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Blake3Poison Apple Radio show, 8/8/15 @6 pm EST. Joining me is Blake from The Demented 1, Youtube channel. We will be discussing what happens when you align with the Devil.  I will be taking live callers during the show, be there or despair! To subscribe to future shows, visit Poison Apple Radio For a simple MP3 download file, visit: Poison Apple Radio

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Ego-Paganism and the Tyranny of Structurelessness Follow-up:  Ohes Noes it’s Tyranny! Ego-paganism! You saw that too eh?  He: Big P!, Me: LIttle p!  Enjoy the Shiggles on me and a bit of free advertising for paganspace.net and the600club.com Ego-Paganism you say? You betcha!

Cult of SIN... You’ll never come out, the way you went in

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Join us Saturday Night, July 26th, 8pm Eastern for: The state of Satanism today

Poison Apple Radio

Join us Saturday, July 26th @ 8pm Eastern for a round-table discussion of the state of Satanism today.

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Offering perspective:  

Reap Paden, host of The Angry Atheist & Modern Satanism podcasts, ReapSow Radio and priest of The Satanic Temple.  Reap got his start in internet radio in 2007 with his main focus on skeptical inquiry into paranomal claims.  By 2010, he was more honed in on the “Atheist Movement”.  As a show host and avid blogger on Reapercussions, his hope is to promote critical thinking and help to build a society based in reality.

Troll Towelhead, Grand Mufti of Satanism, author of The Gospel of Satan, social analyst, networker and data-collector of occult and mystical praxis, Towelhead issues intermittent fatwas on Satanic subjects, consults with individuals in public on methods of pact-making, religious dedications and worship, and enjoys imagining new types of Satanism absent self-defeating or self-disabling qualities.

Venger SatanisCthulhu Cult Leader and passionate devotee to the original fantasy-based RPG. When he’s not leading cultists into madness, penning a melange of eldritch sorcery, he’s tending to his own spawn at home.

Zach Black, Satanic Networker, owner of Satanic International Network honorary member of The Satanic Temple and Sect of the Horned God.

Other guest callers are to be expected so don’t miss this show!    Join your host Sin Jones, be there or despair!

Essence of the Left-hand Path

The Seven Acaras in Classical Hindu: Veda, Vaiṣṇava, Śaiva, Dakṣiṇa, Vāma, Siddhāṇta, and Kaula. All of which fall into two broad categories — Dakṣiṇa and Vāma. It is generally held that those who participate in the rituals of Five Ms belong to the category of Vāmācāra.  The Aghori are more widely known as it pertains to their particular culture.  Those less known, walk among you.


” when a man stands like a rock in the midst of female chaos she can lock on to him and let it all go.”


The relationship between Dynamic &  Static

Down the Rabbit Hole:

The Nine

Vedic Mathmatics


“In mathematics, the logarithm of a number is the exponent to which another fixed value, the base, must be raised to produce that number.”

This has been discussed in great length on various topics at The 600 Club.  Over and over again these inquiries surface.  Why?  If it’s understood by those that pin an ‘S’ to their chest, why the constant banter to understand it?

I’m adding a particular post from that thread here for a little expansive address:

“In Tantric rituals, the female is seated to the Left (how), in preparation of the union (what), a dissolve of duality in experience.

It’s not necessarily an end, the roles of Shatki & Shiva are cyclic and continual. Otherwise, practitioners would starve themselves to death of all physical nourishment.

During the ritual there is the Spiritual aspect which is performed before the physical acts. The physical was considered a taboo, thus it’s considered Antinomian to the purely spiritual science and in flux with Dharma, taught by the earlier gurus.

The terms were apprehended to conceptualize types of mind set:

RHP = Liberation from the Material sole concern with the Spiritual

LHP = Liberation through dissolve of the line dividing the Material/Spiritual

The tantric rituals involved the 5 M’s [Makara] (Madya, Mamsa, Matsya, Mudra, Maethuna)

The English translations can conflate what’s going on there. There’s not 100% agreement on the translations either. Case in point during 5th – 12th centuries, there was no mention of Dakchinacara in the earliest writings. The later rituals developed into Madhyama Vamacara where they include both Makara; and Uttama Vamacara.

For example Madya = Wine

In the earliest of teachings it was taught that a physical ‘attachment’ (Dhukka) could be overcome by indulging in it, until you finally leave it. The end goal there was to be released from a physical matter. The RHP approach is to fast, and experience the ‘spiritual’ manifestation of Madya whereas the LHP approach is to pour a glass of wine in ritual, drink as a symbolic representation of the physical matter then move on to the next step. This was all part of the actual rituals performed in Tantra before the physical act of Union (Drinking, Eating, Ritual Practice).

Mamsa = Meat (Flesh)

The RHP approach is breathing exercises and controlling speech.
The LHP is to actually eat flesh and use speech.

Matsya = Fish

Same as Meat but deals in controlling mental impulses through meditations.

Mudra = Those that help, includes a lot of mind/body exercises

RHP = accepting the teaching and instruction of Ascended Masters
LHP = acting as the role as Master

Maethuna = Union (crude/sex)

RHP = Spiritual purpose (Union of Conscious & Supreme Consciousness)
LHP = For pleasure and achieving ecstatic states

The Aghori rise as Antinomian to the cultural idea sets because of the traditional practices of Tantra in flux with Dakshinacara, which is considered more modern. Those that renounce the traditional practices of Tantra.

I can see where [Redacted] is seeing it RHP, his conclusion makes sense because the Aghori are on the Left Path with a seemingly RHP goal. I say seemingly because a person wouldn’t last long if they completely released themselves from eating, drinking and union with other human beings.

Tantra is considered a spiritual science because it’s a progressive approach towards internal transformation to achieve higher levels of human experience.

Dakshinacarins are considered RHP because they renounce all physical Tantric practices in favor of the mental discipline. Bhatki, which translates to basically Devotion. They interpret the 5 M’s to be solely the spiritual/mental and do not partake in the physical practices during their rituals.

There was such a schism that much of the rhetoric turned Vamacharias into Devils.”


Follow the White Rabbit:

Among these concepts, I have included Acara and Karma.

The Acara can be regarded as norms within the social groups specific to the Hindi people.  Karma, as a concept would be regarded as building upon a strong foundation.  This term is misunderstood and often reduced to taking specific actions to beget specific results.   Whether it is Right-hand Path or Left-hand Path depends on the essence under the form.  It is often perplexing to Satanists, thus it produces critical dialogues such as THIS.  Once Karma is placed in the context of modern Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, it can become a bit more conflated by its progression through culture.  Karma unto itself is as succinctly put in layman’s terms:  “What I am here to do. “

 In order to understand this, I have included some conceptual modeling by including Vedic Mathematics and Logarithms.  If say, you are working from a shaky foundation, its integrity will flounder and the whole thing comes crashing down.  You can’t very well build upon something weak and prone to dynamic changes.  Shatki and Shiva are symbolic models of the importance of static and dynamic modes of existence.    While Vamacara is Left-hand Path Attainment, and taking the Left Course approach, the map is not the territory.  The form is not the essence.  The map however is PRIME.

Finding the Train Man:

While Shiva is regarded by some Hindus as something worthy of worship, those that actually get it (not corrupted by misinformed gurus), understand it as something you strive to attain.  My rock is Shiva, the static.  My electric is Shatki,  the dynamic.  It is the power to lock it in without a need to attach to the ever-changing state of creation through destruction.   If say, I have something I need to push myself though and step out of my creature comforts (Vamacara), the rock is what stands to reason and recognize it.  My electric is the series of actions I take to further strengthen my foundation.  Together, they nullify the duality that fractures the psyche.  Hermeticism is often pointed to within a LHP methodology but a few linguistic quips aren’t exactly going to clarify it to those indoctrinated with preconceived notions.  Satanism is merely one manifestation of the LHP.  The Dakshinacara is another.  There are many, to include adversarial Christians.  Those that seek to build the strength of the Kingdom within and become worthy of the Sacred Heart.    The essence is not the form.  While people get hung up on identifiers (Satanist, Hindu, Christian, et. al.), I do not.  I can recognize those among the masses pounding their chests with an essence so much like my own.    The rest sit in funny costumes with silly banners to their credit.  They sure as shit, ain’t fooling me.

What I am becoming with each day is built upon bedrock.  Everything else can be burned off and built stronger to withstand the trials we each endure.

Some fair better than others.

Sin Jones