Into the Fire – Issue 3: Myths

Issue#2 Available for Downloading

Issue#2 now available for Free Download

Check out Into the Fire… Left-hand Path Ezine

Into the Fire Ezine

Issue #2 available for downloading.  Any/all Feedback will be used to improve upon future issues.

A special thanks to all contributors:  T.C. Downey, Krist Hollow, Dan Dread, Canis Machina, Azazel, Timishardcore, Female Satan, Sin Jones, Concomitant Dissidence Nexion, Entropic Momentum; as well as our readers, promoters and supporters.

Deadline for Issue#3:  March 18th

Topic:  Myths

The use of myths both Ancient and Modern to flesh out Left-hand path ideation.

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Update: Into the Fire #2 – Honor

Release of issue #2 of Into the Fire is on schedule, due for release on February 22nd 2014.  Submissions are in and I’m working lay-outs as I write this.   While the idea was forged within the Circle of Descent, anyone can contribute.   Our short-term goal is to flesh out ideas in relation to the Left-hand Path for each Monthly issue, available as a free download.  Long-term,  an annual release of a Print copy will be made available.   Into the Fire is accepting articles, essays, artwork, graphics, video, music and your energy.    Visit: or email


All collaborative projects are funded by participants and supporters.  This includes the 9@9 podcast and future projects.  If you would like to donate , select paypal or visit for more information.



9@9 Episode: Conspiracy Chat

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Whodunit? Theories! Suspects! Agenda!

Since the formation of Circle of Descentmany have been accused, none have been PROVEN.   We had a fantastic show!

Check out the archive:  HERE.  If you would like to engage in post-show commentary, visit the Circle of Descent forum.