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Since the formation of Circle of Descentmany have been accused, none have been PROVEN.   We had a fantastic show!

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S.I.N. vs. CoC Rivalry and Noah P. Romando


I don’t know that I’d classify this as an update on the Noah P. Romando case, instead I’ll just add it to the shit pile of social issues when dealing with ‘Satanists’.

Have a look see at the social commentary HERE.  It has been brought to my attention that my blog post was discussed on Satanic International Network, as well as being included in some sort of S.I.N. vs. Cthulhu Cult rivalry on a news reporting site.

I didn’t hear about the Noah Romando case from the Satanic International Network, I actually received the intel from the news reporting of Ms. Stuart reporting from The Hook via a zine I’m subscribed to on Zimbio.

Believe me when I say, it pained me to have to read through the social commentary on the front wall of the Satanic International Site, of which I have NEVER been a member.  I was invited to the site’s tinychat room by its owner Zack Schroder aka Zach Black.  I was NEVER banned from the chat room either, I simply stopped visiting it after Zach became upset over a graphic I created in response to his constant flaming and trolling of Venger Satanis.  He was so upset in fact, that he called Venger by phone and asked that he put the word out on our own Social Network to chill, because another user Ronald French had posted a blog discussing the constant banter by members of S.I.N. regarding the cult, and animosity between select members.  And that’s all it was.  It was never site vs. site, because it’s apples to shoes.

Some of the S.I.N. members that can’t seem to get enough of the Cthulhu Cult are referred to as our paparazzi.  And, they truly behave as such, so if the shoe fits…Wear it.

I agreed to honor Venger’s request on the Social Network, because it was indeed disruptive to the flow of conversations on the Cthulhu Cult Social Network, where I am a member and administrator.   Zach was still seething with butthurt over a month later, when my boyfriend was told that he could still remain in the tinychat so long as I wasn’t around to hear the conversations.  My boyfriend had an account over on S.I.N. before we even started dating, but was immediately treated differently because he was my boyfriend by December 2011.  My response to Zach’s request?  I laughed, I mean…Shit is too funny for words.  Seriously?  Ass still chapped after all that time?  It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt right?  Buy some ointment and call it a fucking day.

Never mind that Zach asked me constantly to join his network and I would refuse.  Never mind that Zach called me on my personal cell phone to ask that I participate, he even went as far as calling me at 4am at times with my boyfriend asking: WTF is up with that guy?  His drunken antics were by no means excused, and I always held him accountable for any statement he made, phone call, or trolling antics.  I’d deal with him directly, there was no need to piss and cry on a network about issues I handled myself personally.  Zach was ALWAYS humble so don’t get it twisted, this is all an act for fanfare.

As for the commentary about my blog, and using it for ‘shameless self-promotion’, give me a break.  I’m a writer. I write and I cover social issues regarding Satanism, paganism and the Occult and have been for nearly two decades.  And since when was self-promotion a sin?  Oh that’s right, I forgot about those self-righteous Satanists among the S.I.N. membership. I say some, because I regard people as individuals, and don’t fall into trendy social traps like cliques or gaining ‘enemies’ by proxy.

I met some cool people in the chat and even had some good laughs with some of the more enjoyable people I conversed with.  I also know who the polarizing envious fuckheads are too, I have them committed to memory by name.   In more recent months I’ve noticed that some of the ‘friendlies’ were also talking shit.  Drinking the S.I.N. Koolaid boys and girls?  Lay off that shit, and pull your head out of your proverbial ass.  You look like idiots.  Even worse, you represent the epitome of ‘Satanic’ Retards.

Zach Black uses every opportunity to plug that social network, shamelessly promoting himself, his videos, and hell…Even the latest girl he’s dating for some whack-ass street cred.  Social Networking is just that, I network.  I’m not on networks to make friends or seek acceptance. I am there to share my writing, and other creations which is what SOCIAL NETWORKING is also for.  I also don’t do it for a living, all of my writing is FREE of charge, the crafts on my website are also a hobby which I enjoy immensely.

Here’s a little tid-bit you folks may be interested to learn:

Zach Shroder aka my fanboy Zach Black contacted ME on my youtube channel, and vyed for my attention for nearly 2 years before I ever appeared on The Ooze radio show or visited S.I.N. tinychat.  When he invited me to be a guest on the show, and believed he could use me as pawn against Venger Satanis, he also got a nice dose of mental kung fu when I proceeded to speak more frankly and honestly about my experiences with Venger himself.  He also believed he could get me over to his network as a dig at Venger Satanis who was developing a wall.fm site of his own back in April 2011.  Why all the shit talk about Venger anyway???  He’ll tell you his own version of the stories but I know what’s what.

I commented on several episodes of the Ooze afterwards back when the topics were actually worth listening to, but I was trolling.  This whole S.I.N. vs. CoC rivalry is completely childish and always has been.  If you want to beat the devil at his game, you should learn how to play it.

If it weren’t for the fact that some of the boys still ached and cried over Venger and his cult, there wouldn’t be a reason to mention it at all.  Most of the loudest mouth pieces still don’t know what the Cthulhu Cult is, in truth. Some are still ass chapped over some social networking issue they were working out which I wasn’t even a part of.  In fact, I wasn’t on the CoC network for about a year when it all transpired.  By the time Venger asked me to come back to the network and we settled our dispute, I was in complete awe of the constant pissing and whining and by grown men calling themselves Satanists.

The Ooze, a show which started with the Cthulhu Cult ‘adopted’ by S.I.N. as some green eyed step child, took a dump and was diminished to a coffee klatch of gossip, and shit talk.  All those ‘heavy hitting’ topics as they referred to them, were really only a way to puffer the Social Network up as some grand place to be.  To me, it was always a complete ghetto and I wouldn’t slum it there, not even for cash.  Although I know some of the members have their own reasons for being there.

So excuse me while I correct the DISINFO that I was ‘bounced’ from that network several times.  Bullshit.  And for what?  Some Internet butthurt from over a year ago?  Get a fucking grip.  I was never a member. Nor was I ever banned from the tinychat.

The news reporting should be on Noah P. Romando, who he was as a person, and some possible causes for the murders at Stony Point.  Leave it to the scumbags over at S.I.N. to turn this issue into some Satanic Panic or publicity stunt to get more ‘numbers’ by the weak-willed Social Climber Zach Black, no such thing as bad publicity my ass.  This is it.

Zach’s grand accomplishment is that he created a social network that a monkey could operate.  Oh wait…

As I stated on my own blog about the social issues I was addressing, there certainly is bad press, and the commentary on the news reports demonstrates that more fully.  Like a bunch of children arguing over who has the best tonka truck.  Nice way to show the public that Satanists aren’t douchebags right?  Oh that’s right, I’ve written on the truth about that as well, check my archives.

I haven’t commented on a single report, because I know how quickly the social commentary bottoms out beyond ridiculous.  Instead I chose to share my perspective on my own blog.  The fact that a S.I.N. member chose to share it on their network, was entirely their choice.  I was merely offering my perspective to the hooks thrown out and often by Satanists themselves.

To the Romando Family and friends, if you are reading this, please excuse the mess we call Satanism.  It’s no more pristine than the dirty laundry aired in social media by any group of people using their philosophy or religion as leverage to excuse their own behavior.

Accountability and Responsibility is a notion parroted but isn’t always in practice by those that preach it.

If you are genuinely interested in learning about some of these social issues, feel free to peruse the titles on my Tindeck player of my podcast; including a topic which covers the reason I shaved my head and the response from select members of S.I.N. aired on their own radio showThe Ooze.  Just to get a feel for what we all deal with when discussing these issues publicly in Social Media.

Sin Jones

Priestess of R’lyeh, Cora’Sahn

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