Another case of Satanic Morality?

Gino S. Vaglivielo addresses Jake Nicholson II, that recently jumped ship, then returned to join camp Tom Blackwood, then began attacking his mentor Diane Vera

Gino had previous posted a video in response to Jake Nicholson’s blog My End.

Perhaps what can be drawn from this, is the old adage:  ”No good deed goes unpunished”.  Everyone runs a risk when they choose to align with other Satanists on the Internet.  In the real world?  Most are at a complete loss as to how to meet decent people.  Most, are whack jobs and have personal agendas that are likened to school yard antics.

The best one can hope for is to join a Social Networking environment and take the chance of putting yourself out there.   If you don’t want the criticism then DO NOTHING. BE NOTHING.  Each person is their own individual with their own pursuits.  Alignment with others may aid or hinder, depending on what you are after.

Some Satanists have a genuine interest in creating social gatherings and meet ups,so they are active in organizing them.  Even then, participants run the risk of meeting up with polarizing individuals that want something from them.  What do they want?  Who can be sure?  Human beings are liars, this is a reality that people should learn to accept.

Mark Twain’s on the Decay of the Art of Lying seems relevant here.  This society has been *trying* to impose the idea that lying is unnatural, its unacceptable, and liars should be issued a scarlet letter of shame.  There is Redemption!  All you have to do is say:  “I’m sorry”, and voila!  It’s all better!  If you buy that, you are more delusional than you realize.  The sentiment may be kind, but this doesn’t ensure the offense is not repeated.  Most known liars typically have to prove themselves, which is why atonement seems to hold more merit than any apology can hold.

So you try to meet up with people you can get along with, work with, and dare I say: Trust.  Good luck with that.  I tend to be more realistic about things.  People in general, I don’t care who they are, have to earn both my trust, and respect.  I’m also not a grudge-master, so if you’ve done some shitty thing, you can certainly redeem yourself by the actions you take after you’ve done it.  

Some people tote guilt like a guilded cross to bear.  My advice?  Get over it.  People make mistakes, and some mistakes seem irreparable, but provided you take steps to correct any wrong doing, you can usually redeem yourself.  You keep repeating the offense, well?  Then what’s the point in investing in a person that is doomed to destroy themselves?  I say to that:  Get out of the way.  You don’t want to be too close to the bomb when it blows.  

I’ve written my fair share on dealing with Broken Dolls.  I use dolls a lot in my symbolism and in my writing, because to me they represent the objectification of people.  What is a doll anyway but a poor emanation of a small human.  What happens to a doll when you are too rough with it?  It will most likely break.  Sure, you can repair a doll, but all those broken bits are merely mended.  They will never truly be the same as they once were.  So, you handle this doll with the knowledge that it has been weakened.  You can’t play with it as you once had.  In fact, you might as well shelve it, because all that glue and thread is bound to deteriorate over time, and you are dealing with a broken doll again.  These archetypes have a strong will to survive, and by any means necessary.  The live as their story.  I believe everyone has a story, but we are not our stories.  We can learn from our past, but to continue to live in the past without learning from it and progressing forward, you are only your story. You do not exist.  Only your story exists.

Doll collecting is much like people watching.  We can learn a lot from those we observe and invest in.  Hopefully, we can do something valuable with that knowledge, otherwise its nothing more thank junk tv.

Sin Jones

Satanic Morality?

Satan-ic: Of or pertaining to Satan



Social Morality

Social Ethics

These terms cut like a knife as people impose their own internal morality and ethics on to others in Social Media.  Satanists are no different, really…They aren’t.  This term has become an umbrella label much like the term pagan.  How can you know what kind of Satanist you are dealing with until you talk with them?  Sure, you can assume but where does that really lead you?

Those with their assumptions then lead herds of sheep from platform to platform like the preacher man at the pulpit.  Are you sitting the pews subservient to this ‘leader’ or are you watching with a skeptics eye to see what they are really after?

These herds of sheep are like the mob, pointing fingers and blowing whistles while the rest of us just call bullshit.  I call bullshit on ‘Satanic Morality’. 

Those under ‘attack’ must then, step up to defend themselves.

I believe that all men are redeemed by their actions.  Words are symbolic and one must extrapolate their meaning.  Internalizing these issues, may be cause for much confusion and frustration.

I don’t expect others to conform to my own morality and ethics; I will however impose them as much as I am imposed upon by others.

1.  If you feel I’m a supporter of ‘Sex Offenders’ and ‘Despicable People’, this is your own internal morality and ethics which then forces your hand to take an action.  In example, you may speak out against it.  This is your personal right and freedom to do so.  It is also mine to counter it, and defend my own actions taken.

2.  If you feel the need to fabricate content to affect the outside perception of my person and my key aims; equally I have a right and freedom to defend against such actions taken.

3.  If you state false information as fact, then the burden of proof is on you to prove these claims made.

4.  Each person is an individual, unique and has a story.  I don’t believe in the story.  I believe in the individual and the ideal that people can rise up from mediocrity, learn from their errs and press on.

In summary, keep your ‘Satanic Morality’, ‘Satanic Laws’, and ‘Satanic Social Ethics’.  I have my own.  In the context of an organization, which is organizing a group effort to substantiate something ‘real’ out of the imagined, we have our own standards, code of conduct and will uphold it by tooth and by claw.  Otherwise, why participate at all?  No one is holding a gun to your head.

Don’t tell me who my enemies are.  I know better.

Don’t tell me what my goals are.  I have expressed them through my own content.

Don’t tell me who or what I should affiliate with. That is MY choice and I will make it on my own behalf.

If you are a critical thinking individual, you will make up your own mind and take actions on your own behalf.  I will do the same.  Any ‘tactic’ will be countered with counter-tactics.  In addition, I am proactive and productive in my own personal causes.