Satanism, Black Magic, Voodoo: Leo Martello, 1972

martello 1972Excerpt from Satanism, Black Magic, Voodoo: Leo Martello, 1972; Interview with Anton LaVey.

Leo Martello:

Most devil-worshippers and so-called Satanists are really reverse or perverse Judaeo-Christians.  Does this apply to you?  If not, why not?

Anton LaVey:

What’s wrong if most Satanists are perverse Christians?  After all, it was Christianity that perverted pagan beliefs.  Every time a Christian engages in religious observances, he is performing a Black Mass in the truest sense, i.e. he is participating in a rite which is, down to its very implements, a mockery, a parody of once-established sacred ceremonies.  In this regard the Satanist’s blasphemies are no worse than the Christians’.

Perversion, like good and evil, is relative.  To a tribesman who goes about in a loincloth, a tuxedo would be a perversity.  There are many Satanists who have no quarrel with Christianity, recognizing it as merely an obsolete but once-necessary means to control masses of people who, without the kind of fear engendered by such a religion, would be harder to control.  This is an aspect of Satanism I could discuss for hours, had I the time.

I suppose I’m as much a pervert as the next Satanist when it comes to taking delight in violating sacred cows whose only right to existence reposes in their popularity.  If Satanism were a fad and everyone flocked to it, I have no doubt that I would soon question the sincerity of many who would appear on the scene as “long-time Satanists”.  Most people are perfectly willing to be “perverse” when it is fashionable, as is proven by today’s social climate.  At least the perverse Satanist has directed his perversity towards an ideal target!  Ideally one takes up Satanism out of logic rather than desperation; hence there is little chance that a person who has failed miserably in all his undertakings will suddenly find success after making his “pact” with the Devil. 

Logic is often divided into three parts: inductive reasoning, abductive reasoning, and deductive reasoning. [Wiki]

In my opinion, If one has arrived at a Satanic logical deduction , then reactive Satanism would fall under desperation.  The very idea of a reverse or perverse Christian is an attempt to rationalize Blasphemers, who at their very core are still very much believers that have become desperate when their expectations haven’t been met.  Trading teams  is just a way to stick it to the man that didn’t deliver.

Pacts with the Devil are just a form of self-applied delusion. Not in a belief in the Supernatural but rather that making promises and signing contracts is an actual Oath of dedication.  Let’s face it, if you want something bad enough you sure as shit don’t need to jot it down and seal it in blood.  Your blood, sweat and tears are already paid in actual efforts.  That’s what separates the ordinary from extraordinary.

Identifying this force (Power) as Satanic isn’t necessary, you recognize it without giving it the Devil’s name.  The would-be Devil’s Disciples can keep reading, parroting and try to convince their artificial companions that they’ve got it handled; I know better.   How many books and/or forum posts do you think it takes to figure this shit out?  If you haven’t got it yet, you never will.

Sin jones

A right to moral self-defense

[Book: Black Magic, Satanism, Voodoo,1973

Author: Dr. Leo L. Martello

Page 44: A Witches Right To Moral Self-defense

Black & White Magic Defined]

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Give it a read, I highly recommend it.

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[Excerpts taken from pages 42-45.  To read the rest, I suggest you obtain the book, it is Copyrighted material]

The Moral Character of Witchcraft” is the heading of the paragraph.  ”Related to the above dimension is the witche’s view of the nature of and the intentions behind the  magical forces involved.   This has led to a common distinction made by occultists between so-called black and white magic.  In part the view on this issue depends upon the witch’s relation to Christianity.  For a pure Satanist, the magic he practices is black in that its power supposedly derives from forces of evil and darkness (though he may regard Christian miracles like transubstantiation to be instances of white magic).  But for the witch who has no belief in the Christian witches began to speak of themselves as white laws in nature.  Because of the common stereotype of the witch as Satanist, however, many non-Christian witches began to speak of themselves as white witches and began referring to magic they did as white or beneficial.  But this reference to white and black magic was meant to refr to the intentions of the magician in its invocation, not the character of the magic itself.”

Prof. Truzzi further explains that magic per se is neither black nor white, “just as a knife is neither good nor evil.  In a similar manner, many Satanists (who have noted are usually not pure Christian Satanists but might be better labeled Palladists) also deny any distinction between white and black magic, though not because they shun the label of being black (i.e., evil) magicians; rather, it is because they see all magic as equally black in that all magic (they claim) is used by persons for personal, selfish goals, no matter what the stated intention might be.”

I find myself in a profound philosophical opposition to the idea that “white Witchcraft” is based on a form of Christian altruism; that anything being used for “self” is automatically “black”, or that it must justify itself by pretensions being a Salvation Army of Good Samaritans!  And I totally reject the idea that anyone who disagrees with the professed “white” witches must be “black,” i.e., evil.  In Martin Ebon’s Witchcraft Today he writes:  ”An added problem in terminology is the current transition in the use of the word ‘black.’  In a society where the slogan that ‘Black is Beautiful’ is challenging the implication that everything dark has negative connotations, while everything light has positive meaning, using ‘white’ or ‘black’ as labels in witchcraft must also be reevaluated.  Dr. Leo Louis Martello, speaking for the Witches International Craft Association (WICA), has stated in that society’s Newsletter that value judgements, involved in the distinction between ‘black’ and ‘white’ are ‘a form of unconscious racism.  He added that there ‘are white witches who are no good and black witches who are good.’ “

Prof. Truzzi’s last paper explains that most people think of witches in terms of “Christian stereotypes” i.e., it being a form of Satanism.  He points out, correctly, that most modern witches consider their beliefs to “represent a pre-Christian,  pagan, fertility religion.” and in no way consider it to be a heretical sec of Christianity, that “these witches are concerned about their public confusion with Satanists.”  He writes: “In fact, an organization called WICA has recently been formed in New York City as a kind of witches’ liberation movement to fight the negative public image of witchcraft and what they consider to be slanders about their religion spread by Christianity.”

The March 1, 1971 (No. 19) issue of The Wiccan mentioned the Wica Newsletter (For the American scene) and wrote:  ”Run by Dr. Leo L. Martello who thinks ‘No true witch worth her salt would permit evil done to her without fighting back.  Self-defense is a moral right.’  We think such situation can be amply dealt with by the Lords of Karma and that the only possible and permissable action under such circumstances is to seal the source against any further transmission; subsequent evil attempts then fall promptly back upon the evil one with poetic justice.  Otherwise the battle can continue to rage down through the centuries through life after after life.  But certainly one should expect Justice from the gods, and be prepared to accept what comes!  It could be that the receipient in this incarnation could have started the ball rolling with some evil act in the very long ago.  Only with this policy can the wheel of Karma be broken and the chain of unfortunate events brought to a final end!  Where ‘revenge’ might be appropriate, the gods will more than amply adjust the balance!  Those who are as yet insufficiently evolved to accept the Witches’ Code – ‘Harm None’, and do as ye will’ must be prepared to accept consequences of trying to impersonate the gods and deprive them of their function!  The modus operendi we recommend is entirely in tune with White Witchcraft.  We invite Dr. Martello, who will receive this issue, to think again, as should perhaps some others.”

There was no need to rethink my position. I’ve spent years doing nothing but thinking about these philosophical issues.  Here’s my reply to The Wiccan:  April 16, 1971

Dear Editor:

In response to  your comments in No. 19 The Wiccan I repeat what I said: ‘Self-defense’ is a MORAL RIGHT.’  And as to the ‘Lords of Karma’ intervening I offer the old saying ‘God helps those who help themselves.’  The Karma of a person, or a witch, who permits a wrong without taking any action agianst it is as guilty as the wrongdoer and has permitted the ‘sanction of the victim.’  Karma cannot be used as a moral cop-out.  And yes, ‘the battle can continue to rage down through the centuries through life after life’ if a person doesn’t nip evil in the bud, stand up to it and if necessary fight back.

You confuse the term ‘moral self-defense’ with ‘revenge’.  They are two entirely different concepts.  And if you truly believe in the witches’ code of ‘Harm None, do as ye will’ then how can you exclude moral self-defense? And why does this seem to apply to everyone else but not to the individual?  Are you saying that everyone else has the right to harm you but that you have no right to do anything about it?  That your own recourse is Karma or leaving it in the hands of the God and Goddess?  Isn’t this an attempt to evade moral responsibility for your own life?  And isn’t it your life as worthy as anyone else’s?”

-end excerpts-

Old books would be discarded as archaic notions of another time.  I find this excerpt still relevant today.  Not just between pagans and Satanists, but Satanists and Satanists as well.  The conflicts rage on today, as Fundamental Satanists presume to impose their morals and ethics onto others.  If you do not conform?  Well, there’s always the Tools of the Bullshit Artist.  They will run amok attempting to gain favor against you, have you booted off the Satanic Island (whatever the hell that is), and out of the ‘Occult community’ as they refer to it.  There is no community, I see no evidence of it, only individuals which gather on Social Networking platforms.  That alone does not a community make.  I revel against such notions that there is any ‘community’ on the Internet.  In fact, I see camps of personality, and mobs of fuckheads that believe they have the authority to rule over your thoughts, and lifestyle.  Fuck them.  And Fuck you if you try to rule over me, NO ONE has such authority but ME.

Have a look around, and Satanic Fundies do indeed exist.  Not to say that fundamental beliefs should be shunned and vilified, no, I’m referring to the Fundamentalists themselves that demand you conform to THEIR fundamental beliefs.

Fuck them too.

Sin Jones