What is EVIL?


 one for allWhat is Evil? What does it look, like?  More importantly, what does it feel like?

That which sides with Satan: Diabolical, sly, sneaky, in shadow and tests your Ethos is evil.  The character you build may not be the one that you are.    When you believe yourself to have a strong, moral character, astute ethics and are an all around  ‘good person’; it can be deduced that you’ve been clothed with the doctrine of society; for to embrace Evil is to be sinful, immoral and abnormal.  Eventually, it fits like a straight jacket.  It feels restrictive and binding.

Synonyms include but are not limited to: bad, corrupt, destructive, hateful, heinous, hideous, malevolent, malicious, nefarious, ugly, unpleasant, vicious, vile, villainous, wicked, base, foul, low, offensive, poison, reprobate, wrong, angry, atrocious, baneful, beastly, calamitous, damnable, depraved, disastrous, execrable, flagitious, harmful, iniquitous, injurious, loathsome, maleficent, malignant, no good, obscene, pernicious, rancorous, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, spiteful, stinking, unpropitious, wrathful.

I’ll use the film The Ninth Gate (1999) to frame it, may even switch between the movie and the book The Club Dummas – so do try to keep up.


“(Corso)Precise, unscrupulous and deadly as a black mamba”

Take Mr. Witkin for example.  Corso beats him to the punch, downplays the volume’s real value and gets the books from the estate in his grips for a whole lot less.  Corso can then reap a decent profit when he sells them.  Witkin, knowing Corso’s reputation and the quickness by which he acts.  Calls him out.    Does this make him one of the good guys?

Witkin’s overall look and demeanor are supposed to give the viewer the impression he’s on the up and up.  Corso knowing Witkin’s reputation, gets in and out before he can even take an inventory, let alone haggle with a price on a collection.   Having been beat at his own game, doesn’t by default make Witkin a good person with strong moral character.  It only means he’s slow on the draw and was outwitted by Corso (again).


Balkans: “Strange. I’d have bet a brace [pair] of Gutenberg Bibles you spend half the night with your eyes peeled. You’re one of those lean, hungry, restless types that put the wind up Julius Caesar. Men who stab their friends in the back.”

Balkans hires Corso for his reputation, not because he’s a nice fellow that’s trustworthy.  Money talks and Balkans is offering Corso a nice sum for authenticating his copy of the Nine Doors (Ninth Gate).   In knowing of Mr. Corso, Balkans can also appeal to his sense of pride as being on point with his knowledge, techniques and relentless pursuit.

To be one that would stab his own friend in the back is considered to the contrary of what society would call a ‘good person’ yet, plenty of ‘bad people’ get on pretty well in the world.

The Ceniza Brothers also give the impression that they are ‘good guys’, yet the hint dropped by them during Corso’s first visit to the shop, later proves to be a key.


When the brothers giggle and speak about the ‘Master’ forger, they are really speaking about their own craft. Unbeknownst to Corso and the reader at the time, is that the brothers did in fact forge missing pages so that the Nine Doors in their possession could be sold as a complete and authentic copy.


“If this is a forgery with missing pages restored, it’s the work of a master”

When Corso is given the clue by Lucifer, he returns to find the shop cleaned out but he does in fact locate the missing original page he was pursuing.  In spite of being shady in business dealings, the Ceniza brothers are quite successful and get on in this life rather well. In spite of their dishonesty.

Corso’s characterization does present some moral fiber, even if the majority of his deeds appear to be amoral.   When Fargas refuses to sell and Balkans pushes him to take the copy, he refuses.  In the meantime, Mrs. Taillefer beats them both to the punch when Fargas is found dead in the fountain, his copy of the Nine Doors stolen and Corso is left to take the fall for both murder and theft.

In the book however, Corso arranges a ‘burglary’ with his partner Pinto but still he’s adamant that he doesn’t want Pinto to harm Fargas, only stage the burglary and steal the book.  Pinto protests Corso’s irritating reminders, he knows his work.  The purpose is to point to Corso’s Ethic.

Maybe Fargas is the good guy?  Just an innocent old man that collects valuable books right?  Even Victor Fargas has his own story of woe and suffering, in the book Corso described him as close to madness by the state of his home, even if the collection was kept impeccable.  Fargas was slipping away, paying the price to the deeds of his youth.  To embrace Evil is to be transformed by it.  Whether the outcome is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ remains to be seen.

“Jackals on the sent of the Gutenberg Bible”

Years ago my Black Book of Names caused a stir as I was selling handmade books using the engravings from The Club Dummas.  In Occult circles the whole “And it harm none, do as ye will” axiom rears its head but its so rarely understood.  White-lighters believe they are ‘harmless’ all while sweeping the harm that they do under the rug as if no one will notice it.  I sure the hell see it.


Those that don’t practice but just tow the line of “We don’t harm anybody!” are just idiots with no real ability to comprehend what it means.   This book, what’s written in it, or thought in the Ether is for the person that posses it.  His WILL be done, regardless of repercussions.  Short of grabbing the thing and smacking someone in the head with it, the only real harm it does to another person is to their fragile psyche.

I’ve been accused of causing illness and death by just suggesting a person may be in it.  In truth, grab the thing (a prop) off my library shelf and you’ll find that aside the woodcuts, the pages are blank.  Malevolent Magic.  I’ll be sorry they tell me, I’m going to hell or some Karma boogeyman is going to eat my soul or some shit.  These are the things they believe.  All that Evil in the world is just the stuff they don’t like, makes them uncomfortable or ashamed and dishonored by the code they’ve been taught.

Is there a single good guy in The Ninth Gate?  Even if you pointed to the so called innocent standers-by, you don’t know their story.  Everybody has a story and in it, are deeds of Evil.

This Sagan quote gets shared about so often, I doubt its given a second thought.  My immediate thought is that child abuse is an act of Satan.  To the Satanists with good guy badges, it’s all “But we don’t harm little children!”  completely missing the point.  The act of harming children in a society that asserts that it’s wrong and taboo, assigns it as Left-hand Path action.  Aside that, harm is subjective.  Millions of people believe they are doing right and good by their children, harming them, without ever laying a finger on them.  Believers and Non-Believers alike.  So please, don’t tell me that you don’t embrace Evil.


Carl Sagan and Corso aren’t that different in terms of character.  Not only did he say this, he meant it with righteous indignation.   He also said:

“Skeptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and religion, by which deep thoughts can be winnowed from deep nonsense.”

I’d consider the statement about zealots deep nonsense.  I remain skeptical of his intentions when he said it and the science of mind doesn’t add up.

Having said it, does it make him a good person because he seemingly rejects the abuses of children?  What about the harm done in the name of self-righteousness?  In the name of protecting them?

The 9th Engraving Woodcut interprets to:  “Now I know that from Darkness comes Light” , things considered dark, unknowable and off-limits can certainly light your ass on fire.  One can be illuminated, in that your ignorance has been pulled into the light.  If you reject Evil and all those spooky bad things, you can be assured you’re cutting off one hand to save the other.   You’ve put a fence up in the field of knowledge but you’re not safe.  Not even close.  Eventually Evil penetrates barriers and erases imaginary lines.  Temptation to know, is like that.

Sin Jones


Empathy for Animals: Satanists Love them Too!

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When did Satanists become so righteous?

Question of the day:  When did Satanists become so righteous?   

Imposed morality has been in use by Satanists for the better part of 25 years.  This often becomes shocking to more solitary Satanists, they find themselves a midst the herd of mob mentality and it begs to question:  What the hell kind of Satanists are these?  

I cover a number of socio-political issues on my radio show, and discuss focus groups such as Occultists, Satanists and pagans. Where the rubber hits the road,  is when imposed morality is likened to the Witch Hunts of the Middle Ages.  Is a Satanic Security AgencySatanic police force, and the Satanic Brown-coats necessary?  And what are these self-righteous Satanists policing?  Good question.  When taking a closer look, you may be alarmed to find that they are targeting your lifestyle, personal preferences, philosophies, religions and creeds.

A question I’ve recently received in email:  “Sin, I love your blogs but I’m a bit confused.  I thought Satanism was about personal liberation and freedom?”

There was a time when this was a value embraced by most Satanists in the 20th century.  Flash-forward about 2 decades, and ‘Satanist’ is not as definitive or absolute as one might imagine.  In order to distinguish ideals resoundingly Satanic, it becomes problematic for those individuals that seek answers.  

Satan = Iconic Satan

Satanic = of or pertaining to Satan

Satanist = a person which employs Satan

Satanism = a set of practices and/or beliefs with Satan at the center

Beyond that?  You won’t really know who or what Satan is, until you speak to the individual Satanist.  There are some tried and true axioms in Satanic philosophies that remain unchanged; such as those in use by Modern Satanists.  The term ‘Modern Satanist’, is relatively new, at one time it was enough to simply call yourself a Satanist.  Some writers address Satanism from a post-Modern point of view.  This implies that Satanism did in fact experience a change and flux, with the death of Anton Szandor LaVey in 97’.

Early interviews with LaVey himself reveal that Satan was not just regarded symbolically, but most importantly as a personal divinity to look to as a mentor and role model.  This was often misinterpreted as exclusivity of an Atheistic paradigm. His personal views on servitude are made resoundingly clear throughout his lifetime.  Even if, there were a godform called Satan in our midst, going down on bended knee to serve it, or worship it, a Satanist would never do.  Not because he was told not to serve, but because it is inherent in his nature to revel against such oppression, subjugation and slavery.  ”Born Not Made”, is an axiom embraced by many Satanists.  Either it’s in your nature, or it’s not.  No matter how hard you try to ‘make’ a Satanist, the primal nature of the individual always shines through.

In the 21st century and with more and more Theistic Satanists coming into the public eye, their personal ideals, morals and ethics become part of the Satanic landscape.  Theistic Satanism didn’t exactly get a red-carpet welcome in the wake of the Satanic Ritual Abuse scare which prompted the Satanic Panic!  It is unfortunate for the rest of us, that we must suffer these righteous paranoid shadow dwellers.  They hide in closets, in the ‘underground’ and it gives credence to social paranoia about Satanism.  On top of that, their paranoid delusions cause them to peek in the closets of their own brethren.  The trouble then is what they actually find there.  If the mob believe it’s a real possibility that you may have a criminal record or even whispers of sexual abuse a lynch mob is rallied.  An even larger problem is that many Satanists know this all too well, and so it becomes the weapon of choice to use against your enemies.  

Some Satanists wouldn’t bat an eye-lash at the idea of fabricating false claims of pedophilia, rape, murder, and other unfavorable crimes to eliminate other Satanists from the strata.  With the advent of Social Media, it just became that much easier and quicker to spread gossip, false claims and the whistle-blowers come running to stand at attention.  They are the new Brown Coats, specters that behave like Inspectors.  

This fosters more righteous behavior, and it extends to proper and improper behavior.  As rebels rage against the machine, the finger-pointers create social hysteria groups to discuss how mean and evil Satanists have become.  Become?  Yes, the new aura of Satanism is that Satanists are merely misunderstood dark neo-pagans.  Many even embrace the Wiccan Rede as their moral compass, with a special focus on “And ye harm none, do as ye will”, even if that portion is wholly misunderstood.  

Magical systems directly address the transmutation of thought and emotion to reconstruct internal architecture (i.e. Alchemy).  It was never meant to be used to determine which magical practitioners were performing helpful or harmful magic.  The labels ‘White’ and ‘Black’ Magic become prominent in the late 60’s and 70’s and more and more modern pagans sought to be accepted by their local communities.  Satanists were then regarded as ‘Those people’ while pagans proclaimed they were just as gentle and helpful as most Christians.  Even if, in their own ritual chambers they were gouging out the eyes of their enemies in the form of an effigy.  Shhhhh, it’s a secret.  Exploring the godhead on my Radio Show, this very premise was brought up and discussed between myself and Dastur Adam Daniels, Church of Ahriman

Believe it or not, there are Occult hipsters.  A term coined to describe them is Occultniks.  These are the posers, fakers, and all around foolish types that presume to pass off their fakery as living as a Satanist.  No matter how hard they try, they cannot fool those of the Infernal Empire.   They wave their dirty morality compass at you and to impose their own moral/ethical code upon you.   At the very core of my nature, I regard them as sheep in wolves clothing.  A sheep is still a sheep and not very good at the masquerade.  They are woefully enslaved by their own up-bringing, influences and experiences.

If you personally identify as a Theistic Satanist, then you too will be subjected to the stereo-type of being regarded as a Reversed-Christian.  This pejorative implies that you are a Christian in reverse meaning that you would directly reject the teachings of Christ and embrace all things condemned by the teachings of the Church.  This moniker is in use by Satanists to defer to a type of Satanists that actively practices blasphemy such as inverting crosses, reciting biblical passages backwards, and embracing acts considered sacrilegious but at the very foundation you are still very much a Christian.

The evidence lent to this label is best demonstrated in your own personal creeds, and behaviors.  Take for instance the idea that Satanists should turn the other cheek.  If a person does you dirty, you should take the higher ground and not repay the favor, in compliment is implication that you should forgive and forget.  Some Satanists refuse to pay lip-service to such scum, and vengeance is the ONLY repayment worth spending.  The outcry from observers is also telling.  The mob cries:  You are so evil!  He apologized and you refused his apology!  To many Satanists apologies are worthless, and nothing more than empty words, action is a higher valued commerce; especially in the atmosphere of Social Media.  In other words, in order for the scales of merit to balance in your favor, you must answer to your own moral conscience before ever considering the ethics and morality of another. 

Some Satanists demand that you conform to their social standards of behavior.   If you will not comply, some seek to have you alienated from social groups, even if they negate your nature as a non-conformist.  They spin their wheels attempting to have you black-balled from a group you would seek no part of anyway.  Many Satanists test the waters of social networks to separate the wheat from the chaff.  When the righteous come forward willingly and without provocation, it makes the labor that much easier for the Satanist.

For this Satanist?  I couldn’t care less if you like your nipples buttered before adding electrical current,  I’m more concerned with what you DO with your personal preferences, ethics/morality, philosophy or religion.  Influence is influence, no matter how you shake your compass at it.  It can be positive, negative or nullifying.   Every person has their influence.  And some of these Agent Smiths need to have their bloody asses kicked. Plain and simple.

Word of advice?

Short of giving them a much needed bitch slap, you may need to come in like a Ninja and dissolve the Matrix in toto.  

As for me, while some of these Satanists are acting like self-righteous Occultniks, I’ll be in the machine, hitting hard and fast with my mental kung-fu. 

My kung-fu is strong…I’m SIN JONES.

A right to moral self-defense

[Book: Black Magic, Satanism, Voodoo,1973

Author: Dr. Leo L. Martello

Page 44: A Witches Right To Moral Self-defense

Black & White Magic Defined]

{see show page for more info}

Give it a read, I highly recommend it.

See also:  This show archive for context and praxis

[Excerpts taken from pages 42-45.  To read the rest, I suggest you obtain the book, it is Copyrighted material]

The Moral Character of Witchcraft” is the heading of the paragraph.  ”Related to the above dimension is the witche’s view of the nature of and the intentions behind the  magical forces involved.   This has led to a common distinction made by occultists between so-called black and white magic.  In part the view on this issue depends upon the witch’s relation to Christianity.  For a pure Satanist, the magic he practices is black in that its power supposedly derives from forces of evil and darkness (though he may regard Christian miracles like transubstantiation to be instances of white magic).  But for the witch who has no belief in the Christian witches began to speak of themselves as white laws in nature.  Because of the common stereotype of the witch as Satanist, however, many non-Christian witches began to speak of themselves as white witches and began referring to magic they did as white or beneficial.  But this reference to white and black magic was meant to refr to the intentions of the magician in its invocation, not the character of the magic itself.”

Prof. Truzzi further explains that magic per se is neither black nor white, “just as a knife is neither good nor evil.  In a similar manner, many Satanists (who have noted are usually not pure Christian Satanists but might be better labeled Palladists) also deny any distinction between white and black magic, though not because they shun the label of being black (i.e., evil) magicians; rather, it is because they see all magic as equally black in that all magic (they claim) is used by persons for personal, selfish goals, no matter what the stated intention might be.”

I find myself in a profound philosophical opposition to the idea that “white Witchcraft” is based on a form of Christian altruism; that anything being used for “self” is automatically “black”, or that it must justify itself by pretensions being a Salvation Army of Good Samaritans!  And I totally reject the idea that anyone who disagrees with the professed “white” witches must be “black,” i.e., evil.  In Martin Ebon’s Witchcraft Today he writes:  ”An added problem in terminology is the current transition in the use of the word ‘black.’  In a society where the slogan that ‘Black is Beautiful’ is challenging the implication that everything dark has negative connotations, while everything light has positive meaning, using ‘white’ or ‘black’ as labels in witchcraft must also be reevaluated.  Dr. Leo Louis Martello, speaking for the Witches International Craft Association (WICA), has stated in that society’s Newsletter that value judgements, involved in the distinction between ‘black’ and ‘white’ are ‘a form of unconscious racism.  He added that there ‘are white witches who are no good and black witches who are good.’ “

Prof. Truzzi’s last paper explains that most people think of witches in terms of “Christian stereotypes” i.e., it being a form of Satanism.  He points out, correctly, that most modern witches consider their beliefs to “represent a pre-Christian,  pagan, fertility religion.” and in no way consider it to be a heretical sec of Christianity, that “these witches are concerned about their public confusion with Satanists.”  He writes: “In fact, an organization called WICA has recently been formed in New York City as a kind of witches’ liberation movement to fight the negative public image of witchcraft and what they consider to be slanders about their religion spread by Christianity.”

The March 1, 1971 (No. 19) issue of The Wiccan mentioned the Wica Newsletter (For the American scene) and wrote:  ”Run by Dr. Leo L. Martello who thinks ‘No true witch worth her salt would permit evil done to her without fighting back.  Self-defense is a moral right.’  We think such situation can be amply dealt with by the Lords of Karma and that the only possible and permissable action under such circumstances is to seal the source against any further transmission; subsequent evil attempts then fall promptly back upon the evil one with poetic justice.  Otherwise the battle can continue to rage down through the centuries through life after after life.  But certainly one should expect Justice from the gods, and be prepared to accept what comes!  It could be that the receipient in this incarnation could have started the ball rolling with some evil act in the very long ago.  Only with this policy can the wheel of Karma be broken and the chain of unfortunate events brought to a final end!  Where ‘revenge’ might be appropriate, the gods will more than amply adjust the balance!  Those who are as yet insufficiently evolved to accept the Witches’ Code – ‘Harm None’, and do as ye will’ must be prepared to accept consequences of trying to impersonate the gods and deprive them of their function!  The modus operendi we recommend is entirely in tune with White Witchcraft.  We invite Dr. Martello, who will receive this issue, to think again, as should perhaps some others.”

There was no need to rethink my position. I’ve spent years doing nothing but thinking about these philosophical issues.  Here’s my reply to The Wiccan:  April 16, 1971

Dear Editor:

In response to  your comments in No. 19 The Wiccan I repeat what I said: ‘Self-defense’ is a MORAL RIGHT.’  And as to the ‘Lords of Karma’ intervening I offer the old saying ‘God helps those who help themselves.’  The Karma of a person, or a witch, who permits a wrong without taking any action agianst it is as guilty as the wrongdoer and has permitted the ‘sanction of the victim.’  Karma cannot be used as a moral cop-out.  And yes, ‘the battle can continue to rage down through the centuries through life after life’ if a person doesn’t nip evil in the bud, stand up to it and if necessary fight back.

You confuse the term ‘moral self-defense’ with ‘revenge’.  They are two entirely different concepts.  And if you truly believe in the witches’ code of ‘Harm None, do as ye will’ then how can you exclude moral self-defense? And why does this seem to apply to everyone else but not to the individual?  Are you saying that everyone else has the right to harm you but that you have no right to do anything about it?  That your own recourse is Karma or leaving it in the hands of the God and Goddess?  Isn’t this an attempt to evade moral responsibility for your own life?  And isn’t it your life as worthy as anyone else’s?”

-end excerpts-

Old books would be discarded as archaic notions of another time.  I find this excerpt still relevant today.  Not just between pagans and Satanists, but Satanists and Satanists as well.  The conflicts rage on today, as Fundamental Satanists presume to impose their morals and ethics onto others.  If you do not conform?  Well, there’s always the Tools of the Bullshit Artist.  They will run amok attempting to gain favor against you, have you booted off the Satanic Island (whatever the hell that is), and out of the ‘Occult community’ as they refer to it.  There is no community, I see no evidence of it, only individuals which gather on Social Networking platforms.  That alone does not a community make.  I revel against such notions that there is any ‘community’ on the Internet.  In fact, I see camps of personality, and mobs of fuckheads that believe they have the authority to rule over your thoughts, and lifestyle.  Fuck them.  And Fuck you if you try to rule over me, NO ONE has such authority but ME.

Have a look around, and Satanic Fundies do indeed exist.  Not to say that fundamental beliefs should be shunned and vilified, no, I’m referring to the Fundamentalists themselves that demand you conform to THEIR fundamental beliefs.

Fuck them too.

Sin Jones

Satanic Morality?

Satan-ic: Of or pertaining to Satan



Social Morality

Social Ethics

These terms cut like a knife as people impose their own internal morality and ethics on to others in Social Media.  Satanists are no different, really…They aren’t.  This term has become an umbrella label much like the term pagan.  How can you know what kind of Satanist you are dealing with until you talk with them?  Sure, you can assume but where does that really lead you?

Those with their assumptions then lead herds of sheep from platform to platform like the preacher man at the pulpit.  Are you sitting the pews subservient to this ‘leader’ or are you watching with a skeptics eye to see what they are really after?

These herds of sheep are like the mob, pointing fingers and blowing whistles while the rest of us just call bullshit.  I call bullshit on ‘Satanic Morality’. 

Those under ‘attack’ must then, step up to defend themselves.

I believe that all men are redeemed by their actions.  Words are symbolic and one must extrapolate their meaning.  Internalizing these issues, may be cause for much confusion and frustration.

I don’t expect others to conform to my own morality and ethics; I will however impose them as much as I am imposed upon by others.

1.  If you feel I’m a supporter of ‘Sex Offenders’ and ‘Despicable People’, this is your own internal morality and ethics which then forces your hand to take an action.  In example, you may speak out against it.  This is your personal right and freedom to do so.  It is also mine to counter it, and defend my own actions taken.

2.  If you feel the need to fabricate content to affect the outside perception of my person and my key aims; equally I have a right and freedom to defend against such actions taken.

3.  If you state false information as fact, then the burden of proof is on you to prove these claims made.

4.  Each person is an individual, unique and has a story.  I don’t believe in the story.  I believe in the individual and the ideal that people can rise up from mediocrity, learn from their errs and press on.

In summary, keep your ‘Satanic Morality’, ‘Satanic Laws’, and ‘Satanic Social Ethics’.  I have my own.  In the context of an organization, which is organizing a group effort to substantiate something ‘real’ out of the imagined, we have our own standards, code of conduct and will uphold it by tooth and by claw.  Otherwise, why participate at all?  No one is holding a gun to your head.

Don’t tell me who my enemies are.  I know better.

Don’t tell me what my goals are.  I have expressed them through my own content.

Don’t tell me who or what I should affiliate with. That is MY choice and I will make it on my own behalf.

If you are a critical thinking individual, you will make up your own mind and take actions on your own behalf.  I will do the same.  Any ‘tactic’ will be countered with counter-tactics.  In addition, I am proactive and productive in my own personal causes.