Ritual Sacrifice with Nargargole

Tune in 2pm EST/8pm GMT for a candid discussion with one of the Devil’s Disciples otherwise known as Nargargole from Youtube,  We will be discussing Ritual Sacrifice to summon the Darkness and other relevant subjects as it pertains to acquiring more power and freedom.

The discussion continues… Male Circumcision.

Any topic about sexuality will usually produce a debate about Male Circumcision.  My podcast covering the documentary film Are All Men Pedophiles?, is no different.  It all started with a comment asserting that males that were circumcised at birth may develop into pedophiles.  Sounds absurd right?  Yet, there’s people out there in the world that believe this is true.  I often take surveys from men of all stature about the subject.   Forget the common misconceptions about foreskin, the less common is much worse! In spite of what we know about circumcision today, cultures that are new to the procedure get drawn into the folklore,  such as the case with Rwanda and the Invisible Condom myth.  It’s not as if it’s limited to Africa either.  I was speaking with a male friend of mine, he actually believed that unless you’re circumcised, you shoot blanks.   When I asked why he believed this and what data he was using to support his belief, he just rattled off that it was something that he’d heard.  Yikes.  When I responded with a snarky remark that he probably believed that Mountain Dew made you sterile, he agreed, it did!  Then he proceeds to inform me of the yellow #5 (tartrazine) causing everything from shrinking your testicles to affecting birth rates in the U.S.   *headdesk*  Even when you point out the obvious urban legend and the FDA seal of approval, it’s a conspiracy!   I’m well aware that several advocacy groups have called for banning food dyes such as Yellow#5, attributing it to food allergies and alleged underlying causes for ‘hyper-activity’ in small children.    Yet, I haven’t seen a scrap of hard-evidence that it’s magical sterilization ingredient purposely placed by the Federal Government for the purpose of population control.


Intact America offers a few of these ‘Myths’, even then there’s much to be analyzed for the evidence to lend to the facts.  To counter, circumcisioninformation.com refers to the anti-circumcision folks as being part of a Cult.

It’s no wonder people just parrot off the highly subjective ‘reasoning’ of advocates on either side.  People tend to side with what they believe to be true, no matter how much data you offer to the contrary.

 The American Academy of Pediatrics  issued this guideline ( Circumcision Policy Statement ):

Male circumcision is a common procedure, generally performed during the newborn period in the United States. In 2007, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) formed a multidisciplinary task force of AAP members and other stakeholders to evaluate the recent evidence on male circumcision and update the Academy’s 1999 recommendations in this area. Evaluation of current evidence indicates that the health benefits of newborn male circumcision outweigh the risks and that the procedure’s benefits justify access to this procedure for families who choose it. Specific benefits identified included prevention of urinary tract infections, penile cancer, and transmission of some sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has endorsed this statement.

This was the approach my OBGYN and Pediatrician took when addressing at the birthing center where I delivered my son.  In essence, my ex-husband left the decision up to me.  He preferred the circumcision based on all the a-typical reasoning.  He wanted his son to have a penis much like his own.  He personally considered the uncircumcised penis to be ‘ugly’ therefore abhorrent to sexual prowess.   When the pediatrician rattled off the above statement contrarily, I disagreed.  In an era of personal hygiene and advanced knowledge of male anatomy, I didn’t see the risks involved with leaving my infant all-natural.    Even one of the largest studies conducted in the U.S. wasn’t very convincing.

 Based on our findings, a complication can be expected in 1 out every 476 circumcisions. Six urinary tract infections can be prevented for every complication endured and almost 2 complications can be expected for every case of penile cancer prevented.


Why you ask?  It just seemed like a statistical certainty.  Besides, I’ve had a urinary tract infection more than once in my life-time and removing parts of my Vagina wasn’t offered as a preventative measure.    The infection is treated as if more severe in infants because of the side-effects and symptoms.  See:  Urinary Tract Infection in small children vs. Adults.   Still, you can root out the cause and treat it.  My son would learn to walk and play outside, that also carries a risk.  I hadn’t considered cutting off his legs to prevent it.

So why did I ultimately choose the procedure for my child?  Aesthetics.  Pure and simple.  This alone makes me a horrible mother, and a genital mutilator!  Oh my!  I’ve had these conversations with my son, he doesn’t regret my decision nor do I.  Still, other people feel quite passionately about the subject.  It’s as if their whole world has been forever changed as they mourn that little piece of skin.  Maybe THAT’s what causes sexual deviance.  Not the actual procedure but the mind-fucking people do to themselves.

What I find most fascinating about those types is that they are usually the first to criticize a Vagina in its natural state.  As if the character of a Vagina is a constant and cloned from the ultimate perfect specimen.    Just like the penis has a character, so too does the Vagina!  Imagine that?  Hypocrites.    I’m bi-sexual, I do it too.  Just like there’s ugly people among the population, there’s ugly vagina and penis.

But… But… Sin Jones, doesn’t that make you a hypocrite too?  YES, it does but mostly I’m a REALIST.  At least I’m honest about it.   I figured I’d give my son a fighting chance with the ladies.  Let’s face it, most women think the thing is the ugliest part of a man’s anatomy, even if she doesn’t spend a whole lot of time squatting over a mirror.    I’ve been with men that have never had a woman just stare at their member like it was the most beautiful thing she’d seen, it actually makes them uncomfortable like it’s a shameful abnormality that should be hidden under the cover of darkness.     I don’t pity those types, I revel in their excitement.   I’m a fan, all shapes, sizes, colors, circumcised or not.   I’ll admit though, I actually prefer the cut.    It may have even played a role in my decision for my child subconsciously, I can be honest about that too.

To even call it mutilation is bullshit if you ask me.   Altering it slightly isn’t the same thing as say, smashing it with a hammer or severing it from the body.   See the difference there?

If you’re one of these types still crying over your lost foreskin, tell me why?

Are you really traumatized or are you creating your own trauma?

Sin Jones

Lessons in discourse analysis

Discourse!  It’s everywhere right?  So how do you personally cope with the discourses that ensue when building it through language?

I’ve discussed the purpose of language in past blogs; language is symbolic and acts as a carrier for mediating understanding.  Understanding provides many things to include building a knowledge base.  Knowledge is a form of Gnosis, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll not end up corrupting yourself through it.  The task then, is to decide what language is building.

Language is saying, doing and being.

So start with some rudimentary questions:

What is the language saying?

What is the language doing?

What is the language being?

This may lead to other inquires such as:

1. What is its significance?

2. What is language practicing?

3. How do I identify the language?

4. What relationship do I have with language?

5. Is the language political?

6. What connections are being made?

7. What knowledge do I personally hold about the symbols?

Through this inquiry you begin building a foundation for your own understanding of language that builds discourse.

Each culture has its own conventions of language. Each language has a beginning, transitional period and a present tense.

In this particular discourse analysis, the primary question that seeks an answer is as follows:

How does a piece of language affect the way we hold knowledge, and the effects on our beliefs?

In creating discourse through language, we believe certain things to be truths.  These truths are more often than not, believed to be universal but from a subjective point of view.

There are many factors to consider here, such as social languages, intertextuality, and the conversation’s course as the dialogue with others progresses.

People build identifications through activities, not just language but you can’t know in all certainty what activities are running simultaneously while each person engages in the conversation.

Activities: Processing, thinking, feeling, and acting are just a few activities to consider.

I covered this a bit on my show Conformity & Polymorphism

Take for instance the word: CUT

How would a movie director understand the term cut?

A Barber?

A surgeon?

Obviously the context is relevant, and language in context carries a specific understanding.

An example of social language:  “Cut the shit!”

If you are unfamiliar with the phrase, then a literal interpretation may be understood, as if cutting crap is an activity that one engages in.  Perhaps if you were medical professional or vet, you just might but your average every day person isn’t in the habit of dissecting feces.  There is a sort of conformed understanding of what that phrase means, and it may very well be the conduit for laying down the foundation for discourse.

Other language could certainly be used for a similar sentiment but that’s reliant on the person’s being.  Not just how they are being (action) but the essence of what they are.

Another question which may arise through this analysis is, Are we our ideas?

If your particular being chooses the phrase ‘Cut the Shit!’ vs. ‘Please Stop’, does this mean that the person IS their ideas?  Perhaps it’s more appropriate to look at it this way:

Please stop = a polite person

Cut the shit! = a rude person

This sort of dual perception is rather common, especially in having conversations.  This has more to do with social ethics and responsibility, than it does individuality.  It’s as if there is a set expectation on every conversation you will ever have in your lifetime.

Another element to consider is the environment in which the conversations take place.

Some examples:

Work Place

Social Club



Public Park

Day Care Center

Concert Venue

Doctor’s Office

These are just some examples of environments where conversations take place.  Perhaps you change your ideas as your environment changes.

1. You may hold the idea that any form of censorship is not something you will tolerate.

Perhaps you choose to self-censor your language in a Day Care Center because you feel that some language is inappropriate for children.  This stems from your own morality and ethics.

2. You may hold the idea that any foul language is a sign of immaturity.

Perhaps you stub your toe and out comes flying profanity to express how truly painful it is, and in the presence of your own children.

These two examples demonstrate that while you may hold ideas, ‘you’ as a being, are not your ideas.  You will find that your ideas change with circumstance, environment and experience.

The same is true when discourse is built by language.

1. You may observe a person reacting poorly to criticism; you speak very arrogantly with regard to the reactions to criticism.  You believe that a poor reaction is a sign of mental and emotional immaturity.

Perhaps YOU are being criticized and are reacting poorly, according to public opinion.  Your ideas then change, because you are now the subject of critique.

So you see, discourse ensues because you are an ever changing and adaptive being, and so too are other beings changing and adapting to the environment, as well as the language in use to say, do and be.

Learn the lesson.  That’s my advice.

Sin Jones

Why I don’t participate in ‘Satanic Education’…

I’m constantly asked why I don’t contribute to some of the most frequented websites which seek to educate the masses on Satanic thought and practice.  Simple answer:  I have no desire to cater to the false posturing and control of administrators.  If I were to embark on such a project, I’d run it myself.  The conditions in which Satanism is discussed, usually includes a ‘Code of Conduct’, in other words, the admins seek to have you stifle your form of expression, and extend courtesies you would not normally, unless they are earned.  




I am not going to lower my personal standards, because you seek to have my speech stifled to be more ‘civil’, nor am I a sacrificial cow.  Consideration, courtesy and respect are only offered if I feel it’s necessary to my key aims.  You have to earn it, PERIOD.

In other words, just because I’m a Satanist, doesn’t mean I owe the masses jack shit.  The ‘public’ often believes it’s entitled to my thoughts and ideas, and as far as I’m concerned, they get what I’m willing to offer and not much else.

Satanic Education?  You must joking.  Excuse me while I laugh my fucking ass off.  I have no desire to educate.  Education implies a current of curriculum, and people rarely learn anything of worth or depth through the rigid parameters of a curriculum.  Then, there are ‘sources’ to be considered.  One might offer a resource that I consider complete bupkis, and this resource is not controlled by me, if it’s not my project.  I often revel against such shite passed off as ‘valuable’.  Let’s face it, there’s a metric ton of disinformation that just gets regurgitated as factual.   Even if, those ‘resources’ have been refuted.  It doesn’t matter much, once that content makes it into a hard book, it’s as if it should be treated as gospel.  A book does not make content valuable, it is the merit behind the words written.

‘Satanic’ at the very foundation is of or pertaining to Satan.  Beyond that, you can keep your shitty education passed off as progress and ‘acceptance’. I don’t require your acceptance.  I have no need to educate the masses that might be better suited to get off their asses and learn something like the rest of us.  I have no desire to spoon feed them ‘reality’.  I would prefer they be self-governing, achieve levels of being, and become more powerful.  The dead weight?  Let it perish as nature intended.  Otherwise, you are expecting me to be some sort of martyr, I assure you the shoe doesn’t fit.     If you are interested in learning about my Satanism, you will grow a set and ask me about it.  You got questions?  I got answers.  

Beyond that, you can keep your ridiculous ‘Satanic Education’ and ‘Alternative Religions Study’, because it’s full of disinfo, personal interpretation, and opinions. 

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all smell like shit.

“All we are, is just another brick in the wall.” – Pink Floyd

Sin Jones

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