This article deals with the notion that the Judicial System provides justice.  It doesn’t.  It manages crimes and criminals, it interprets laws and enforces them.  A harsh reality to young Miss Dietritch from Kentucky.  She was assaulted, a plea bargain was entered and she was silenced. She was court ordered not to release the names of her assailants because they were minors.  She is also a minor.  So she has no voice in public media to speak out against what she sees as an injustice, at least…Not calling out her offenders by name.  She took matters into her own hands when she decided to thumb her nose at the law, and Tweet the names of those little bastards that violated her.  She knew the consequences and threw caution to the wind.  Her Twitter account has since been closed (for evidence I’m sure) but the media reports on the issue.  She’s given a voice, but again the names of her offenders were omitted for their protection while her name and face is splattered over news reports.

She could face up to 180 days in jail and a $500 fine if convicted. The boys have yet to be sentenced for the August 2011 attack. “They got off very easy,” Dietrich, who says she was unaware of the plea agreement before it was announced in court, said in her interview with the newspaper.

“They said I can’t talk about it or I’ll be locked up,” Dietrich tweeted after hearing, according to the paper. “So I’m waiting for them to read this and lock me up.” “

A petition is up to have the charges dropped against her, but the damage is done.  Equally, the damage done to her by these boys has also been done.  So,what is more unjust? Or is there any need to measure, the old adage “two wrongs don’t make it right” may be relevant here but you know what, sometimes you have to go wrong to make it right.  She stated she’d be willing to do the time for her own human rights which were silenced by a court order.  A gag order on the names, is also a censorship of speech to protect these boys.  The boys will be punished for their crime, but with the plea bargain in place without her prior knowledge of it, Savannah doesn’t think its enough.

So was it revenge or did she really feel her right to speech was restrained by the courts?  I’d say its probably a bit of both.  It’s not as if she had any choice in the matter.  She was ORDERED to be silent.  She noted that she felt that she couldn’t go out in public because it was already public that SHE and by name was raped.  

She may gain some support for her cause by signing the petition.  A method among methods to try to beat the SYSTEM.  That’s really all it amounts to, a system of control that can be beaten by finding a way around it, over it, or through it.  

I’ll keep an eye on the case to see what the outcome is.  The scales of ‘justice’ are blind.  And they can be tipped in any direction, provided there’s enough weight.  

Sin Jones