“Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied

in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is.”

—C.G. Jung



P.B. Shelly’s Ode to Liberty:


 “Come thou, but lead out of the inmost cave of man’s deep spirit, as the morning star (Lucifer) beckons the sun from Eoan wave, Wisdom.


I hear the pennons of her car, self-moving like cloud charioted by flame; Come she not, come ye not, Rulers of eternal thought,


To judge with solemn truth, life ill-apportioned lot, Blind Love and equal justice, and the fame of what has been, the Hope of what will be? O Liberty! if such could by thy name.”



Catullus (V62):


“See ye, maidens, the youths? Rise up to meet them.

For sure the night-star (Noctifer) shows his Oetaean fires.

So it is indeed; see you how nimbly they have sprung up?

it is not for nothing that they have sprung up: they will sing something which it is worth while to look at.

Hymen, O Hymenaeus, Hymen, hither, O Hymenaeus!”




Ovid (Metamophoses XI):


“At laft a falling billow flops his Breath,

Breaks oe’r his Head and whelms him underneath.

Bright Lucifer, unlike himself appears,

That Night (Noctifer) his heavenly Form obscur’d with Tears,

He was forbid to leave the skies,

He muffled with a Cloud his mournful eyes.”




Vergil (Ecologues & Georgics):


“DAMON “Rise, Lucifer, and, heralding the light,

bring in the genial day, while I make moan

fooled by vain passion for a faithless bride,

for Nysa, and with this my dying breath

call on the gods, though little it bestead–

the gods who heard her vows and heeded not.

‘Begin, my flute, with me Maenalian lays.”



The dense Noctifers (Venus at Sunset) seek the dawn (Venus at Sunrise), otherwise their contentment would seek no disruption, no need to emerge from their dimly lit caves of shadow. No cause to seek Liberation and truth under Light.


Sin Jones