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Poison Apple Radio: Opinions vs. Facts

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Opinion: A)The professional judgement of an expert, B)The belief of judgement that there is not enough information to produce a certainty of knowledge C)Judgement or a person or thing with respect to character or merit D) a generally held view.  [Synonyms: belief, sentiment, judgement]

Fact:  A)Something that actually exists, reality, truth. B)A piece of information that can be verified, C) A proposition that can be either true or false contrasted with an evaluative statement (philosophy) [Synonyms:  Authenticity, Reality, Actuality, Evidence, Palpability]

Opinions vs. Facts!  Tune in tonight for a discussion about the differences, similarities and what it all  means when Opining the facts!

Saturday Night, 8pm Eastern!

Why I don’t participate in ‘Satanic Education’…

I’m constantly asked why I don’t contribute to some of the most frequented websites which seek to educate the masses on Satanic thought and practice.  Simple answer:  I have no desire to cater to the false posturing and control of administrators.  If I were to embark on such a project, I’d run it myself.  The conditions in which Satanism is discussed, usually includes a ‘Code of Conduct’, in other words, the admins seek to have you stifle your form of expression, and extend courtesies you would not normally, unless they are earned.  




I am not going to lower my personal standards, because you seek to have my speech stifled to be more ‘civil’, nor am I a sacrificial cow.  Consideration, courtesy and respect are only offered if I feel it’s necessary to my key aims.  You have to earn it, PERIOD.

In other words, just because I’m a Satanist, doesn’t mean I owe the masses jack shit.  The ‘public’ often believes it’s entitled to my thoughts and ideas, and as far as I’m concerned, they get what I’m willing to offer and not much else.

Satanic Education?  You must joking.  Excuse me while I laugh my fucking ass off.  I have no desire to educate.  Education implies a current of curriculum, and people rarely learn anything of worth or depth through the rigid parameters of a curriculum.  Then, there are ‘sources’ to be considered.  One might offer a resource that I consider complete bupkis, and this resource is not controlled by me, if it’s not my project.  I often revel against such shite passed off as ‘valuable’.  Let’s face it, there’s a metric ton of disinformation that just gets regurgitated as factual.   Even if, those ‘resources’ have been refuted.  It doesn’t matter much, once that content makes it into a hard book, it’s as if it should be treated as gospel.  A book does not make content valuable, it is the merit behind the words written.

‘Satanic’ at the very foundation is of or pertaining to Satan.  Beyond that, you can keep your shitty education passed off as progress and ‘acceptance’. I don’t require your acceptance.  I have no need to educate the masses that might be better suited to get off their asses and learn something like the rest of us.  I have no desire to spoon feed them ‘reality’.  I would prefer they be self-governing, achieve levels of being, and become more powerful.  The dead weight?  Let it perish as nature intended.  Otherwise, you are expecting me to be some sort of martyr, I assure you the shoe doesn’t fit.     If you are interested in learning about my Satanism, you will grow a set and ask me about it.  You got questions?  I got answers.  

Beyond that, you can keep your ridiculous ‘Satanic Education’ and ‘Alternative Religions Study’, because it’s full of disinfo, personal interpretation, and opinions. 

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all smell like shit.

“All we are, is just another brick in the wall.” – Pink Floyd

Sin Jones

The Poison Apple