It’s Raining in Utopia!

It’s funny what ‘Satanists’ qualify as their Satan-ism these days.  I can’t tell you how many of these sheep in wolve’s clothing I’ve come across.  On one hand they parrot off some Might as Right rhetoric and on the other they  complain about their lack of it because they feel entitled.    Entitled to a job because they lack the ambition to go into business for themselves.    Entitled to free money because they lack job skills.    The thing about having Might is, we that have it do a fair bit more than just survive.  We flourish.   Are there ups and downs?  You bet your ass there are but a down-slide isn’t exactly letting the bottom drop out.    Even if your personal circumstances change, you execute a plan and learn to live within your means.     When that is no longer satisfactory, your wants and needs drive your ambitions.   The life you save may be your own.

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Some of these people are just barely surviving and they aren’t exactly the fittest of the bunch.  They demand the government (the very thing they claim to revel against) support them with social benefits.  They demand some entrepreneur just give them a job, or else waive their entitlement attitude around.    Adding insult to injury, they want to tell these successful people how to run their business and where to stand on social issues.    It’s no wonder these people can only get by by sucking the government teet.  Who else is going to enforce these companies to comply?  Certainly not some poser with no real power of his own.  Some of these people even claim to be Deists without a full grasp of the natural pecking order.  They usually get off their ass when the situation gets desperate:  Reactive vs. Proactive.  


“If you believe Might is Right, it follows that whoever cannot hold their ground does not deserve to keep it.” – James D. Sasswelfare-1

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, you do what you gotta do to make it.  The amoral don’t even bat an eyelash.    I’m certainly not taking any moral high-ground if you choose to scam the system and reap your ‘due rewards’ but don’t go pissing and moaning about it later when you figure out how the system actually works.  It’s the logic at work that gives me pause.     Time catches us all, so as age sets in and you realize you have nothing to show for all your indulgences – may you perish!    I don’t expect you to go quietly with dignity, I know full well you’ll make a lot of noise and hang on longer than you should.


Money isn’t everything.  Believe me when I say, I know that there’s other ways to go about personal prosperity.    It’s the hypocrisy of claiming one way while actually practicing another that so many of these flag-waivers don like a crown of thorns. Who do they think they’re really fooling?   It reminds me of the analogies provided by the Greek historian Plutarch to understand the benefit of passion balanced with reason.    For instance when speaking on matters of love, instead of likening it to the commonly used red-Rose, he uses the Asparagus (acutifolius) which is covered in many thorns but produces the sweetest of fruits.  It is for this reason that it was chosen for bridal wreaths.    Patience and consideration are virtues that temper Love.    A personal failure can certainly sting like the prick of a thorn but considering the fruits of patience can certainly be far more rewarding than allowing the pain to defeat you.9-p70try2-medium-1

The most relevant of  Plutarch’s advice is the Hupo Pyros (union forged by Fire), the indissoluble flame of Eros balanced with the Tou Phronountos (man of sense), an ability to reason rationally even if inflamed with passion.  [ Spoon-feeding isn’t exactly my aim here, a few resource links may be useful to see what I’m looking at more clearly, or else fall subject to Nero’s Lens].




I guess it’s just easier to sit on your hands and complain.  Hey, the government is paying for your Internet Service too, I’m sure – may as well make the most of it.  Indulge!


 “If the polling results of the pilot hold true across the nation, then it’s clear that the very wealthy hold different political views from the general public. It also seems clear that the one-tenth-of-the 1% has greater political power than ordinary citizens and that they are backing policies that only some of us support.  That “raises a serious challenge to a core democratic value, i.e., the idea that government policy-making should be attentive to the interests of all citizens.” –  Source



“Democracy is the path to Socialism” – Karl Marx

I find some of Lenin’s work insightful and amusing.  The “Useful Idiots” premise (erroneously attributed to Lenin) has been in use for centuries to describe the sort of person that propagates a cause but isn’t fully aware of the goal.  The Occupy Movement would be a modern example of proper application of this political jargon.    Friedrick Hayek in his classic work “The Road to Serfdom” spoke of this very thing some 50 years ago when he said:

“that democratic socialism, the great utopia of the last few generations, is not only un-achievable, but that to strive for it produces something so utterly different that few of those who may now wish it would be prepared to accept the consequences, many will not believe until the connection has been laid bare in all its aspects”.    

The consequences of the welfare state where the poor are rewarded for their inability to participate in the economy as nothing more than consumers, to the point where the economy itself suffers and there’s a trickle-down effect which affects the people that produce.  This is particularly obvious in many European countries where no safety-net was in place to limit social programs and plummet down to the bottom was paved with ‘good intentions’, what happens when the bottom drops out?  A domino effect in the World Economy.    Even if Hayek had some rather liberal views and spat on Liberty, he knew a thing or two about economics.  The U.S. is hanging in a hand-basket, and the government continues to grow and usurp power over citizens because of the rampant slave morality used to justify inaction.  Americans have become complacent, lazy and entitled.    If it becomes yet another Welfare State, here’s what we have to look forward to:


1.  Government seizures of lawful private property through excessive taxation.

2.  Collective Judgement of Government vs. Judgement of the Individual.

3.  Reduced privatization in favor of Government Run institutions.

4.  Excessive Government Control which breeds a culture of corruption.


Now, some Satanists may revel in this notion – “Let it all burn!” they may proclaim, but take a good hard look at the continent of Africa and it’s culture of corruption, see how that pans out.  It’s rather easy for Americans to peek at other cultures safely from the protected freedoms of comfort; not so easy when it’s busting through your front door and throwing your ass out on the front lawn with a grand finale bullet to the head.    Our nature is paradoxical  in that we each do a fair bit of corrupting of our own in spite of claiming to have an objective self-interest in self-preservation.   Man is easy to subject to coercion and control.  Even if he is widely aware of the sort of moral realism he’s been conditioned to believe in, all fabricated in the moral imagination, he believes he’s got it all under control.  It accounts for the gaggles of ‘Satanists’ that speak out of both sides of their mouths and really think they’ve got the superior logic.  Can’t hardly blame the rest of us for using them as shooting practice.  Kill Derps. 

I run into this sort of thing all the time when kicking the can around with other ‘Satanists’ online.  I’m truly amazed at the justifications they offer for living just like everyone else but with a special little badge they pin to their chest, like some Harry Potter magic, it transforms them into the Ubermensch.  Meanwhile no one can see this little power pin, while they’re eating the government cheese, living in public housing, remain penniless and powerless to do what they actually want to do.  It’s raining opportunity in Utopia, just have to click your heels together three times to get there!  So long as they remain adversarial, provocative and Sinister they’re Satanists.  /sarcasm


Sin Jones

Canis through the peep-hole

The Canis Lupus  had been domesticated thousands of years ago, precisely how these animals were broken-in remains a mystery.   Archaeological and genetic evidence traces the practice of domestication back some 33,000 years.  The most popular theories are:  [1]Orphaned Wolf-cubs  and [2]Comfort Enticement (Food/Shelter ).    Experiments have been conducted to test these theories with other animals to determine the animal’s relationship with humans after a few generations [see: Belyaev Experiments].    Domesticated foxes lose luster in their coats after a few generations but gain an empathic relationship with their human care-givers.    While this information may be disappointing to furriers, promising to the theory of domestication.

Caninus in Latin, means “of the dog,” the term had been applied to several species of animals with specific attributes, specifically the teeth and the way it would hunt and kill prey.  Canidae encapsulates many animals that would not be considered true dogs (such as prairie dogs, and foxes).  What makes a true dog, is the domestication, i.e. you wouldn’t have a fox or a prairie dog in your household .    Today’s domestic dogs still carry behavioral traits of their ancestors.    Even if a dog has been taken from a breeding kennel to a home, its instinct is to operate as a pack animal.  Human companions become a surrogate pack.   If given opportunity, the animal would seek out ‘familiars’ in the wild.    It’s among the reasons the modern dog is classified as Canis lupus familiaris; a direct ancestor of the domesticated Grey Wolf.     As recently as 1993, the Smithsonian reclassified the subspecies and all previous references to C. Domesticus were rendered archaic.

A few years ago I became fascinated with Feral Children.  There have been several cases in which a feral child had been taken into the pack by domesticated dogs.  The dogs recognized a small defenseless child as a familiar, not prey to otherwise starving animals.  Unlike so many other species of animals, the pack animal senses something familiar.

In the 21st century, the case of Andrei Tolstyk gained much attention.  The child was thought to have been abandoned at 3 months old, having been born with hearing and speech problems (though no details have been released as to how this was determined early on), and had been cared for by the family dog.   The child wasn’t discovered until age seven  by Social Workers.  It’s  mind boggling to many to imagine how a single dog took on the responsibility of surrogate parent to a human child for so long, with not much to work with but a shelter.    Every basic need would have to be managed by the dog until the child was physically developed to move about on his own.    Like other Feral Children that miss the markers for language (thought to be between the age of 0-4 years old), his brain will not likely develop this ability and he will have to rely on his innate animal instincts to survive.  He will bond with a pack, he will use his body language, and integrate as best he can with what he’s got to work with.  Just as modern dogs can be taught to communicate, have their behaviors conditioned and perform for their care-givers so too can domesticated Feral Humans.


090515 14 Siena cathedral Romulus and Remus mosaic

The founding of Rome was based in a Feral mythos.  The twins Romulus and Remus had been abandoned as children and a female wolf took them in and they survived by suckling her milk.    Along came a wandering shepherd to discover the great She-wolf Lupa and the children were raised to men on Palatine Hill.  The birth of the Roman Empire hangs from the teet of a wolf.  SPQR [Senatus Populus Que Republicus]!     Long Live the  mytho-memetic historica!  


Augury   from the start of the Roman Empire and was used to determine matters of State.  As such, naturally this would grandfather in the role of the Auger within the Roman class system ( collegium ).    Romulus and Remus would look to the birds to settle the dispute over which hill to build upon.  When each confirmed their own desire, it would then become a battle to the death.   Rome is named after the Alpha dog (Romulus) and serves to reason why the plebs live on the Aventine and gaze at the Palatine through the key-hole.   


You don’t get a foothold on the Palatine by wagging your tail for the Master; this is the domestication of the Canis Lupus.  You go for the throat.  Alphas lead the dog and take control of the Hill.    This is how you build an empire and why the Alphas keep birds in cages.

Sin Jones