Interview with Venus Satanas, 7pm Eastern!

Venus Satanas has been studying Satanism and the Occult since 1992, since that time she has created a valued resource for Satanists covering Spiritual Satanism.  Her website The Spiritual Satanist is the central resource for her essays, videos, books and social platforms where she shares content with those interested in her unique perspective.

She connects with Satanists on various platforms to continue her studies and expand her knowledge of Satanism and magic.  Writer, artist, dancer and Occultist she shapes her world into a place where a woman can feel empowered and regarded as something more than an altar decoration.

Her recent works include The Aljiwah for SatanistsWoman’s Voices in MagicSpiritual Satanism 101, and an accumalative occult library on

Tune in Friday Night, 7pm Eastern!