!

Sin Jones

Update:  7/22/112, 12:40 pm

Tom Erik Raspotnik’s blatant statements of intention. Original LinkTom can state his opinions as “facts”, but he has been proven time and time again to be putting on theater and posturing. He wants this site taken down, because his claims have been proven to be FALSE and his smear campaigns revealed. He is merely attempting to take out competitors and/or ‘enemies’ as he sees them.

Tom & Co. have blatantly fabricated false allegations of theft, rape, child abuse, affiliations with NAMBLA, scams, and other nonsense as a way to intimidate and extort Satanists into abandoning projects and alienating those affiliated with his targets (even if HE chooses the affiliation). At one time Tom Raspotnik claimed that Jake Nicholson II was a member of ToSNA. He has never been a member or affiliated, but was attacked by Tom regardless of the facts. Only Jake can explain his actions against those who assisted him in a time of need. He has offered some semblance of explanation in recent blogs; however he appears to have his own personal agendas as stated.  Tom turns his attention to a group attack as he finds this strategy more impacting in addition to more personal attacks.  These are his ideas, his thoughts, and don’t always have the effects he hopes for so he shifts focus as he sees a need.  Thus, his erratic behavior is demonstrated as he continues to throw shit against the wall hoping something sticks.

Tom Erik Raspotnik has ZERO power which is why he works around the clock to produce content claiming victories and WINS as he sees them for public consumption.  This can be likened to Romanization.  The Roman Empire is renowned for writing the histories that record ‘wins’ even if no war was fought to give future generations a history to be proud of, and give strength and longevity to the empire.  Tom continues to revel against what he refers to his ‘critics’ and ‘detractors’ because the vast majority sees him for what he really is.  This is evident in his inflections when delivering his voice blogs.  He tells on himself at every turn, and critically thinking people sit in awe and wonderment, asking themselves: How does he go on?  I can offer this answer:  Complacency, herd-mentality, and the zombification of the human race.  Those more awakened and aware see this guy as a problematic social cancer that should be dealt with as such.

And the blog continues…

Sin Jones

Stupidity should be painful

When you get out there in the world, you deal with stupidity.  It’s a reality and one that can be altered with a little change of perception.  Treat these lemmings like they are drunks in a bar, and have a good laugh.  The flip side to the coin, is that there are a shit ton of stupid people in any given society mucking up the joint with their stupid choices and actions.  And its no laughing matter.

Even stupid people have a voice and go through great efforts to have it heard.  Add a little demented self-image and weak ego to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster.  Pay attention to the mediocrity all around you, and it is no surprise why American society has been on a decline for quite some time.  Sure, there’s some progress here and there as mobs of people make demands for this or that, but on a larger scale American stupidity affects the world over.  

Everything is interconnected.  Whether that connectivity is commerce, or cultural cross-seeding.  When America is on an economic decline, it is because poor choices have been made, and the wrong agendas supported.  Most of this perpetual motion is due to the mechanical nature of stupid people.  It doesn’t really matter whether its Socio-political or economic. Drones run amok believing they are the smartest in the bunch.  Those that seek to cure this mediocrity sure have their work cut out for them, and it must be driven as a labor of love.  Otherwise, the frustration will make you bitter and disenchanted with making a difference.

One of the most resounding messages in Modern Satanism is that “Stupidity should be painful” – Anton Szandor LaVey

I swear, I’d like to invent a device that shoots an electrical current to the brains of the stupid.  The days of electric shock therapy have pretty much faded into archaic practice, but ya know?  I’d like to see it make a come back.  Some people are so stupid, that no matter what effort is made to make them smarter, they are determined and content in their stupidity.  And so, the rest of us have to suffer them, their stupid choices and willful ignorance.

What will it really take for the stupid to realize they are dragging the rest of this society down?  That knowledge is power, but equally it can corrupt and especially when wielded by the stupid?

I don’t have all the answers, but I continue to seek them.

The natural order of things has been corrupted by man’s need to fiddle with invention and prolong life.  The weak should perish, and pray Satan that some cataclysmic event occurs to crack open the earth like a nut and swallow those fuckers whole!

One can only hope.

Sin Jones