Safety in numbers

Gather around my dear readers, and listen close.  There are nutters all around you, they are reading your blogs, and stalking your content.  If they find that you have a trend in your posting habits, explore controversial subject matter, or have a penchant for kink…Well.  You might just end up on the neighborhood watch list for the Internet.  YOU might be regarded as a dangerous person!  The idiots gather in numbers to talk about your content, for the safety and protection of the ‘Occult Community’…Whatever the hell that is.

It doesn’t seem to matter much to these weirdoes that they behave much like the focus-groups they claim they detest.  Say you are a Goth, and you have a strong gravitation towards dark photography, death, and the morbidly beautiful.  Well, you are some ‘Crazy Goth Bitch’, and people should beware!  You take a closer look at the group that huddles together for “safety and protection”, and sure enough the majority are Goths.  So it begs to question, what the hell is really going on?

Maybe the insane find safety in numbers.  Mob Mentality run amok!  They are policing your Social Media pages, researching your background using programs like Spokeo and are looking for skeletons in your closet.  If they can’t find any legit scandal, then they will just make it up.  They have to paint you out to be some bad guy, so they can rock those stinkin’ good guy badges.  

The Satanist’s Greatest Weapon is Nonconformity.  Those not familiar with Modern Satanism might get lost here… I’ll do my best to clarify without sounding like an absolute hypocrite.  Modern Satanists of this world may have discovered the works of Anton Szandor LaVey at some point in their lives, and through the pages of LaVey’s own treatise find themselves agreeing with much.  This is where that old ‘Born Not Made’ axiom comes into play.  It’s not that Satanists decide to conform to LaVey’s ideas, but find they hold similar mindsets, and decide that YES, ‘Satanist’ is appropriate for such a creature born to this world.

Devil’s Notebook page 63, LaVey writes:

A Satanist should not allow himself to be programmed by others.  He should fight tooth and nail against it, for that is the greatest enemy to his freedom of spirit.  It is the very denial of life itself; which was given to him for a wonderous, unique experience – nor for imitation of the colorless existence of others.  

In my opinion, where many Satanists fail, is in the area of coming into their own Satanism.  Instead, they attempt to imitate LaVey, or emulate LaVey’s characterization.  Rather than letting the words affirm personal thoughts and ideals held, they choose to become LaVey.  A poor emanation, bringing them further and further away from the godhead.  

It doesn’t mean they won’t be conformists, and sheep.  In some cases, they are the worst herd animal of them all.  

Some Satanists make their own world, and live in accordance to their own desires and by their own terms.  We are the Villains and most assuredly EVIL.

Devil’s Notebook page 17, On the Importance of Being Evil:

If evil were by chance eradicated, the race would die of inertia…at least under existing standards of mental and emotional development.  That the villain is the most formidable enemy of boredom was proven in a rather quaint manner by a short-lived tabloid called Good News.   Feeling that the populace was weary of the standard journalistic fare of murder, rape, war, riot, scandal and catastrophe, Good News printed just that – good news.  It valiantly lasted two or three issues before its not untimely demise.  Why did it die?  Good news is only really good to those directly involved.  Most people lead such futile and useless lives that only bad news makes them feel better. 

Indeed.  Thus, those that gathers for safety in numbers, wearing their Good Guy Badges loud and proud, lead miserable and useless lives.  These whistle blowers, spin-doctors, conspiracy junkies, and psychic vampires are writing your name on their list, and even writing your story in a new tabloid for the herd of ‘community’.

In other words, they are absolutely terrified of the Threat of Peace.  Any semblance of internal comfort requires an effort to stir things up to be once again in inner turmoil.  These weirdoes survive on drama, gossip, and the miseries of other men.  Misery does after all love company.  And if there is none to be found, they will simply create it. 

Devil’s Notebook, The Threat of Peace, page 51

The pleasure/pain factor is the entire basis of sado-masochistic activity.  What invariably begins as an unpleasant experience evolves into eagerly-anticipated gratification.  Here we have the basis for eustress phenomena.  If a child receives little attention except through punishment, that child begins to court punishment.  If punishment is received at the hands of someone who is stimulating, the attention is well worth it.  

Thus, if your name ends up on this ‘list’ by the neighborhood watch dog, you must be renowned for giving him an ample dose of the punishment he seeks.  You are so stimulating to him he simply cannot get enough (like a drug).  If you are an adept in the S&M axioms, then you know that the Masochist controls the Sadist.  It would behoove you not to feed these psychic vampires, and allow them to starve off and die.  They have nothing to offer you, but they want everything from you.  Without you, they are nothing.

Some vamps deserve a good hunting; it keeps them on their toes, and doesn’t allow them to operate without pause.  They are constantly looking over their shoulder for the hunter in shadow.  Their paranoia often makes them slip up, and defeat themselves.  The hunter merely scoops up the ashes for their collecting jars.  The most prolific Witches of this world keep many souls in jars.  They sit upon the shelf in their apothecaries, and may find a use in their potions, hexes and curses.  Or, they may sit and collect dust, merely a reminder of such detestable creatures that live among us.  They have always existed. 

Indeed, the nonconformists are the most dangerous of villains and even more skilled hunters of the Witches bane.  Where conformity exists, there will always be Villains to disrupt it.  Where a herd gathers for a ‘cause’, there is always some underlying agenda.  

Why do people care so much about what you read, how you live, and what affect you are having on ‘their’ community?  They want to control the herd, and lead them to a slaughter of their own design.  They do not want the Villains of this world to liberate them from such a mediocre existence.  They need your complacency, so they can control your thoughts with their influence.  They have nothing to offer you, and they are nothing without you.  

Occultists terrify them, and rightfully so.  We bring chaos where there is order. We disperse the herd, and raise up the lone wolves…These hideously fanged creatures that will tear their safety and comfort asunder.

Where there is safety in numbers, there is shooting fish in a barrel.  

Sin Jones

The Poison Apple