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U.S. Public Law 85-425: Sec. 410 Approved 23 May 1958

U.S. Public Law 810, Approved by 17th Congress 26 February 1929 [See:  38 U.S. Code, Sec. 2306 (page 386)]

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Sexism in Satanism?

Sexism in Satanism?

Absolutely!  If you think you are going to be immune to it, you are delusional.  As written in previous blogs, Satanism itself is not an absolutist practice with stone commandments that traveled down the mountain.  It’s individual and as such it relies on the mindset of the individual.

In my personal experience, Satanists are just as sexist as any other group of people which use labels to identify themselves.  Just because a label is applied, doesn’t mean a person is magically transformed into a whole new being; although their personal Satanism may be striving towards becoming.

The idea that Satanism is a boys club originates with the Satanist mindset being dominated by males.  Often times when women are involved in Satanic thought they may be pigeon-holed into masculine identities and gender roles.  It’s a reality that one should be aware of, and learn to cope with.

Male Satanists will objectify women and impose gender roles upon them.  Hell, women choose to objectify themselves.  In either case when cornered to justify their mindset they may even feed you a bunch of bullshit for the public face.  Some men and women don’t have the testicular fortitude it requires to be real about their values.  In fact, they often seek acceptance and are herded into group mindsets, social trends and popularity clubs.  In most cases it’s just an adult form of High School antics.

Female Satanists are just as guilty as the men, and there really isn’t as many gender equality values supported by women than one would imagine, and even by those who claim themselves to be feminists.  Neo-feminist values are worse and often diminished to male-bashing clubs.  The term that critical thinkers use to describe them is Femi-Nazi.  How’s that for more symbolism?

I am neither a feminist, nor do I believe that people are equals.  I believe people are individuals and prone to group think.  My thought process?  Be real about it, and don’t presume to sell me cupcakes.   If you dare to palm my hand with shit and call it a cupcake, I’ll call it what it is… Bullshit.  People are people, and it doesn’t matter much what they call themselves, their upbringing and programming will tell me who and what they are, in truth.  There are always tells and they tell me a lot.  Getting to know a person is an effort as well as an investment.  Surface judgment may be the reason one holds sexist values.

Another aspect of Sexism is believing that one gender is superior to another.  Each gender has its strengths and weaknesses and as a species even that isn’t so black and white.  If you are at all interested in understanding the human condition, you may have come across the genetic arguments involving the Neanderthal gene.  Africans which do not have it sometimes take a position that because their genes haven’t been muddied with it, they are somehow superior to homos that do have this genetic component.  It’s just another form of otherization.  It’s also another form of racism and it can be divisive depending on the context.  Racism isn’t always a negative world view, and the notion that racism is always negative is a societal value.

People often project their own ideas and often based in their own imaginings. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told that I support Eugenics.  Oh really?  And how do these projectors justify and verify their beliefs?  More imaginings.  I’ve spoken about my own views on genetic superiority and the information is out there, but people choose to believe what they HOPE to be true.  Why do these folks hope that I’m a supporter of Eugenics anyway?  Just another point of contention to find me intellectually inferior to themselves.  More otherization.  More divisiveness.  More gender projection.  I don’t support Eugenics, in fact I find the notion absurd.  The scientific study of the mind is truly mind-boggling and more and more information is made available to us in the 21st century, information I might add that I feel justifies my belief that genetic superiority is ridiculous.

Some projectors have even been as bold to say that my intelligence is a result of having been born from two teenage parents.  The best of their crop genetics was made available to me as their offspring.  Even in spite of coming from what I laughingly call a weak gene pool.   I joke.  I jest.  People are so symbol illiterate that they take this phrase ‘weak gene pool’ to mean that I support Eugenics.  They imagine the meaning of the words and then project their understanding onto me as a literalism.  I guess it’s easier to project than it is to ask for clarity on my position.  Learning takes work, and projecting is thoughtless, effortless and just downright mechanical.

I study feral children and under-developed brains that function at a higher capacity than a normally developed brain.  These studies may be of an interest to you if you were seeking to understand the human potential.  Another area of study that fascinates me is Linguistics.  The point I’m making here is that I study.  Intelligence doesn’t just drop out of the sky, or is given to you as a gift from the gods, it’s nurtured.  Obviously a level of natural biology is required but nurture is an even more important element to consider.  The human body is resilient and can adapt in the presence of what is labeledabnormality.

Case in point, a woman with a strong will, intelligence and an aggressive approach to life is often assigned masculine gender attributes and qualities.    I assure you, I am all woman but this symbolic set of ideas can not pin me down.  Only I can allow that to occur.  I will not be victimized by notions of gender roles and identity.  Believe it or not, I’ve even been accused of having gender-reassignment because No Woman would think or behave like I do.  I suppose it’s easier to believe that I was born a man.  I laugh, I’ll use it to my advantage.  My ‘lady-like’ aura seems to lead sheep to slaughter and well, those are the breaks.  Learn to be more critical in your examinations of people.

The battles between the sexes continues on and hasn’t really lost momentum, they just change and evolve with the era in which we live.  Satanists are no better or worse than any group of people and do in fact have their sexisms.

I covered it a bit on an episode of Poison Apple Radio.  And it’s resurfaced again a year later as Temples of Satan: New Aeon addresses the issues.  It will continue to come up as men and women gather in number in any social network.  Another aspect that doesn’t get enough press is the gender confusion or reassignment topic, or the idea that denying gender is enough to not be faced with the issue of gender roles.

Sexism is a societal issue, and as such it will surface in socio-polito.  The thing is, if you don’t know how to deal with it, cope with it, you’ll end up frustrated with gender assignment as it pertains to each person’s role in society.  I deal with it on the regular, as people believe they can get my panties in a twist over their ad hominem character attacks on my person.  These folks haven’t quite learned that this tactic doesn’t work on people who have spent the whole of their lives striving towards becoming more than just some dumb broad for their amusement.


These small minded folks can’t deal, nor cope with a critical thinking person that will reflect such weak tactics back at them.  Small things often amuse small minds.  I’ve spoken about using ambiguity to one’s advantage in the past, and I find it relevant here.  The notion that people should live their lives like open books amuses me, as this idea often makes them prey for the kill. A level of ambiguity is required in order to trick the tricksters that believe they have leverage over you.  You’ve already got the upper-hand.  They are too arrogant to know this, and so they act out accordingly.

The last laugh is often on them.

Sin Jones