It’s Raining in Utopia!

It’s funny what ‘Satanists’ qualify as their Satan-ism these days.  I can’t tell you how many of these sheep in wolve’s clothing I’ve come across.  On one hand they parrot off some Might as Right rhetoric and on the other they  complain about their lack of it because they feel entitled.    Entitled to a job because they lack the ambition to go into business for themselves.    Entitled to free money because they lack job skills.    The thing about having Might is, we that have it do a fair bit more than just survive.  We flourish.   Are there ups and downs?  You bet your ass there are but a down-slide isn’t exactly letting the bottom drop out.    Even if your personal circumstances change, you execute a plan and learn to live within your means.     When that is no longer satisfactory, your wants and needs drive your ambitions.   The life you save may be your own.

devil comic

Some of these people are just barely surviving and they aren’t exactly the fittest of the bunch.  They demand the government (the very thing they claim to revel against) support them with social benefits.  They demand some entrepreneur just give them a job, or else waive their entitlement attitude around.    Adding insult to injury, they want to tell these successful people how to run their business and where to stand on social issues.    It’s no wonder these people can only get by by sucking the government teet.  Who else is going to enforce these companies to comply?  Certainly not some poser with no real power of his own.  Some of these people even claim to be Deists without a full grasp of the natural pecking order.  They usually get off their ass when the situation gets desperate:  Reactive vs. Proactive.  


“If you believe Might is Right, it follows that whoever cannot hold their ground does not deserve to keep it.” – James D. Sasswelfare-1

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, you do what you gotta do to make it.  The amoral don’t even bat an eyelash.    I’m certainly not taking any moral high-ground if you choose to scam the system and reap your ‘due rewards’ but don’t go pissing and moaning about it later when you figure out how the system actually works.  It’s the logic at work that gives me pause.     Time catches us all, so as age sets in and you realize you have nothing to show for all your indulgences – may you perish!    I don’t expect you to go quietly with dignity, I know full well you’ll make a lot of noise and hang on longer than you should.


Money isn’t everything.  Believe me when I say, I know that there’s other ways to go about personal prosperity.    It’s the hypocrisy of claiming one way while actually practicing another that so many of these flag-waivers don like a crown of thorns. Who do they think they’re really fooling?   It reminds me of the analogies provided by the Greek historian Plutarch to understand the benefit of passion balanced with reason.    For instance when speaking on matters of love, instead of likening it to the commonly used red-Rose, he uses the Asparagus (acutifolius) which is covered in many thorns but produces the sweetest of fruits.  It is for this reason that it was chosen for bridal wreaths.    Patience and consideration are virtues that temper Love.    A personal failure can certainly sting like the prick of a thorn but considering the fruits of patience can certainly be far more rewarding than allowing the pain to defeat you.9-p70try2-medium-1

The most relevant of  Plutarch’s advice is the Hupo Pyros (union forged by Fire), the indissoluble flame of Eros balanced with the Tou Phronountos (man of sense), an ability to reason rationally even if inflamed with passion.  [ Spoon-feeding isn’t exactly my aim here, a few resource links may be useful to see what I’m looking at more clearly, or else fall subject to Nero’s Lens].




I guess it’s just easier to sit on your hands and complain.  Hey, the government is paying for your Internet Service too, I’m sure – may as well make the most of it.  Indulge!


 “If the polling results of the pilot hold true across the nation, then it’s clear that the very wealthy hold different political views from the general public. It also seems clear that the one-tenth-of-the 1% has greater political power than ordinary citizens and that they are backing policies that only some of us support.  That “raises a serious challenge to a core democratic value, i.e., the idea that government policy-making should be attentive to the interests of all citizens.” –  Source



“Democracy is the path to Socialism” – Karl Marx

I find some of Lenin’s work insightful and amusing.  The “Useful Idiots” premise (erroneously attributed to Lenin) has been in use for centuries to describe the sort of person that propagates a cause but isn’t fully aware of the goal.  The Occupy Movement would be a modern example of proper application of this political jargon.    Friedrick Hayek in his classic work “The Road to Serfdom” spoke of this very thing some 50 years ago when he said:

“that democratic socialism, the great utopia of the last few generations, is not only un-achievable, but that to strive for it produces something so utterly different that few of those who may now wish it would be prepared to accept the consequences, many will not believe until the connection has been laid bare in all its aspects”.    

The consequences of the welfare state where the poor are rewarded for their inability to participate in the economy as nothing more than consumers, to the point where the economy itself suffers and there’s a trickle-down effect which affects the people that produce.  This is particularly obvious in many European countries where no safety-net was in place to limit social programs and plummet down to the bottom was paved with ‘good intentions’, what happens when the bottom drops out?  A domino effect in the World Economy.    Even if Hayek had some rather liberal views and spat on Liberty, he knew a thing or two about economics.  The U.S. is hanging in a hand-basket, and the government continues to grow and usurp power over citizens because of the rampant slave morality used to justify inaction.  Americans have become complacent, lazy and entitled.    If it becomes yet another Welfare State, here’s what we have to look forward to:


1.  Government seizures of lawful private property through excessive taxation.

2.  Collective Judgement of Government vs. Judgement of the Individual.

3.  Reduced privatization in favor of Government Run institutions.

4.  Excessive Government Control which breeds a culture of corruption.


Now, some Satanists may revel in this notion – “Let it all burn!” they may proclaim, but take a good hard look at the continent of Africa and it’s culture of corruption, see how that pans out.  It’s rather easy for Americans to peek at other cultures safely from the protected freedoms of comfort; not so easy when it’s busting through your front door and throwing your ass out on the front lawn with a grand finale bullet to the head.    Our nature is paradoxical  in that we each do a fair bit of corrupting of our own in spite of claiming to have an objective self-interest in self-preservation.   Man is easy to subject to coercion and control.  Even if he is widely aware of the sort of moral realism he’s been conditioned to believe in, all fabricated in the moral imagination, he believes he’s got it all under control.  It accounts for the gaggles of ‘Satanists’ that speak out of both sides of their mouths and really think they’ve got the superior logic.  Can’t hardly blame the rest of us for using them as shooting practice.  Kill Derps. 

I run into this sort of thing all the time when kicking the can around with other ‘Satanists’ online.  I’m truly amazed at the justifications they offer for living just like everyone else but with a special little badge they pin to their chest, like some Harry Potter magic, it transforms them into the Ubermensch.  Meanwhile no one can see this little power pin, while they’re eating the government cheese, living in public housing, remain penniless and powerless to do what they actually want to do.  It’s raining opportunity in Utopia, just have to click your heels together three times to get there!  So long as they remain adversarial, provocative and Sinister they’re Satanists.  /sarcasm


Sin Jones


Where’s my Almond Joy?

Share and share alike right? Until it’s your share.  Pooling things together in a household never works, it always ends up with someone resenting the other for taking their stuff.

Everyone pitches in, or so it seems.  If you have two working adults and a child, well hey… That kid is as the mercy of the adults in the household,right?   Kids don’t think about food the way adults do.  When they hunger, they eat.  When they thirst, they drink.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s how it should be.  People who resent their kids because they eat with an average appetite are asshats.  It’s the care-giver’s responsibility to ensure their kids are well fed.

I also don’t understand the people that over-burden their own children with worry and concern.  Let your kids be kids for crying out loud, they have their whole lives ahead of them to have all the responsibilities of an adult.  I’ve seen my fair share of adults that guilt their children into starving themselves, or lock them out of the cabinets and fridge out of fear of them eating them out of house and home. Get a grip people.  3 squares a day and snacks in between is the average eating habit of an active and healthy child.  As they grow into teens, they eat less and less, though their helpings at meals may be larger.

Unless of course it’s not your kid.  Then that kid owes you right?  You spend your money and what you buy goes into the household, never-mind that its your agreed upon share. Fuck that, you are entitled to have more than anyone else in the house because you did the shopping!  The food is for everyone to eat, unless you are the one that reached in your pocket and went to the store. Then, it becomes YOUR FOOD.  If one particular item goes faster than the others, well it’s all “Hey, who drank the last of the….!  That was mine!”

If that sounds familiar, I hate to break it to you…You’re living with an asshat.

And it’s because kids don’t think of food/drink in the same way as adults. When they bring something home and put it in the fridge, it belongs to THEM, whether they bought it with their own money (*cough your money*) or it was given to them makes no difference.  It is their property.  Don’t kids deserve the same courtesy as you asshats expect of them?   So if you go snatching your due, shouldn’t you extend the same courtesy of asking them, much like you demand of them when you have a favorite item in the fridge?

When adults start to treat their kids like Roommates, this is where things usually swing Left.  You would think a mature adult would understand the roles in the household, especially when they were already laid out pretty clear from the beginning.  You would think.  When the kids demonstrate more emotional and mental maturity than the grown-ups, what then?   Does this mean they should be treated like your buddy at the bar?

Get a hold of yourselves people. In fact, check  yourself or else get checked by a kid!

I went shopping last week.  I didn’t think for a second that the food would be separated into equal shares.  Food is Food.  You are hungry, you eat.  If you’re thirsty, you drink.  I bought myself an Almond Joy, and threw it in a basket by the fridge.  It stayed there for 2 days before it disappeared.  Where’s my Almond Joy? Someone ate it!  Was I bummed out?  Sure, someone beat me to it. I left it out and it was for anyone to snatch and enjoy.  Truth is, it was probably my kid.  I didn’t go through the house demanding to know who had eaten it. I just chuckled to myself and thought…“Damn it, I should have hidden that in my purse!”  and moved on.

I went to the change jars where I too had been throwing coin for months…Empty.  Not a single Quarter in there, and I was looking for change to wash my car.  Not only was my share gone, but all the shares were spent up without a single care or consideration.  Somebody was owed his due.  We reside in the Den of Inequity, always have and always will.  Someone is keeping a tally, and they expect that forward paid in Full, even if they working in a deficit and their logic is fucked.

You just deal with it.  You learn your lessons well, and hope to not repeat the offense in the future.  It’s all on you, always has been.  You can keep a mental note of all the little tid-bits you learn, but it doesn’t mean you act on it in the moment.  All in good time.  That’s the difference between the people that Act and the people that Re-Act.

I also throw change in a jar for my kid, he knows his own jar called the “Goodie Jar”.  He pulls from it for a pit-stop on his way to school, or a snack while he’s there.  Sometimes the jar runneth over, and sometimes it’s down to just pennies.  He learns to manage what he’s working with.

Some parents work the ‘Allowance’ angle with their kids.  They do chores they earn profit.  The rate is up to the parent, and with the idea that it teaches their kids responsibility and builds character.  I never have.  I have my own ways of teaching my son responsibility and building character.  He’s responsible and has strong qualities, but he will also build character traits for the rest of his life.  I’ve done well.

When my son expresses gratitude towards me, I always make it a point to remind him he should be proud of himself FIRST.  I guide him, but he’s not my little robot.  I don’t just issue commands that he follows.  He  makes conscious choices.  Sometimes he’ll make mistakes, but I allow him to make them.  He learns from them and makes decisions for himself.  He also learns what character traits he would like to hold, as well as those he admires in others.  He has also learned those he detests.

He keeps his room clean, does his own laundry and doesn’t leave messes around.  Is he perfect?  Nope, perfection is a nullified notion.  So, sure I get on him if he leaves crumbs behind after making a sandwich but I don’t need to be a Harpy to help him understand why its important that he maintain cleanliness and order.  I don’t need my kid to do my housework either.  I maintain the house just fine without paying for his child slave labor.  If I need help with something, he’s more than happy to assist.  In fact, he wishes I’d ask him more often.  I remind him that I want him to enjoy his childhood for the short time that he has it.  A year left, and he’ll be a bona fide Adult.

When he wants luxuries, his Father spoils him.  We’re divorced and so it’s his little way of making up for the time lost not seeing him as if he lived in the same household.  He gives him a little walking money, or buys him something he’s requested (within reason).  It’s not abusive, so I don’t fret about it.

People tend to raise their own kids how they were raised, but some deviate from that path when they know something just doesn’t make sense.  When there’s no logic or reason behind it accept to mimic your own parents, why would you do it?  Some people are just mimics.  Sad little creatures that they are.  Most things usually begin with “Well, my parents did such and such, so I do it too…because I turned out alright.”  You sure about that?  I don’t want my kid to just turn out ‘Alright’,  I want him to have his wits about him.  I want to set good and healthy examples for him and not just parrot off some nonsensical reasoning because it makes me feel like some self-righteous twat.

When my son came home to find that Someone had drank several of his Gatorades he said “Hmmm (2) left?  I had (8) but I only drank (2).”  To which I replied, “I dunno, I’ve only been drinking water.” and just left it open-ended.  He said “Ah well, I got it for free anyway, no big deal.”

Case Closed.

I don’t have to ask where my Almond Joy went to, I already know.

What I should have known was better to stick it in my purse!  There will always be more Almond Joy’s, you only get one shot at this child-rearing thing!

Hypocrisy is Awesome!

Must be, people sure like to live that way – ALL DAY LONG in social media.

I watch people talk about how much they hate Christians, then get butthurt over the WBC claiming that God Hates Fags.

Satirical cartoons make them feel OH SO SUPERIOR.  Never mind what utter morons these people are, vapid little creatures.  One can only hope that a lynch mob chases them with as much zeal!


250K Signatures to label them a hate-group, the plebs really think that their begging of the Patricians to tag the group, is really a way to liberate themselves from hatred.  Only their own hatred is acceptable, right?

People talk all day about how they hate this and that, but they are not part of a Hate Group right?  They are love, light and lollipops all the while expecting the rest of us to lick their shit on a stick.

No thanks.  I have a mind of my own, and I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about your dislikes, hatred or self-loathing existence.  What I do care about is not becoming one of you.  The same group of Obamians that followed the lemmings into oblivion with their VOTE.


Begging fools, they keep demanding the Government get involved in our lives every day.  They want it, then when the government grows they complain about Big Government.  They want their welfare checks, free education, and jobs provided by the very system they claim to despise.

It’s all “We the people demand…”

Look at all the noise this single family is making, and the plebs do their advertising for them.  It’s easier to call a News Station than it is to put up a blocking hand.   It’s easier to sign an on-line petition than it is to create a counter-movement.

The only thing moving is the airwaves, yap, yap, yap…  Cherry picking Constitutional Rights, deciding whom will be privileged!

And they want a true Democracy in favor of a Republic?  Are you kidding me?  The people are too fickle… Too flighty.  Incapable.  They admit this every time they beg the government to govern them!