Satan: The Father of Lies!


Tools of the Bullshit Artist

1.  Spit game in the ear of your friends and family

2.  Gain their support for your bullshit cause

3.  Confound and confuse your viewing audience

4.  Utilize Social Media to spread your message

5.  Just when people figure out what you are up to, change directions

6.  Cover your tracks by deleting  your social media accounts to create new ones, thereby erasing your content

7.  Join forces with others with similar bullshit campaigns

8.  Advertise yourself as a public figure with special rights and privledge

9.  Drop hints, clues, and make implications without actually admitting to anything

10.  Spread gossip, plant seeds and hooks to ensure the masses believe your story: Strength in numbers

These are merely just some of the tools in use by the bullshit artist to fool you.  If you are fooled, you have to ask yourself how you are so easily duped by bullshit?  What is it in you that accepts the word of others as truth and at face value?  How did they so easily gain your trust, respect and admiration?

Natural skeptics are skeptical of all things, to include their own thoughts and feelings.  Even then, there is no guarantee that a skeptic will not be fooled.  This brings me to hope.  Some live on hope and are overly optimistic about the intentions of others.  Later, they may become resentful and bitter when a person they had hoped was telling them the truth: Lied.  

Everyone lies.  It is the intentionality behind the lies that should be viewed under the magnifying glass.  

Some people are too honest.  Frank and honest intentions are vilified and the social mores and ethics of others are then imposed upon them.  To be too frank is to be impolite, and people demand that you be polite. Otherwise, this behavior is considered to be abhorrent to civility.  To be uncivilized is to be likened to the Barbarian class hunted during Romanization.  

Well, Barbarians are indeed at the gate.  I am proud to be one of them.

I will not civilize myself because it hurts your precious feelings when I’m frank and honest.  Your feelings belong to you, and are not my responsibility to care for.  I don’t get to decide if and when you will become offended by my honesty.  I will also not carry your burdens, and emotional baggage.  That is YOUR responsibility, and you will be held in contempt if you suggest that it is MINE.

I don’t need to be a Bullshit artist, because there is enough responsibility to live truly and on my own terms.  I don’t need a support group, I am quite content on my own.  I’d have it no other way.

So keep your bullshit, because it stinks.

Sin Jones