Taming primal essence

What is Primal Essence?

First we must address what it means to be ‘primal’, this term implies it was the first of its kind; the original and key im-portant feature of a being. When addressing primal man, we must roll back civilization to his basic and chief needs: Feasting, Fucking, and Fundamentalism. What I mean by fundamentalism, is the lowest possible frequency of a vibrating system (physics). Man is that system. He eats, he mates, he multiplies, and he fiddles. In his fiddling he begins with the very foundation of his needs and wants; it beings with the “I”. When man beats his hand against his chest and identifies himself as a being, he addresses this from his needs or wants. I Need to Eat. I Need to Fuck. I Need to Fiddle. I want what other men eat, fuck and fiddle with! The “I” is never truly satisfied. The being in its primal form is nothing more than an uncivilized animal. While this is certainly useful, and can be-come part of man’s methods, there is a level of taming of the sav-age beast necessary to get what it wants.

The essence of man is the most crucial part. If we were to extract the essence of primal man, what would it look like? Smell like? Feel like? Taste Like? Sound like? Perhaps it would be much like the crawling darkness, that which lies beneath the surface and will tear a hole and find its way out by tooth and by claw. In all of man’s fiddling he has come into a new system in which he grooms his primal impulses but he has been unsuccessful in oppressing his primal essence. Some would describe this primal essence as SINIS-TER.

The development of this term is interesting, in the 14th Century it was in use by the French to mean unfavorable, directly connected with an act of ill-will. The connection to the term ‘left’ was developed around that time as the French made contact with the parts Southern and Northern England. To be considered left implied to be of the weaker hand, lame, foolish, limp (to dangle). It emerged around the turn of the 12th century derived from the Northern English ‘lyft’ which meant lameness, or paralysis. In the Kentish dialect, a euphemism was developed to avoid that which invoked superstitious beliefs attached to being lyft: Winestra (Friendlier). Sinestre ,Middle English- derived from Old French, and the Latin form Sinister. The Latin is connected to the divina-tion practice of Augury. On the left-side we can find a direct link to reading omens. In Heraldry (13th century), to be Sinister was in use to note an achievement in arms as noted by the left-side placement of a crest. The right side was referred to as dexter. This term used in proper context was in use to avoid the taboo of bringing about unlucky incident .associated with being lyft. In every attempt to avoid the taboo, this language caught on throughout parts of Europe, in the 13th century it emerged in low-er Germany as ‘Luft’, and later ‘Link’, meaning to move left.

The Dutch used ‘Linker’, in Middle Dutch ‘Slinker’ derived from ‘Slincan’ meaning: To crawl. In Sweden ‘linka’ meant limp and later ‘slinka’ to dangle. Left was used in political moves, to com-municate an ‘unfavored’ body in legislation, as members were assigned to the left-side of the chamber as Nobles were seated to the right of the leader, most notable in the French Revolution, and documented by Thomas Caryle a Scottish historian, philosopher and writer. The English use was documented in his work The French Revolution: A History. Left was used frequently in the 16th century, to convey an ‘irregular’ or ‘illicit’ way of being. As early as the 15th century it was used to imply the opposite of what was expressed. This is another link between left and sinister, some irregularity in expression and form that does not appear to reveal the hidden intent, it is speculated based upon the artful use of expressionism. It is in this time period we can find the phrase “Out in Left Field”, which implied that one, was out of touch with certain realities (mid-15th Century). La Rive Gauche in France is the left bank of the River Sein. The river flows westward cutting the city into two halves. The southern bank is the left, while the northern is the right. The ‘left bank’ also refers to Paris in an earlier era. Many famous artists, writers and philosophers used it as a euphe-mism for the creativity and bohemianism once found in the old days. The Left-Bank area is referred to as the Latin Quarter (5th arrondissement of Paris) attributed to the Latin language spoken by University students. To imply clumsiness, or having ‘Two Left-Feet’, is in heavy use by the turn of the 17th century in various forms, it’s more blatant in phrasing by the 20th century.

All of this is important when placing these terms into proper context. Language mediates understanding, each word is symbolic of a definition, but in order to extrapolate its meaning each word is linked and strung together to place ideas expressed upon a platform for understanding. If language is mis-used, this sets the stage for a conflicted audience.

“The Crawling Darkness, the Unknown Dark we fear and despise, which haunts the depths of our collective psyche, and even our unconscious dreams.”

.:.Order of Nine Angles Nexus 352. ONA NXS 352. WSA352. White Star Acception.:.

What is being referred to here in lieu of primal essence is that sin-ister force. That which does not conform to ‘normal’ parameters, its daunting creativity will claw its way out, even if it is forced down deep, oppressed and subjugated by a commanding master.

When considering the darkness, it is the unseen force; one that may seemingly do one thing, but means something else entirely in that act. It may or may not be a well-plotted out deception. It’s all reliant on the being in question. This is why terms such as Left and Sinister are associated with ‘evil’, because of this deceptive motif. It is within man’s nature, his very essence to be deceptive. Not just for basic survival needs, but in striving to get more, have more, and be more.

The terms Sinister and Sly, can be synonymous in the cor-rect context. Sly is derived from the 12th century notion of hitting a target by cunning means. Germanic ‘slogis’, later ‘slu’, and later still ‘ verschlagen’, ‘ schlagfertig’ implied slaying by crafty method. In general, the term was used in a pejorative manner but there are a few non-pejorative uses which survived in the English language (Northern England Dialect) until the 20th century. The phrase ‘on the sly’ simply meant to meet in secret or to acquire by hidden means.

Using sinister methods is often the Modus-Operand of the Sly Man. The man that chooses to resurrect his primal essence from under the rubble of influences, experiences, and a false sense of the core-self using cunning means to reach his goals. It takes great personal work, and often involves constructing and de-constructing psyche, the acquisition of knowledge, processing it into wisdom but above all else, it requires praxis.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more com-plex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.”

Albert Einstein

This quote is relevant, when considering the nature of being ‘left’ in one’s thinking. This brings me to the nature of Magic. Whether you choose to spell it ‘magic’ or ‘magick’, I see no literal difference in the slight of hand, and coercion of events or people in accord-ance to one’s will. If I can direct you to do something I need or want, and have lead you to believe that it was your idea in the first place, well… The magic not only occurred but was a success the moment you try to convince me to get behind an idea that was mine. The less effort I have to put forth to accomplish this, the more successful I have been ‘on the Sly’. The Sly will be considered Sinister as a pejorative, because it has wholly selfish ends as its means. Selfishness in a socially correct society is viewed in a nega-tive connotation as anarcho-communists demand that we govern ourselves to be the same; the same in our thinking, our social clas-sification, intelligence, and with our wants and needs; never mind the attainment.

I hardly find these fools capable of governing themselves, let alone having the merit behind their ideas to presume to govern ME in their weakly structured plans to push me into servitude. At closer examination, you will find that there is no pure act of altruism that all things stem from the self, and thus return to the self.

There is a distinction to be made between holding knowledge, and having wisdom. I am Hermetic in my thinking, I find the duality needless when I can see that right is left, and left is right. All things being relative, the relativism of dissolving duality allows me to see things in a much wider span of view than dividing it between this or that. I’m using the left-thinking model to provide a context, a point of reference for the reader to understand the common platform in which the sly man can dance his jig for the viewing audience. Being too hardline ‘right’ or ‘left’ can be self-defeating. When you cannot go another way, or see beyond your own knowledge and experience, you tend to imagine that every-one you meet thinks like you do, holds the same understanding as you, or has had similar experiences to yours (if not the same). So, when met with opposing viewpoints, you may take this very per-sonally, and begin to ‘react’, which isn’t very sly at all. In fact, you tell those around you so much about yourself, you reveal the trick before ever having a chance to attempt the deception. That pri-mal essence is caterwauling, telling the audience a tiger cannot change its stripes. While we are all equally ‘human-beings’, no two beings Homosapien are identically the same, but even tigers have a leaning towards polymorphism; a biological phenotype which causes more than one of the species to form or morph, differently than the others, Tigers included. Equally, in object-polymorphs, terms can mean precise things when delivered to a specific object target. For example, take the term: CUT. This term can mean different and precise things to a Film Director, Surgeon, and Hair-dresser. There is no need to set the platform, when the object target already holds an understanding. Thus, language is a one of the most valuable tools to the Sly Man. One can be directed or misdirected by the simple and meticulous use of language and it’s not limited to the written or spoken word, there are unspoken languages we use that often speak which can be used among the many devices available to primal essence. We can make unique markings with mere gesture and expression. An image speaks vol-umes but what is spoken may be ineffective without training your beast to do parlor tricks.

The primal essence of our being is always at work; it snarls and crawls under the surface of its cage (the presentation). We present ourselves as beings to other beings; how we present ourselves and our purposes is but a divine comedy. Are we pre-destined to begin in Purgatory and find our way to Heaven? For many this is The Way, this is not my Way.

We should plot our own destiny, and manifest our own heaven on earth. It is wise to know when to tame primal essence, and when to allow it out of its cage. While we struggle with the ontological argument with other beings, we are still working towards what we want for ourselves. Even if all we want is to be feasting, fucking and fiddling other beings; the music played often sounds like the Music of Erich Zann playing his old viol. We dance in the frenzy of the old Dionysian cults dedicated to bringing forth the blessings of the old gods (our former selves). And this is the paradoxical nature of our being, as we create our gods from ourselves, then projects them outward as if they are some estranged part of our essence, otherwise known as the fractal “I’s” . Our sense of self shattered as we reach to the heavens as if it were some floating kingdom for our being to attain. We build The tower of Babel to this imagined place in vain, whether our gods are the divine heroes of old myths, or the modern luminaires of science, philosophy or the liberal arts; equally role-models which demand admiration and adoration as they set examples and lead by them. Instead we should be spiraling inward to the root, the place in which the para-ble begins in the cradle of civilization, warning man of the poison seed of ignorance. The luscious gardens where the Gnostic Tree grows tall, and deep, each branch a pathway to taming our primal essence. The tree above, the tree below; it can be the nourish-ment we both need and desire, or it can be an entanglement of thorn and vine…Nature’s cage.

Satan is the poetry of the world, and Nature is its church. In the climb inward and upward, we can exceed nature, and allow the musings of Satan carried on the winds to provoke us, inspire us, oppose us, and liberate us and our true will to push us to cre-ate and attain, to achieve being more. To use a familiar Eastern thought: To be the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end of our “reality”. A reality which; can directly affect what is consid-ered actual reality.

Be of the Sly Man, know when taming your essence is a valuable tool. By method, a way in which you seize power and control, over your own being and become truly autonomous. You make the choices, you are no longer choosing from the choices available to you by those in power, the power is now yours among them. Otherwise, you remain a beast of burden, working harder not smarter.

And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is be-come as one of us, to know good and evil… .And he placed at the east of the Garden of Eden cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned in every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.” – Holy Bible

The most familiar, but relevant here, in capturing the age-old quest for knowledge and the beast crawling in the dark, climbing its way up and down the tree, the structure in which he processes information with the very essence of the being inside its shell. The seed. Why do the Stars have seeds? Every man and woman is a star.

“Invoke me under my stars! Love is the law, love under will. Nor let the fools mistake love; for there are love and love. There is the dove, and there is the serpent. Choose ye well! He, my prophet, hath chosen, knowing the law of the fortress, and the great mys-tery of the House of God.” –Aleister Crowley

The mystery was solved by those who received its nourishment, and have attained power. It is evident in demonstrable results. Words…All these words! If the words do not represent or symbol-ize attainment of power, and autonomy; then it’s shit-talk. I don’t believe in people who talk a lot of shit, and follow through with zero action. Show me the beast, and I’ll show you its need for a tamer. If you want to get things out of this life, make changes by becoming a forcing current, then you may need to work ‘On the Sly’. If you think you really know what’s going on in the world to-day, and that you are not being used by the Sly Man dancing, you have been be-witched and should break the spell. Raise your awareness, become more self-conscious, and learn the trick be-hind the trade.