The Abuse of Women in the Occult: Poison Apple Radio

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Tune in Monday, May 4th @ 9pm EST for a round table discussion about the abuse of Women in the Occult.

Who is responsible?  Who is the Victim?  Shouldn’t women be held accountable?

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What does it mean to be responsible?

From the Latin root, Responsus: An Obligation.

By the 19th century the term took on the responsibility of being held accountable juxtaposed with a set of morals.  To be held accountable is to answer for, holding an account of one’s actions and expressions.

Societal Morals are often in flux with personal morals and ethics.  Can the morals and ethics of a Serial Killer be reconciled with a civilized society?  The killer can justify his means to himself, but can he have it justified to the citizens in the locale where he resides?

The checks and balances come with a pointy reckoning of Laws, followed by a set of punishments ‘we the people’ call Just.  Justice doesn’t always coincide with basic Human Rights, and the members of ‘we’ can find themselves in inner-turmoil when faced with the conflict.

How do they attempt to reconcile it?  By penning documents, defining the terms of life and living it.  The United States carries its Constitution like a bleeding heart.   Every man, woman and child has the Right to life, although they may not have the Privilege to live it as they see fit.

If the Killer kills, a system in place will seize his person and property and hold it, against the will of the Killer.  Punishments enacted can often be cruel and unusual, but all it requires to become usual is a louder voice to muffle the sounds of agony.  Rights vs. Privilege. A Killer can have his Rights stripped from him, a formal punishment for his deeds.  He can even have his very life taken from him.  We lock the detestable away having only created a divide between the populations.  Those that have Rights, and those that have Privilege.   33 States carry the death-penalty, should we pity those that have neither?

Many argue that there are crimes against humanity that are indefensible, inexcusable and are of the utmost of crimes which seeks punishment by death.  Those that commit such acts are considered to be deserving of it.

For centuries it has been argued that punishment is within the scope of any civilized society for misdeeds but that punishment by death is within the power of the Government.  Incarceration simply isn’t enough for the most reviled of citizens.  And never mind the responsibility in shaping these proverbial monsters!

It’s even considered, in sentiment, a crime to sympathize with or mourn those that meet such a death.

The window-dressing of the criminal is tattered and stained, shall I change the curtains?

There are many crimes that carry the death-penalty that do not require the virility of a serial murderer!

If a citizen had any involvement in incidents that resulted in a death of another, this too carries such heavy penalties!  The aggravator is just as responsible as the person who committed the act!  Treason! Drug-Related offenses!  Then, the children, we cannot forget about the horrific acts committed against the smallest of citizens, the innocent!

The list grows as this civilized society determines that malicious acts cannot be reconciled!

Fear not Ye Citizens!  You can take part in this process of Responsibility!  For you are the peers of the most reviled!  You may be called to sit as Jury to Judge the evidence to determine guilt or innocence!  You, Oh Responsible One, may be called to be the executor!

Societal Morals and Ethics are set in a premise that often sits beside the thrones of gods. A straight posture that is rather proud in their self-righteous indignation, but beware of those twisted spins waiving their Religion like a Patriots Flag!  God Bless America!  It is rarely a bother that they break HIS commandments, and are just as vile!  Where is their compassion?  Where is that crimson guarantee that the great redeemer so promised in a crown of thorns?

Absolution is nigh!  It stands a golden palace on the street corner of desire!  Pass through its doors on the day of the Sun and the rays cleanse the soul of responsibility!  The gilded doors slam shut, locking away the prideful and needful things.  Satan rattles the doors, demanding that you Hold yourself Responsible!

Won’t you be held accountable?  Won’t you?

You are not really a believer, are you?  Tell me.  I really want to know.

The most human thing about you, and you sit in denial.

I understand.  No, really I do.  Humans rarely glorify the beast that is man, they seem to have a penchant for the SuperNatural…The Super Man!  That higher force that dances behind a veil of secrecy.  The critically thinking are looking up its skirt.

Man finds himself contemplating his own humanity.  His own Blood-Lust…

Would I?

Could I?

What would it take for me to…?

What made this creature?

What would it take to redeem him? Redeem me?

Why am I so truly apathetic towards his suffering?

Civilized man…Dignified and standing erect, all the while bashing in the skulls of his neighbor, coveting his possessions, and finger-painting in his blood.

The Sign is on wall.

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A word from Mama SIN…

Kids of this generation are no more or less rebellious than they had been in the past but they do have access to more information as Social Media allows them to perform personal research and gain perspective from others in their peer group.

A new generation of Satanists is on the rise, and it usually starts in childhood.   The youth will come into their own like the rest of us.  They are asking questions that seek answers.  Young people often feel oppressed by their parents when restrictions are placed upon them.  Some of those restrictions are for their own good, while others may be rooted in the psychological baggage of the parents that raise them.  I’ve written a fair bit in the past about the differences between being a parent and a baby-sitter.  Raising a child isn’t just making sure these children are out of harm’s way, it involves guidance with humility.  These kids are going to be adults before you know it and if YOU as the parent make critical mistakes WE the people have to suffer them.

Dysfunctional adults run amok in this country, and it’s often because of unresolved childhood traumas.  If I had a nickle for every time I spoke to an adult still lamenting over their upbringing I’d be sitting on a mountain of fool’s gold.  These folks are still trying to figure out a way to get over the harsh treatment they received as children, and much of it was complete subjugation and oppression.  Kids need guidance not some Sadistic beat down every time they explore and experiment with thought and action.

Like adults, the youth will have their own struggles and strife to endure, all the while being regarded as property.  As such objectified beings they often have only a minuscule measure of Liberty and Freedom.   And so, they jump into cyber-space head first looking for valuable information that can help them cope with the trials and tribulations of their daily lives.  They are looking for knowledge and tools that liberate them from their oppressors.

I often have children reach out to me for information on the occult, paganism, and Satanism and I treat these kids as if they were my own.  I am not going to teach them how to become an Occultist, Satanist or Pagan.  Instead, I’ll guide them to examine why they believe the Occult will liberate them, and with the notion that they should speak to their parents about the feelings they have.

When my son has friends over and they want to raid my library, I have a strict policy.  The answer is NO.  I am not seeking to oppress their thirst for knowledge, I am advising them that this type of knowledge requires introspect and self-governance.  Some of these kids are troubled and have problems at home.  It’s not my responsibility to raise other people’s children.   It’s my responsibility to not exacerbate matters by adding the confusion of Occultism into the mix of issues they are dealing with at home.

When young people reach out to me online, I just use common sense.  Adults often treat kids like a plague on Social Networking platforms because of the stigma of being viewed as a predator for speaking with children.  It’s a reality we all have to deal with.  Kids of high school age are often looking for mentors and spiritual guides.  If they are already studying the Occult and ask me questions for my perspective, I’ll provide it as a parent.

Some of these kids are so desperate to have a voice of their own, they will ask me to be a commentator on my radio show.  My answer?  Not without parental consent.  Obviously I’m not checking I.D. if I get a live caller, but this is rare.  Most of the time, these kids are hiding their interests from their parents because of parental concerns at home.   These concerns are rational and often reasonable.

The fact of the matter is the Occult can do a number on the psyche of an underdeveloped mind.  And if kids are seeking it out as a quick fix to the problems they have at home, then obviously the reasoning is off.  Some writers of public content don’t give a rat’s ass about these kids.  They are sharing these quick fixes for them to acquire and sometimes they are even tailor-made for them.  It’s all for $6.66 you can perform a magic spell to Kill your mother!  I know, it’s ridiculous but it can’t be helped in such a chaotic environment like the World Wide Web.

And oh what a wicked web it weaves!

When I write to offer my perspective, it’s just that: My perspective.  I’m not here to teach you how to become a Satanist, Occultist or pagan.  My perspective added to the pool is in the name of mediating understanding about diversity and individualism.  And believe me when I say, it’s a cesspool.

There are crazies everywhere and they too have their own perspectives.  Their words are just as symbolic as my words and can be the influencing agent of your mind, and the minds of your children.  As a parent myself I’ve always been responsible in monitoring my child’s activity online.  Have a look see, and try to find my beloved offspring.  I assure you, you won’t find him.  You can say what you want about me and my persona, what you cannot prove is that I’m a terrible parent.

Living your life on your own terms also requires a level of guidance for your children to understand who you are beyond your role as a parent.  Some people choose to place their lives in some protective bubble to be popped one day when their child comes to realize that they really had no idea who they are as an individual.  My child knows who and what I am.  It’s also my responsibility to learn about my child and his individualism.  I always keep the channels of communication open while allowing my son his own privacy.  I’ve guided him to be self-governing; I sometimes have to step in when he’s making poor choices to guide him to better choices.

My role as a parent is nearly over but I will always be his mother.    As his mother, I will always be available to him when he needs me but it is my hope that he won’t need me.   Some parents are so co-dependent on their children that they rely on them for their complete existence.  I’ve observed mothers that hinder their children’s progress and growth because they are lonely and need their children for company.  They don’t encourage them to become autonomous; instead they foster the notion that they are NOTHING without them.  I consider that child abuse.

Some parents are so controlling that they have to have their hand in every decision made, and what children will grow up to become.  They even try to live vicariously through them.  This is what I’m talking about when I write about living a full life.  Why fake it?  Why not get out there and do what you want to do, be what you want to be and live the way you want to live?  Otherwise you will have those feelings of resentment and often channel them through your own children.

If you missed your chance, I say: Tough Shit. Just because you missed opportunities or wasted your time, doesn’t mean you have the ‘right’ or ‘privilege’ to ride your children’s coattails like that boat you missed.  Get over it.  Get over yourself.  When your children have matured and are on their own, maybe then you can pick up where you left off.  Raising a child is a big responsibility.  It does require a level of personal sacrifice and managing your compulsions to be a Solipsistic Asshole.

For the youth I offer this:

You do have power.  You can attain liberty and have some semblance of control over your own lives IF you are up to the task of mediating understanding to your parents.  If your parents are dysfunctional and abusive, you do not have to endure this treatment.  There is always a way to liberate yourself from your oppressors.  It will take personal responsibility and being held accountable for your actions.

If your complaint is that your parent won’t just let you destroy yourself with drugs or reckless behavior, well then obviously it’s YOU being the solipsistic asshole.  Grow up.  Learn why these behaviors are concerning to your parent and what effects they can have on your life when you become an adult.  You won’t be a child forever.  Your young life is just a blip by comparison to your adult life.  What you do right now, may have effects on the way you mature.

If you have big dreams, where there is a will driving them, there is always a way to attain them.

And to the adults:

The 20 something’s call me Mama SIN.  I don’t feel old when they do that, it’s a sign that they look up to me as a mother figure… As a parent.  This does not offend me.  What offends me is shitty parents and broken people as a result of babysitting passed off as parenting.   While your kids are being told that they should learn and mature, you too have some growing up to do.

In conclusion, your personal reality can be warped by perspectives.  Learn to be more discriminating in those you will allow to influence your thoughts.  They can have positive and negative effects.  If you have personal wants and needs, then obviously you have to examine why you think you want or need them.  Introspect is also a perspective to have.  Examine yourself constantly and analyze where all these impulses are coming from.  When you say “I Want” in your own head, how can you know which aspect of yourself wants it if you don’t examine it?  How can you know if you are being influenced to want it and where are those influences coming from?  If you feel powerless then maybe you are being driven by the wrong influences.  If you feel sad or depressed and think your entire life sucks, then what are you really doing to actively improve your situation?

Ask the questions, and then seek the answers.  Personal progress doesn’t just happen.  It takes work and being responsible with both knowledge and power.  Both can corrupt you if you are irresponsible with it.

People have neither the right nor privilege of living corruptly at the expense of their children.