What Do Women Want?

I was reading What Do Women Want? and this stuck out to me:

“women’s desire is not relational, it’s narcissistic” — it is dominated by the yearnings of “self-love,” by the wish to be the object of erotic admiration and sexual need.

I tend to agree but I’d consider it relational.  The relation is between self and idealized self.  If a woman’s arousal is due to being idealized as an object of desire by another person, then its relational in that level of arousal would be determined by how much the other person idealizes her.

Intimacy may take second seat but I think it’s still playing a pinnacle role.  Without intimacy with a partner, then how could those idealisms be known or manifested in any meaningful way outside her mind?  The sexologist goes on to say that many if not most women prefer to receive than give.  This chick?  Being the source of pleasure appeals to my Narcissistic tendencies that considering it a chore or not something I’m more than willing to do, is alien.  I can see through the lens of cultural fetishes and the need to find answers to questions such as these but in seeking understanding it may just over complicate matters.   I can’t tell you how annoying it is to be compared to another woman, sexually or otherwise.    I’m not like other women and I can’t imagine other women are like me.  I recognize that other women have issues with self-image, intimacy and sex and seek out the ‘experts’ to alleviate their distress but what about the rest of us?  In an attempt to treat other women, those without such issues get caught up in nets to be untangled from.

Aren’t the cultural trappings enough to deal with?  I see this Free the Nipple campaign in an attempt to gain more gender equality and it just seems foolish to me.  All these Feminists are hell bent on removing the allure that is Woman that I wonder what kind of lives these women live.

censored mediaIf you ask your average American if breasts are innately sexual, you’ll most likely get a YES, which is why they should be covered.  Women breast-feeding in public places have become somewhat normalized but you still see plenty of stories about women being asked to use a private area of a public place to do it.  Carry-over from a more modest era, certainly, and the rebuttal is usually “But…Men go shirtless all the time!”   How many men?  All men?   Then go on finger pointing to places like Africa where breasts aren’t fetishized in the same way as the U.S., well duh… Culture clash.  In a modern era however, you can find plenty of breast fetishism all over the continent.  I just chalk it up to confirmation bias.  Why are women so hell bent on being treated like men anyway?  Discomfort with the den of inequity?  Any woman can tip the scales in her favor with a little know how and passion  cup-size driving the weight.


Are all men pedophiles?

You can participate in the forum discussion: Here



The model on the first poster is a 14 year old Dutch girl.  If a male’s immediate response to her image is to find her attractive and/or appealing, does this make him a Pedophile?


The model in the second poster claimed to have no knowledge of the documentary’s content.  She thought she was modeling for Japanese Anime.  The image implies ‘age-play’, however the fact remains that adult women dress like children to appeal to pleasure receptors.  Japanese Anime tends to have a strong-focus on creating sexual tension among characters portrayed as pre-pubescent.

As much as American Society addresses cultural taboos, the letter of the law is often interpreted to both persecute and prosecute instances that may not necessarily qualify as Pedophilia.

This discussion is interesting.

Notice Joe Rogan voices the opinion that there should be an age span limitation set on women, even if they are 18 (legal age of consent).  So for example, it’s gross to couple a 16 year old with a 40 year old man, but it could be considered equally gross if she’s 18.  He considers that “her own fuck up…” Young women are often attracted to older men due to their maturity.  Young girls in High School, for example, may seek College Age boyfriends because the opportunities for maturity in their own age-class is limited.   Older men are typically established, (employment, housing, transportation) and have the means to treat a young lady with what she believes she deserves.  

On the flip-side to that, young men that seek Older Women are typically applauded. It’s only been recently that high-profile cases (such as High Schoolers dating Teachers), that there’s a double-stigma applied.  Age + Violations of Decency.  

Age of Consent is typically established by each state, with parental consent.  I.e. 16 is typical for a young lady to both date and marry, but the minute a parent retracts that consent, the older partner may be persecuted for Statutory Rape, the same is true if the parent protests the relationship, even if the 16 year old consents.

Some would argue that the older partner is ‘sick’ to even consider dating a teenager under the age of 18.  

Societally, couples that are of legal age (18 or older) with an older partner are still given the stink-eye when out in public together.

Pedophilia applied to teenagers is a misuse of the term.  Pedophilia is technically an attraction to pre-pubescent children. 

The Age of Consent in other countries is much lower, anywhere from 8-11 and marriages are typically arranged by parents.  By a Western World standard, this is an ‘abuse’ and there have been a few high-profile cases that hit headlines that give Westerner’s a point of contention to say:  “Well that’s fucked up, that culture needs to change…”  

The Age of Consent was substantially lower in the U.S. which was appropriate for the era.  For example, the state of Texas was Age 14 but was raised to 16 when the FLDS Sect was getting more attention.  Prior to that, people married as young as 13 (with parental consent) and 14 later on when it became a requirement to attain parental consent.  This age was raised much higher in some states, where 16 isn’t even a consideration and you MUST be 18 for marriage.  Statutory Rape legislation came much later.  Having sex, and consenting to marriage are separate issues in a modern society where people do not abstain from sex until marriage, like they once did. 

Some people argue that finding a person sexually appealing and acting on it are two-different things, but are they really?  The fear of persecution, if not prosecution gives a person reason to pause and think about the act vs. acting on impulse.  Remove the restrictions, and I believe you’ll find that people would certainly act on it.

Men and Women will also argue that a young person is not sexually appealing.  If this discussion is had in lieu of cultural notions of sexual indecency, then that’s a rather reactionary point of view.  

People also lie about their age.  Short of checking I.D., which has now become a social norm, rather than an exception to the rule; as long as the moral conscience is satisfied, it’s all okay right?

Societal Pedophilia, occurs through consensus opinion.  It’s a far-cry from the technicalities.  

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