Now is the time to Panic…

Paranoia, is just another term for ignorance.  – Hunter S. Thompson

The paranoid:  How do they live?  In a perpetual state of ignorance!  They don’t know, so they must concoct a narrative to move their discomfort back dead-center of the comfort zone.    This is the mild end, a place for the little story-tellers to gather.  On the more extreme end you have those that panic.  This type allows their paranoia to brew so it bubbles over the vat of bullshit they’ve cooked up.  Mmm mmm mmmm and they sure as hell think they are some hot-shit.  These lavations spill over the dam in a tidal wave of noxious gas.

It stinks like the low-tide at noon at Boston harbor.  There lay in wake, a sea of carcasses of almost an alien quality because the pollution has caused these creatures to adapt to filth.  They are so used to being so goddamn paranoid, they actually believe their imaginations are the state of things.

If I seem apathetic towards them it’s because I can’t muster a fuck to give other than to point out the little panic attacks in progress.  Red Alert:  This one is about to blow!  Clear a path!   I’ll take a couple of steps back and witness the fish-flopping for my personal amusement, that’s me in the shallow end.  Over in the deep where I mingle with those unseen things in the darkness of the Abyss, I have my hand in it.

 Keep your eyes on the Watch-tower.   Pick up clues, look for hints, anything at all that will cure your ignorance and while you’re at it, heed this warning: You are surely in over your head.

Sin Jones


Hot off the presses!

I often wonder if people read their own press.  It’s easy to live in your own head, believe you have the correct view point and it’s everyone else that has it wrong.    When I have an opinion and lay it down in various mediums, I think about it, write it down, read it aloud, record it, listen to it again and again.  I pick it apart for inconsistencies and play my own antagonist.  Outside opinion is useful too.  It gives me perspective cues to contrast to my own.  The point is, I analyze it from different angles and over periods of time.  What’s banging around in my head today may be different tomorrow, the next day or  the next.    What ever it is that’s giving me a wild hair across my ass, it’s demanding my attention.   It accounts for a change in my perspective because I’m seeing it from different angles and approach.

Today, it’s the irony of other bloggers I follow.  It’s a perpetual cycle of “I’m an individual!  I follow no one!”, yet I see the drag marks behind them as they coast along on another’s coattails.  I scratch my head and wonder:  ” Is this part of the process?”   I just smile and wave as they pass by.  What else can you do?  Maybe they need to go through the motions to realize how truly foolish they are.     These types aren’t interested in different angles, they’re only interested in justifications for the same old, same old.  Nothing has really changed for the better, they’re standing on the shoulders of giants.  It’s  obvious by the topics of their blogs.  The complaints are the same, and there’s no real progress to move through obstacles in their way.  It’s not them after all, it’s everyone and everything else.  They have no power.  It’s been given away and the reasons justified so they can feel Superior.   The worst part?  The power is in the hands of a virtual cuckold.

I understand being what you are, it’s the being part I find ironic.   Maybe I set my expectations too high, I would think that a person that has made the same error say 10…20…30 times they would learn something right?  Sigh…  I digress.  Yeah, I learn things about my own expectations too.

 I also find it annoying when a person doesn’t understand what Irony actually is.    This little clip I snagged from the Ted-ed Youtube does a  decent job  explaining situational irony.   Fairly simple and easy to understand, it even includes little cartoons – watch it, if you’re confused about Irony, or hell read the Wiki.     If you’re blogging and offering social commentary, a quick search of a dictionary or thesaurus would cure your ignorance.    


The shit’s embarrassing.    I’m just rubber-necking with my mouth hung open.   Whoa.

Sin Jones

Give it a rest America!

Chick’fil A is a hot button topic today, oh yes indeedy it is.  Why?  Why is a fast food restaurant newsworthy?  Chick’fil A doesn’t support gay marriage.  And?  Isn’t it the owner’s right to not support gay marriage? You don’t like their political stance?  Don’t buy their food.  Don’t support it with your dollars.   No, that’s too hard for people to wrap their noggins around, so instead they intend to rally against a business.  They want to affect their profits and how that directly affects the economy.  Yep, that’s the American Way!  

What these idiots don’t seem to understand, is that every American citizen has a right to own a business, and support or not support what they so please.  Take for instance a pharmacy that refuses to carry birth control.  The pharmacy owner may be against it as a means to promote promiscuity, or unwanted pregnancies.  And?  He has that right!  You don’t like it?  Go to another pharmacy that does carry it!  You aren’t entitled to jack shit.  This is an American value, freedom of choice!  You have choices, and if you don’t like the choices made for you by people in power, then make your own choices!

So an anti-rally is set up to protest the Chick’fil A political agenda.  ”Kiss more chicks”.  Gays are called to arms to show up in the restaurant and kiss each other.  Why?  What does this solve?  What does this do?  It sends a resoundingly clear message to the patrons, and staff:  We are gay!  So what?  Why do people insist on parading their love lives around like some sort of personal accomplishment?  

I’d find it more accomplished to target the legislation that does not allow for civil unions and same sex marriage.  Those that do not support it seem to be using their profits to lobby, so what stops you from lobbying for it?  What stops you from supporting lobbyists that are beating the pavement to ensure that American citizens have equal rights and privledge?  I understand.  It’s better to make a fool of yourself and take liberties and profits away from a chain of chicken peddlers.  It’s so goddamned American it makes me hurl.

Americans march into voting polls and believe they are making a difference.  Psh, that’s the delusion of choice.  Real choices and real voting occurs with every dollar you spend.  Every dollar is a vote!  If you don’t research the political agendas of the corporations you are supporting, how in the holy hell can you have a leg to stand on and bitch in the first place?  I understand.  It’s easier to buy things you need with no care or concern, its about competitive prices  and trendy goods.  It’s not really about the corporations agendas, right?  WRONG.

Shop smarter America!  Do your friggin’ homework, and give it a rest!

Kissing your partner in Chick’fil A is ‘headline worthy’ and not much else.  Do you really think its going to change the agenda of Chick’fil A?  If you believe that, you are delusional.

Sin Jones

The Poison Apple