Beware of Hollow Face

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Hollow Face woke-woke up, because someone called his name.  After many, many years.  He was free.  He wasn’t young, or old, ugly or handsome; he had no shape.  He didn’t have a face.  He was locked away in a hole, in the dark, where the sun doesn’t shine.  He remembered a boy that had a face that looks like him.  Hollow Face had to find the boy.  He had to find his face.

Until one night, Hollow Face finally found a face to steal.  It was a little boy, staring out of a window.  Hollow Face wanted the boy’s face more than anything else in the world.  Without a face, he had nothing.  So he devised a plan. First, he would separate the boy from his parents.  Then he would take him back to his lair and rip off his face and wear it himself.  That way, everybody would love him.

The next night Hollow Face dressed up as a man and went back to the boy’s house. He found the place that the boy with his face was hiding.  He didn’t know what to do.  He saw his mother kissing him, and he was angry with envy because he wanted to be enough.  So he devised a plan. First he would separate the boy from his mother.  Then bring him to his lair and rip off his face and wear it himself.

He ran up the wall quickly. He slipped through an open window.  He found the boy’s room and slipped inside.  Hollow face moved closer, closer and closer…

Hollow Face couldn’t find the boy. The boy ran out the window to the scaffolding outside.  Hollow Face ran after him, but couldn’t steal his face.  What Hollow Face didn’t realize was that the boy’s Mother would never let him have the boy without putting up a fight.  Hollow Face fell from the scaffolding to his death, because parents are willing to do anything to protect their children.

As the rain came down and the thunder rolled in the distance, the boy’s mother covered his eyes as Hollow Face sunk out of sight into the wet cement below.  She whispered into his ear that it was just a bad dream.  Sleep now, sleep.

Hollow Face and his fate were set when he set out to steal the face he could never have.  The cement hardened and filled in the hollow of his face.

The boy told his mother the story each night before bed.  He wrote it down, folded it up and placed it in a wooden box.  He placed the box into the hole of the tree outside his bedroom window.  Until one day, the boy became a man and had a child of his own.  On her 12th birthday she climbed that old tree and found the box.  She opened it up and found The Tale of Hollow Face.  She spoke his name aloud, and he would awake again to claim his face.  Night after night he hid in the shadows of her room.  Watching…Waiting… He devised a plan.  He would separate the girl from her parents, then take her to his lair and rip off her face and wear it as his own.  That way everybody would love him.

And like before, her parents put up a fight and wouldn’t allow Hollow Face to steal the girl’s face.  The girl didn’t know the end of the story, but the boy who became a man did.  He whispered in her ear that Hollow Face didn’t steal the boy’s face.  That his mother fought him off and he fell to his death.  That parents will do anything for their children.  Just then, the girl opened her eyes and gasped for air.  She jumped from her nightmare into her father’s arms.

Hollow Face fell back into the dark place, the place where the sun does not shine.  Until the next time his name is called.

Hollow Face is not young nor old, handsome nor ugly…He has no shape.  He doesn’t  have a face. Without a face, he has nothing.