Demon in Hospital Photo – Debunked

This photo went viral shortly after it was posted on Reddit. Naturally, it would end up on youtube here is a clip:

People see what they want to see. A clear case of Pareidolia. I’ve been contacted to convey my ‘expert’ opinion. What makes me an expert you ask? Your guess is as good as mine.

I enhanced the photos a bit using a focusing tool. Clearly, what we’re looking at here is a few things in the photo that seem to come together to create a ‘form’, a figure. Superstitions about the dying and the dead will invoke a number of confirmation biases. If you believe in an ethereal soul, you might see that. If you think demons snatch them for Satan – well, you are among the believers! Same with Alien Abductions and earth-based entities that live in some other dimension beyond the view of the human eye. Except… They can be captured on video… Apparently.

I digress…

Here are the photos:

Photo 1.  As you can see, the ‘leg’ of the demon is clearly the patient’s leg in a bent position.  It stuck out to me immediately because the image behind it was lighter and less vivid.  The leg is closer to the camera, so the items in the background are a bit blurry.

Demon - Man's Leg

Photo 2.   Right behind the knee-bend is clearly the bed-rail.

I have enhanced the color in the photo adjusting the lighting a bit so it is clearly visible.

Demon - Bed Rail

Photo 3:  I used the focus tool to blur everything but what appears to be some type of medical equipment.  So what appears to be the torso of the ‘demon’ has a reasonable explanation.  What makes up its ‘head’, could be any number of things.   Together, it only gives the appearance of a figure bent over the patient.

Demon - Equipment

Voila!  De-mystified.  Your eyes will play tricks on you, your brain will make connections that just aren’t there.    If you want to believe its a demon, alien or there’s a government agency hiding the truth from you.  Fine.  You gotta ask yourself though, why do you need to believe this?

If I’ve managed to change your perception a bit, I’d say it’s a matter of introspect.  If you can be fooled by this, what else have you been tricked by?

Having a skeptical mind isn’t being cynical, it’s just being prepared for what your brain will dish out. It’s a tricky little bastard.

-Sin Jones