All of Them Witches!


Witch Trial in Salem?  All of Them Witches are at it again.  Christian Day receives international media attention when a friendship goes south and Witches compete for the retail market in Salem.  Tune in to Poison Apple Radio for a frank discussion about the aftermath of Pagans Behaving Badly, the Witch Trial in Salem and how negative press forces one to rethink their public image and its impact on business.

If you’re not familiar with this character, here’s a bio written by the man himself:

Christian Day is a modern day Warlock living in the “Witch City” of Salem, Massachusetts. A practitioner of the ancient arts of Witchcraft—a spiritual path devoted to old world folk magic, healing, and veneration of the dead, Christian and his husband, Brian Cain, own two occult shops in Salem: HEX: Old World Witchery, dedicated to the practices of Witchcraft, Hoodoo, and Conjure, and OMEN, a psychic parlor and Witchcraft emporium which features a staff of gifted psychic readers. They also have a Hex shop in New Orleans. Each October, Christian and Brian host Salem’s annual Festival of the Dead, an event series that includes such popular events as the Official Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball, an Annual Psychic Fair and Witchcraft Expo, and an authentic séance. In June, Christian and Brian host HexFest, a Weekend of Witchery in Old New Orleans. Among his many media appearances, Christian has been featured on The Travel Channel, Showtime, TLC, MSNBC, Dish Network and in The Chicago Tribute, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, and, of course, The Salem News. Often controversial, Christian has certainly raised eyebrows and turned heads in his over 25 years in the Craft, but, despite all the chatter, good and bad, he insists on marching to his own drum and standing for his own vision.


The show will be 90 minutes, I may or may not take live callers depending on the flow of the discussion.     It’s bound to be full of drama, at times funny and at others face-palm worthy.

Be there or despair!


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What’s with this flag business?

SC Rebel Flag Removal Time-line:



Secession Documentation from the Civil WarLibrary of Virginia

Posse Comitatus Act

U.S. Public Law 85-425: Sec. 410 Approved 23 May 1958

U.S. Public Law 810, Approved by 17th Congress 26 February 1929 [See:  38 U.S. Code, Sec. 2306 (page 386)]

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Modern Satanism Podcast – Episode 8


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Reap Paden chats up Lex Blackmore of the Detroit Chapter and her experiences with the media, Sin Jones regarding threats to Women’s Rights and irresponsibility of propagating Animal Sacrifice; with contributions from Pat Robertson of the 700 Club and Tom Raspotnik of Temples of Satan.

If only I didn’t have a brain…

A local missing person (Hannah Graham) case makes headlines “No idea where missing VA student is“,  the last ‘known’ person to be seen with her is named as a primary suspect.   The police attained the name from witnesses at a bar where the girl was last seen.  She was also seen running back and forth in the Mall on video footage.  She’s alone, she doesn’t appear to be distressed only that she’s darting back and forth.  Later, there’s an alleged link to older cold-case files “Police link 2nd Case to VA  Student arrest.”

What’s that link?

Police said they had probable cause to support the charge against Matthew after twice searching his apartment and gathering evidence they have not described. A crime lab is testing clothing recovered through search warrants, but police haven’t said whose clothing that was.

In previous reports it had only been described as a ‘Forensic Link’, there was no mention of any DNA evidence.  Such a vague reference could mean just about anything. Then, yet another vague reference is made by a report that didn’t name the source, only that it was a person close to the investigation that was cited as stating there was a DNA link.  In my opinion, a desperate attempt to paint a particular narrative.  SERIAL KILLER!

It had already been established in 2012 that there was a DNA link between the two older cases but that was a separate issue from the current case of the missing UVA student (Graham).  There was no report that Matthews DNA had been attained, tested and confirmed to be linked to those case.  Yet, more and more of these cold-case files were being piled on top of this guy’s name in the Media.  In essence, the picture being painted is that this guy is not only a serial rapist but a serial killer as well.  How was this wild tale spun?  What physical evidence was there to tie him to this case?  What if/any justifiable reason was there to attain a search warrant?  To pursue this man vehemently to cause him to flee out of state?


First, it was the likeness of his face to the composite sketch from the previous case.  This was enough for people in his social circle to call the tip-line and cause him to become paranoid.  Who wouldn’t be?  That sketch could also be matched to 200+ faces in the criminal database.  The most damning of circumstantial evidence was this alleged rape that was never reported to authorities but it was reported to the school he was attending.  He was ejected on the basis of the accusation alone yet it wasn’t enough for the school to report it to authorities?  Even if the young woman in question was apprehensive about reporting it herself, that’s a serious allegation.  If she was apprehensive, that’s suspect.  She’s not reluctant to report it to the school, yet she’s not willing to subject herself to a physical examination and rape kit?  Rape is one of those accusations women can make and people will turn on a dime.  Whether you did it or not, you’re a rapist.  Never mind the possibility that she may have just used it as a personal vendetta against this man.  What better way to get him kicked out of the same school she attended?  Who can say what her motivations were?  Don’t dare speculate on them though, otherwise you just support Rape Culture, whatever the hell that is.  Either that, or it’s blaming the victim.   Yet, it’s a-okay to speculate on this guy’s intent with Graham.  He’s being formally charged with “Intent to Molest”, “Kidnapping” and as a caveat he may even be charged with Capital Murder.  All of this of course, without any material evidence or even a body as far as I can tell.

The Investigators have even gone as far as stating publicly:

Longo also noted that “I don’t want to get tunnel vision just because we have a name, just because we saw her with a particular person.” Source

I’ve pointed this out countless times in the various article comments but people have already convicted this man, they are already calling for his death.  At this point, he’s just the primary suspect.  The state still has to provide enough evidence to present its case.  In the meantime, Matthews is being held without bond.  When he originally inquired into the interest in him, he left the police station in a huff, allegedly ‘reckless’ in the parking lot so on top of that, they charged him with reckless driving.  He was a no-show at the bond hearing because well… He’s being held in this criminal investigation.  No evidence has been presented to his defense attorney to warrant these charges.  His bond hearing for this case, also delayed until December with no explanation from the judge.    I mean, come on.  It’s a stalling tactic.  The investigators are hoping for more time to acquire material evidence to justify the charges, otherwise – they will be dismissed.

Then, there’s the shotty police work.  He lawyered up.   If there was anything seized from his car, or apartment on probable cause but without a proper warrant – all that stuff won’t be admissible in court.   Evidence is sealed.

“I am waiting to see evidence that links my client to either of these cases,” said James Camblos, who represents Jesse L. Matthew Jr., charged in the abduction of UVa student Hannah Elizabeth Graham, 18.

You and me both buddy.  I mean, are people really this stupid?  Do they really believe that putting all their ‘Faith’ in this system delivers swift justice?  Do they just ignore the conveniences of closing all these cold-case files in one fell swoop and corruption?  They say that there’s no racial profiling in police work but man… This black guy didn’t have a chance in hell.  Had that informant in Texas not tipped off police, they may have moved on to other viable suspects in this case but nope.  Bolting makes you look guilty so you MUST be guilty.

Mattews 2

All these Patriotic Whack-jobs really believe people receive a ‘fair and speedy trial’, then judgment by a ‘jury of your peers’.  Who the hell is this guy’s peers at this point?  Prosecution and Defense takes part in eliminating jurors (for bias) but the selection is like a lottery.   Court proceedings don’t just involve presentation of facts and evidence, the Prosecution can also spin this with a crafty narrative for the Jurors to consider.

Riddle me this:

Even IF there is some of Graham’s DNA found on clothing (sweat and what not) in the absence of blood or any indication of foul play, does that prove he kidnapped her, raped her then disposed of the body somewhere?    If video has already placed him at the bar, and he’s seen socializing with her that only verifies that he was socializing with her!

It could very well turn out that some material evidence manifest itself to justify this media circus but in the meantime, I’ll reserve my judgement based on FACTS and EVIDENCE vs. a gut-feeling, speculation, and hear say.

The Media Reporting on this case is just ridiculous.  Many of these so-called News sources just regurgitate bits from previous reports without verifying sources.

Police are not always eager to have a suspect’s name in front of the public. In northern Virginia, Alexandria police only reluctantly acknowledged their interest in Charles Severance as a “person of interest” this summer in three separate killings there over the last decade. Severance was eventually charged with all three murders, but before that Alexandria Police Chief Earl Cook said he did not want the public to develop tunnel vision and assume the investigation was over. Source

Too late for that now.  He’s already been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion.

You can keep your so-called “Justice”.

Sin Jones


Jesse Matthew Jr. – Charged with Murder

Authorities also say they’ve linked Matthew to the 2009 death of a 20-year-old Virginia Tech student with forensic evidence.

What was that evidence again?  We still don’t know.  It remains ambiguous.

Update:  Motion to Delay Trial  for DNA Expert

Jesse Mathew Jr, enters Alford Plea

Prosecutors concluded their case Wednesday against Jesse Matthew with testimony linking him to DNA found under the fingernail of a woman sexually assaulted in 2005.

Jesse Matthew Jr, Charged in Morgan Harrington’s Death

“The indictments result from the dedicated investigative efforts over the past six years by the Virginia State Police, Albemarle County police, Charlottesville police, University of Virginia police and the FBI,” reads the news release. The state police led the investigation.

“Jesse Matthew Jr.’s lawyers filed a motion for a continuance Monday. They also asked the state to provide a DNA expert.”

Grand Jury indictment

Authorities have previously said forensic evidence linked Matthew to Harrington, but they have not said what that evidence is. In the news release, authorities said they will not comment on the evidence or what punishment they may seek for Matthew.

Suspect Charged in Second Murder

Matthew already faces a life sentence after entering a so-called Alford plea in the 2005 rape of a woman in Fairfax, Virginia. Under an Alford plea, a suspect concedes that there is enough evidence to convict but does not admit guilt.

Jesse Mathew Jr gets (3) Life Sentences

Jesse Matthew still must await his fate in connection to the disappearance and death of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham. But whatever happens there, he now looks set to spend the rest of his life behind bars.

A judge sentenced Matthew, 33, to three life sentences Friday for a 2005 incident in which grabbed a 26-year-old woman as she was returning from a Fairfax, Virginia, grocery store and sexually assaulted her, the county’s Commonwealth Attorney Raymond Morrogh told CNN.

Neighbor Stacey Simkins said that he dragged her behind a “dark pool area” before passersby scared him off, according to the FBI.

ABC Report, Victim’s Testimony Key in conviction

The woman who was attacked now lives in India and was forced to return to Virginia to testify against him. She testified her attacker grabbed her just steps from her townhouse and carried her into a darkened area, where he ripped off her clothes and molested her. She fought and scratched him, yielding the crucial DNA evidence, until her attacker ran off when the bystander approached.

DNA transfer could have been from innocent contact

During opening arguments, one of Matthew’s attorneys, public defender Robert Frank, warned jurors that DNA can be easily transferred. “There is a possibility that DNA came … from innocent contact,” Frank said.

While she was on the stand, the victim did not identify Matthew as her attacker.

Seems a bit too tidy to me.  If the DNA evidence under the nails of this victim is the only physical evidence and the victim did not identify Matthew as the attacker, how was the judge able to come to guilty conviction and three life sentences without reasonable doubt?

How can we be certain that law enforcement isn’t just trying to close up these 3 cases otherwise unsolved?

Update, story reaches the homes of viewers on Dateline:

Case postponed

That Matthew received the maximum punishment ensures he will at the very least spend the rest of his life in prison regardless of the outcome of two remaining cases against him in Charlottesville. He faces the possibility of the death penalty in the 2014 slaying and disappearance of Graham, an 18-year-old sophomore from Fairfax.

Poison Apple Radio: Pagans behaving badly: Christian Day

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2015 Update:  Witch Wins Protective Order Against Warlock

Daily Dot

Interview with Christian Day on Poison Apple Radio Discussion Topic:  Misbehaving pagans


They are everywhere.  Reading your blogs, and writing their own rhetoricals about your life.  Social Media is designed for cyber-stalking.  I mean, let’s be real here, that’s what we do.  We stalk each other’s content, and if a person likes your content entirely too much, people cry wolf:  ”Help me!   Help me!  I’m being cyber-stalked by weirdos!”  

Ummmm yeah, then stay off the net.  Weirdos are everywhere.  

People have this imaginary world built for themselves. They sit in the comforts of their homes, they blog, and post on Social platforms, then cry their privacy has been invaded when this public content is shared or discussed. 

Ummmm yeah… Get a notebook and shove it under your pillow.

At what point does Social stalking become truly problematic?  In my opinion, it is when users of Social Media facilitate smear and fabrication and use Social Media for its venue.  Even that may be protected by ‘Freedom of Speech’.  Doesn’t matter much that this user is calling you a pedophile, rapist, or some other false criminal allegation.  It doesn’t matter if there is zero evidence to support that claim known to be false.  It also doesn’t matter if great efforts are made to ensure this content is sent out into cyberspace creating a large foot print of smear, attached to YOUR NAME.  YOUR IDENTITY.  It doesn’t matter to those that sit complacent and do nothing.

It matters to me.  I’ve seen the lives of others destroyed because they simply weren’t strong enough to fight off the content.  Even when they disappeared from the web, the smear campaigns would continue, and it would affect that person offline.  More and more employers are using the web to screen out applicants for employment.  As more and more people are stuck, that means more people are on social programs like welfare.  I want people off welfare, to get a leg up and be productive.  This affects our economy overall.  This directly affects me.    This is why it matters to me, and I believe it should matter to you too.  The more apathetic people are, the more we all suffer.  If you find yourself irritated with the inflation of prices, lack of jobs, and the ever declining economy, you can look to Social Media as a culprit in the scheme of things.  And believe me, it’s not the only culprit, but it certainly contributes a whole lot.

Just a few weeks ago, a man that was speaking out against this tactic was targeted.  The scumbag that was launching these campaigns called his employer, and he was fired.  Not for any wrong doing, but because the employer could not deal with the constant phone calls and drama.  He was ‘let go’ as a liability.  He was new at the job, and didn’t really have the time in to speak on his behalf as an asset.  And so, this man became again unemployed.  He has a family to support.  And so, in desperation, he’s back on welfare, he’s still hunting for work.  I empathize with his struggle.

It enrages me that Social Media abusers can get away with what they do. Spreading smear, criminal allegations, and other nonsense to destroy the reputations of people for the shear thrill of it.  In their personal strategies they are eliminating people.  Eliminating their competitors, and using Social Media as a smear machine likened to the tactics of Sun Tzu, a military general and author of The Art of War.  And it works.  Do you know why?  The general population is droning about not really paying attention to lies masked as truth.  The quest for truth is usually coveted by the lovers of knowledge.    The sheeple take things at face value, or say:  “Well, better him than me.”  Thing is, it could be YOU.  And where do you think you will turn when it does happen to you?  If you think Law Enforcement will help you, you are mistaken.  If you think spinning your wheels with a civil suit will help you, you are delusional.  The Internet is a whirlwind of disinformation, trolling and bullshit.  All of it, protected content, even that content that aims to destroy you.  A handful of individuals have been successful in pursuing legal cases, but those circumstances are unique, each case is unique, there is no cookie-cutter case of Libel.

What motivates these weirdos?  Again, each weirdo is unique but share similar traits.  They want something from you.  They want to be you.  And so, they seek to destroy you so they can have some sort of personal victory over you.  They are green eyed monsters that want what you have.  Maybe you are funny, witty and people follow your content because they find you amusing.  Maybe you are a prolific writer that provokes others to think, and for themselves.  Well then, you’ve just become a threat, these weirdos don’t want free thinkers.  They want drones.  They want you to gobble up every ounce of bullshit they spew into the ether.  More often than not, this bullshit carries a price tag, and they want YOU to become their customers.  At what cost, and to what end?  It may cost you, your very soul.  So go ahead and make a deal with the Devil.  Make sure you sign it in your blood, sweat, and tears.  Might as well make it stick.  Right?

I’m not content to just sit complacent.  I will not tolerate it.  And so, I speak out against it.  I know this makes me a target for the same tactics.  I accept that personal responsibility.  I accept that I will be accountable to myself, and thus I take action.  May not seem like much, blogging, but I can tell you first hand, it makes an impact.  I don’t just stop there, I am on radio, pod-casts, and I spread the word.  That makes me an even bigger threat.  I am a threat to the tactics employed by the Bullshit Artist.  I call Bullshit when I smell it.

It’s a loveless effort.  I will not be embraced. I will be vilified for my efforts, because let’s face it…People always think it’s about THEM.  It’s not.  It may be a service to they, those and them in some manner but at the very root of this, is for ME.  When I say “I” will not tolerate it, I mean that.  I honestly don’t know why anyone would, even if I understand their complacency and hesitance to involve themselves.  Believe me; I know all too well how people rely on their reputations as commerce.  I do not.

I have always been of the Devil.  I am a Satanist, with reasoning behind it.  My Satanism isn’t reactionary to some butthurt I have over the religion of my family.  I still use elements of it in my Occultism.  You could  even call me a Crusty-Catholic if you prefer, but I’m not a Catholic.  I never confirmed.  I never embraced the religious aspects, though I whole heartedly understand its rituals and a need for them.  It pains me to see Catholics missing the mark, completely confounded by the religions they believe they practice.  The message from Genesis through Revelations has always been resoundingly clear to me.  







What will you be remembered for?  Or will you have been so mundane and boring that forgetting you isn’t even given a second thought?  Memories are your immortality.  And there are plenty of weirdos in the world that will in fact be forgotten.   Weirdos are like Broken Dolls, doesn’t matter how many times you try to repair them…Broken is broken.  Stay away from them, that’s my advice.  And beware of the Weirdos…They are stalking you this very moment.  Be careful not to be too interesting, stay safe, and stay mundane and boring.  Maybe its better that you are forgotten.    The comfort of safety has always been regarded above Liberty after all.  It’s the American Way.

“Well-behaved women, rarely make history”  -Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Sin Jones