Into the Fire – Issue 3: Myths

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Issue#2 now available for Free Download

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Issue #2 available for downloading.  Any/all Feedback will be used to improve upon future issues.

A special thanks to all contributors:  T.C. Downey, Krist Hollow, Dan Dread, Canis Machina, Azazel, Timishardcore, Female Satan, Sin Jones, Concomitant Dissidence Nexion, Entropic Momentum; as well as our readers, promoters and supporters.

Deadline for Issue#3:  March 18th

Topic:  Myths

The use of myths both Ancient and Modern to flesh out Left-hand path ideation.

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9@9 Episode: Conspiracy Chat

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Whodunit? Theories! Suspects! Agenda!

Since the formation of Circle of Descentmany have been accused, none have been PROVEN.   We had a fantastic show!

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Axe to grind?

We all have an axe to grind.  Some of us choose to sharpen it to a razor’s edge and swing it with brute force.   I choose to air my grievances, and seek resolve.  The idea that we should remain silent is used by those that don’t want you to speak up, and out against the mediocrity in this society passed off as ‘progress’.  

Whether Socio-political or personal, some would have this freedom bound and gagged, and for what?  I’ll tell ya what.  So that those with the ties that bind can have the louder voice, they seek only to have their voice heard while yours is muffled into silence.  This is just another system of control that should be stomped out with the heel of my boot.

We all have opinions, and often times voicing those opinions can affect society as a whole.  If you think there is something truly wrong with American culture, what are you doing to change it?  Some work silently and slyly, while others work loudly, and then there’s the strategy of using both methods to one’s advantage.  The Sly man knows all too well that when the masses are distracted by a boom mic, plans can be orchestrated.  

Mainstream media uses this as a tactic all the time.  While the populace is distracted with the ‘Top news’, other reports slide through the airwaves undetected.  This is why many Americans find themselves astounded to have bills passed quietly in the night without a lot of press.  They can be discovered later, and outcry ensues.  Never mind that all bills on the floor can be monitored by subscribing to the U.S. Senate main website.   It’s a big responsibility, being a citizen of the United States.  One that I might add, is often taken for granted.  Sheeple get updates on the issues by following the ‘news coverage’, hell it hasn’t been ‘news’ since before World War II.  The media has changed dramatically in the last several decades.  How?  When people are both distracted and complacent.

There is a small populace of media evangelists that would have you pay attention to THEM than do any real research.  How can you know what is truly going on if you buy it from the rhetorical pieces of news hounds?  Sure, you can check and see what is being reported in the ‘news’ but it doesn’t mean you have to accept it at face value.  What stops people from doing their own research?  Checking the reporters sources and reveling against disinformation?

People like Alex Jones report on Info Wars.  Like anything else, he has his own spin to the issues.  Some regard him as a credible source, while others refer to him as a conspiracy junky and spin doctor.  None the less, he has an audience for if he didn’t he’d have no reason to go on doing what he loves.  There’s no question he’s a passionate man, but I’ve found my fair share of ‘Disinfo’ passed off as ‘the Facts’.  So, where do Americans turn?  What do they do?  If you don’t know, you should get in the know.

The Republic that stands, is supported by representatives seemingly chosen by the people to represent them.  Seemingly.  How do they even become candidates in the first place?  How does one ‘break into politics’??  I think the answer is simple.  It doesn’t matter much that you have the credentials to do the job at hand, you have to be backed by a substantial campaign budget.  Essentially, potential politicians are effective marketeers.  This is the main reason why many seek a College education in business, economics, political science and philosophy.  It’s a leg up.  Not to say that one could not elevate themselves as an equal being self-educated, its certainly possible.  A self-educated candidate would also be identified with by a Social Class.   Win over your potential constituents, and you are in the game.  

If you grind your axe and hone it to a fine point, you can assuredly become a pointy reckoning that the American people never even saw coming.  I’ve heard it time and time again:  ”We’ll never have a Satanist in office.” I call Bullshit.  It’s possible.  The problem is, a lack of testicular fortitude to step up and pioneer it into our society heavily dominated by Judeo-Christian world views.  So, in my own mind its an admission of defeat before one ever stands up to take action.  It’s too hard?  Well you know what?  Life is hard.  If you want something done right, you often have to step up and do it your damn self.  

I’m still looking for extraordinary people to work political issues.  All I tend to find is a bunch of loud mouths with opinions.  We all have opinions.  You have ideas?  Solutions to our growing economic crisis?  Well let’s hear them.  What stops us from creating a think tank of our own?  Where oh where are the credible critical thinking people?  Are they lost?  Asleep?  Sheep?

I know, I know…This all sounds like another man’s problems.  People aren’t disciplined enough to stick to a commitment of that magnitude.  I keep pressing on.  Still looking for writers for my magazine.  I don’t care what you believe in, I’m more interested in what you DO with those beliefs.  The Magazine represents a beginning to such a think tank.  Not just for political issues, but any CHANGE one would like to see made manifest.  I have a few dedicated writers, but after the first 2 issues people drop the ball, forget deadlines, they are ‘busy’ with their lives.  So, am I.  And yet, I stand by my convictions and fulfill my obligations.

How about you?

If you are interested, you know where to find me.

Sin Jones

The Poison Apple