Something Real

“Go! Do! Go do something ‘REAL’!!!”

  You see this sentiment populated by Artists, Counter-Culturalists, Statists, and Satanists.  What does it mean?  Some ‘Satanists’ fancy themselves Activists, however at closer examination they appear to be holding up the Nomian with two hands.  It’s un-relatable to me but it’s not from a lack of trying.  I do make an effort to see things from their point of view.  I take a step out of my own shoes and make an attempt to walk in theirs.  The problem isn’t the shoes; it’s the path they walk on.

Nomos, is “Rule or Law”, to be Anti-Nomian (fr. Greek Anti/Nomos) is to be heterodox (fr. Greek heterodoxos) is to be other; Other than upholding the cultivation of these Orthodox rules of engagement.  These ‘Activists’ seem to be working stead-fast and strong to maintain the illusion and I’m supposed to accept this as real?

I suppose, if Gay Marriage is widely accepted, weed is de-criminalized or that the U.S. Constitution is regarded as something more than a historical artifact, this would be considered a WIN?  How does this affect my life in any manner?  How does this manifest anything ‘REAL’ for me?  “We the people” never did anything for me.

You know what’s real to me?  That fact that I’m aging and can’t do jack shit about it.  That, in the 40 years I’ve been alive; it’s the same sad story.  Nothing new, nothing old, nothing blue, nothing bold!  There’s always some asshat telling you what you should be doing, what you should consider valuable and if you don’t agree with them, co-sign their bogus ideas then you’re not doing shit.

For me there’s a vast difference between living and making a life.  If the entire idealist trite doesn’t get me off, then maybe I’m too busy living.  All I can do is smile and nod when these oh so conflicted people with their societal struggles pass by.  Like I’m supposed to give a rat’s ass because some druggie can’t get a job because he’s dysfunctional.  It’s somehow the system, and not the behavior he feeds called Addiction.  I’m also supposed to accept that Addiction is a ‘disease’ like Leukemia and he can’t do anything about it because there’s an ‘Addiction gene’, and it’s not just his inability to manage his compulsions.  Right, right, while I’m at it, I should put on my stupid-cap too.  I’m also supposed to accept that it’s all Exoteric and doesn’t have shit to do with the Jihad going on in his body.  I’m pretty sure the likes of Hitler would shove is ass in a toaster and not even bat an eyelash at it.  What a useless fucking creature.  But hey, he’s doing ‘Real World Shit’, he’s clicking buttons on Facebook, he’s pinning a badge to his chest and he’s pointing the finger.

He’s got the nerve to point that dirty thing at me, telling me I should be waiving a flag for the meek that can’t manifest what they want.  That I should do it for them.  Fuck him and fuck you, if you agree with him!  My Real World shit stares me down every day from a mirror.  Every wrinkle, scar and memory that tells me that that I know what’s real, what matters to me and there’s no other than that can tell me any different.


The Illusion of the “Occult Community”

The illusion of the Occult Community is a veil over your eyes.  You may be able to see through it but what you see casts a reflection of the notions you hold in your own mind.  You see what you want to see; a reflection of your inner projections.

Standardized Communities

Community can be your city, neighborhoods, and an academic or hobby club.  Is there fellowship or some benefit you reap to be made part of this organized society?  How does that fare when members are excluded based on some discriminatory guidelines? Social standards?

If the standards are to be both set and met by all participants what does that say about communities that fall apart?  Who sets the standard?  And by what authority?  Groups dubbed communities typically have a code of ethics and social standards by which members are bound in order to participate.  If a person or group of people break the code of conduct, there is typically some sort of reprimand and action taken, either you conform to the standards set or you are excluded from said community.  If a community is already established and you do not agree with its standards set, you automatically exclude yourself.

Regulated Communities

With the advent of the Internet but especially Social Networking, the illusion of community becomes less tangible.  It’s reduced to a group of people that congregate on networks and often with absolutely no desire to create community.  They will be considered a community whether they want to be made part of one or not.  The participants of networks are held to the Terms of Service with guidelines set in order to participate and people rarely ever read the fine print.   Some may even feel that because a developer had a notion to create a Social Network that people are entitled to this service as if it’s their inherent right to command and control the platform.   In their own perceptions of reality it’s a community service and it belongs to them rather than the developer.  

Origins of Community

All language is symbolic and all symbols have power over your perception of “reality”.  The term community is derived from the Latin term communitas meaning to come together with a benefit (gift).  

Purpose of Community

Community is a term used to convey that there is a cooperative effort to move forward as a cohesive unit that shares similar values and ideals which provide a mutual benefit.    This notion is given momentum even without your direct participation.  Say for instance you buy a house in a neighborhood because of its amenities offered and its district; you think you are just buying a house.  The neighborhood will consider you to be part of their community.  Your neighbors come to your front door to welcome you and let you know that there is several community services offered for your benefit.  It can be community meetings, neighborhood watch, or even events.  You thank them for their welcome say your good-byes and now you just want to be left to your privacy.  The neighbors keep trying to pull you into their events and the more you resist, the more they keep their eye on you.  Often times these community efforts are organized to benefit from your participation.  They want something from you.  They call it support and if you are not supportive of these efforts then you become suspect.

So where’s the mutual benefit?  Where’s the cohesion?  And why are communities so anxious for your participation?

The Power of Community

Typically standards are set so that a specified level of prosperity can be measured.  When people meet the standards the community may flourish into something worth participating in.  This is the ideal held by those that create community.  When people are excluded from community it is because they haven’t met the standards and may be degrading the community down below the level expected.  The power signified by community is then degenerated and takes the group further and further away from its goals set by the community itself. 

The Occult Community

The Occult is not a community itself but rather a specific type of knowledge held and by its very definition isn’t made clear unless you have knowledge of the Occult.  Therein lays the rub. It is only clearly recognized by the few and even then it isn’t exactly made clear.  The term itself is derived from yet another Latin term occultus meaning knowledge of the hidden or knowledge hidden in plain view.  Add to the mix the term community and it may leave you scratching your head and indeed leave you ignorant.  Some people have such a thirst for knowledge that they seek to cure their own ignorance and so the quest begins.  It starts with a question that seeks an answer:  What is the Occult Community?

Some self-identified Occult Communities seek to reveal the mystery by providing both a definition in terms and community standards.  Thus, from the beginning it has been demystified rendering it no longer hidden knowledge.  It doesn’t mean that because it has been defined for mass consumption that complete understanding is mediated.  This is known as the hook.  Metaphorically speaking, you have been pulled in for the purpose of initiation into this knowledge complex and to make you part of the community.

Some Occultists reject this notion entirely and understand that in order to hold Occult Wisdom one must study, practice and experience in order to extrapolate Occult Wisdom.  They do not seek to participate in communities but will seek them out as a way to contrast and compare ideals and practices to ensure they attain the Gnosis they are after.

When examining these communities and how they function, you see more exterior examination than you could ever examine on the interior.  The goal of the Occultist is to examine things more esoterically vs. exoterically.  Occultist may seek to penetrate the membrane of the community to determine what is understood on the inside vs. what is presented on the outside to include community goals.  Facts are often presented based on interior examination vs. the scientific method. 

Contextual example:

If for instance a person purports to see auras, the way you will be perceived is based on their own interior perception of the way things are, and the way you are.  If the observer deems that your aura is bad, or gives them a bad feeling well… This makes YOU bad.  This is then presented as an irrefutable fact as far as the aura seeker is concerned and this notion may be spread to other members of a community before you are ever given opportunity to present the facts about your person.

“Don’t speak to Jenny, her aura is Grey and gives me a bad feeling.  I just know she’s hiding something wicked in her past…I know this to be true because I can see auras and I’m an empath.  Stay away.”

It doesn’t matter much if you can prove that you have no hidden misdeeds or intent, you’ve already been profiled and excluded.   Added to this is a stigma of groups you participate in, or ideas you support.  If a person finds out that you are part of an organization that has been black listed or are affiliated with certain people, well this makes you blackballed by proxy.  It’s the old adage: You are the company you keep.

You may pride yourself in being a non-conformist, and so you ignore these behaviors in the quest for your wisdom.  Your quest is your own and to be used to prosper in your own life and as an individual, not a community.  Just because you choose to ignore them doesn’t mean you won’t be held to a community standard or set of ethics.  From the word go, you’ve already been profiled and type-casted.  So on your quest you go and at every turn you don’t seem to attain any cooperative effort to simply share information and discuss topics of interest.  Instead you may hit a brick wall of attitude and projections.   The origin of this tone of communication is hidden from you so it begins to create a new reality for you.  The community itself is Occult by its nature.

The Occult Community Unveiled

Some communities exist for the sole purpose of seeking out people to alienate them and be a disruptive force in their lives.  It’s not limited to Internet life but off-line as well.  They are looking for those auras and hunt them as a cohesive unit; even if, they have to give you the aura and stigma themselves.  Maybe you are intelligent or attractive, or maybe you have something that they want.  These envious vampires are sucking the life blood out of your existence.  If you let them.  You will go through many trials and tribulations on your journey and it may require cunning and strategy.  They are always out there.  

The Occult Watch

Infiltrators from within are taking on the guise of Occultists and are hunting them for their complete removal and defeat.  The Witch Hunt is on, and it’s you against them.  These polarizing people are attempting to neutralize Occultists and cull them from the strata of ‘community’.  They seek to control you and command your existence.  Through the use of symbols and the notions they represent, these communities form and act as destructive forces…Even if they destroy themselves in the process.

The Charlatans

The fakers, posers and bullshitters are among you.  If you are truly an Occultist then you know on the interior you have the upper hand.  On the exterior you might make yourself bait.  You’ve been laying down traps for years, and on the outside you appear to making grave errors and to the advantage of the hunters.  That’s the trick.  Trickology is the tool of the tricksters and those that trick us must be tricked.  In all your years of study and praxis you have become quite prolific in drawing these people out.  The most powerful witches of this world keep many souls in jars…

And the hunters become the hunted.

Sin Jones

The Poison Apple