Cult of SIN Challenge: Update

IMG_5805On September 8, 2015 I posted THE CULT OF SIN CHALLENGE and by September 30th a package arrived!  Huzzah, at last I own my own copy!  I suppose I should eat crow, it appears the assumption is in fact TRUE, as if I didn’t know that?  Thing is, why should cult followers be ashamed of getting swept up in a cult of personality?  There’s a draw isn’t there?  Some of the anonymous users I’m in contact with have been following my content for years, some even dating back to the 90’s.  Is it my mind? Content? My body? A combination of these things?  Only they can tell you that.    When you express a culture, you cultivate a following. It’s just as simple as that. There’s no right or wrong to it.   If some get a little carried away it’s just the nature of the space.  The Internet is just the carrier.  Mind is the terrain.

I was once accused of “Collecting Bitches” and maybe that’s true to an extent.  I can’t really argue with it.  I mean, you’d have to be a Masochist to put up with me right?  Seeing that I’m so abusive, confrontational and relentless in my inquiries.  It’s apparent to me which of my following get personal gratification from our exchanges, which retreat (only to come back begging for more) and those among them that see what’s really at play.  It’s just a conscious nod of amusement.  I can sure be entertaining!  Cults of Personality have both pros and cons and somewhere in between, in the dark corners beyond is something so few dare to explore.

Proud Sinion

Christ Johnson, aka Heliosdramus, aka Chris John “Proud Sinion”

Speaking of perks, all I asked for was the film. To my surprise, I got (3) bonus items!  Upon removing them from the box, I thought:  What madness is this?  Low and behold, I received not one but two personal massagers (wink wink) and a hematite bracelet.  A Trinacria of Vanity.  I’d call it the full body package.  Good show Mr.!  If you frequent Occult, pagan and Satanic venues I’m sure you’ve run into him.  He describes himself as a former Marine & Luciferian, I’d just describe him as your average blue-collar, Harley riding guy you could easily bump into at your local watering hole.  Would you ban him from the bar for being a goon?  I doubt it.  People on the netz rarely have the same conviction.

Thanks for the goodies Chris, you rock in my book!  Our communication is all public, the lulz, the goofing around and we rarely take this shit that serious.  The Internetz is serious bidness’ they say!   Yeah, well fuck em’ if they don’t get the joke!

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Fatwa: The LHP JIHAD revisited

Fatwa: The LHP JIHAD revisited

A little more than a year ago, Venger Satanis Ipsissimus of the Cult of Cthulhudeclared a holy war on the Left-hand-path.  This bold move would produce much dialogue, and actions taken against the Cthulhu Cult  both symbolically and literally.

The most prominent themes among the arguments and criticisms were the true definitions of the Left-Hand-Path, as well as concepts of Unity.   I actively participated (and still do), in posing the hard questions that seek answers.  The most important question being What does this accomplish?

The compulsions of people are telling as well as the reactionary way that such philosophical dialect can be approached by mechanical beings as seen in their actions that followed.  Take for instance the reaction to Venger’s self-supported position as a messiah archetype.  I was away from the cult for roughly a year, and during that time there seemed to be a strong focus on Venger rather than the concepts he was discussing.  This prompted me to write a piece called Legions of the Messiah  which I published and shared to open up this dialogue with members of the LHP.

Members of the LHP remain perplexed by the idea of a prophet or messiah in not only the LHP but Satanism specifically.  Even if you elaborate with emphasis on the precepts of what the LHP is striving towards, some LHP’rs seem to revel for revel’s sake.  It’s important to understand that Venger Satanis is ‘A’ messiah, not ‘The’ messiah, and the language being used meticulously.  This was a concept that was easy to understand, for me, because I had been using this concept myself for years before Venger himself adopted it.  This can be seen in the tag lines I use such as ‘I am your salvation’.  When I joined the official cult forum back in 2008, proboards allows for a digital signature and quote.  And that was mine.  ”I am your salvation”.  It has been a vary rare occasion that I am asked or challenged about this concept modeling.

I suppose that it runs in tandem with my name, SIN JONES.  Sin, is often misunderstood and used way to pigeonhole my identity.  People react to language quickly, if they are mechanical.  The symbolism I use is meant to draw out the critical thinkers while stratifying the reactionary machines caught up in the matrix.  Essentially, it’s a form of culling.

The idea that outsiders considers me a subordinate to Venger Satanis is also a tell.  Venger is my muse.  If you believe he is my only muse, well…You’ve not been paying attention.  Some outsiders are perplexed to a level that urges them to seek clarity.  I’m often interviewed for my insights, but on a rare occasion I’m asked about my involvement in the Cthulhu Cult.  Here’s an example of a more recent interview with Warlock Asylum of the Asharu Tradition.  I figured I’d return the favor and had him on my show to offer the listeners another perspective to the pot I’ve been stirring.

Venger elaborated on his JIHAD on the cult forum, as well as on various social networks.  He was challenging the reader to prove him wrong, demonstrate their authenticity or else give up the label as hacks.  In the interim, I’m targeted and subjected to gobs of Internet rhetoric and character attacks because I’m supporting the Fatwa.  Why did I support it?  Like Venger, I was seeing the opposite of what I considered LHP, even if  I’m Hermetic because without Left or Right there can be no center or nullification.

Some self-styled Satanists call themselves LHP simply because they were traitors of Yahweh.  In reality they were traders.  Trading one god for another, but following the same precepts of the RHP.  This wasn’t LHP to me, or to Venger Satanis.  Slavery is slavery, and a person who grovels and lives in servitude is not the LHP we grew up on and matured through.   The Left-hand-path still has some tried and true constants even if it’s changed and evolved with the times.  PowerAutonomy and striving towards the godhead.  These remained unchanged for me, as well as Venger Satanis.

He was challenging Satanists and other LHP’rs to re-assess what they were doing, and how they had been living.  I support self-examination and analysis,Always.  The Ascensions issued by Venger Satanis within the Cthulhu Cult are merely markers of ascension, in other words, the level in which he observes the cultist reaching the godhead.  Shortly after returning to the cult after a year’s sabbatical, I was re-entered and ascended from Wizard of the Terrible Darkness to Priestess.  Why, after being gone for a year and not being actively involved?  Was it some sort of carrot to dangle in front of my face and live to chase after?  No.  Fancy titles don’t really appeal to me, but I understood Venger’s personal observations and assessment of my person.   Even though I wasn’t active on the forum, we ran into each other constantly on other networks.  Aside that, I kept reading his blog, I like to stay abreast of what creative people are doing in their own lives.  Whether I like their personalities or not is irrelevant to me.  What is personality after all but the sum total of influence and experience?

As far as I was concerned, VS was actively living the talk and it was evident to me in his real world results.  That’s inspiring to me, and so our musings continued.  I try to surround myself with inspirational and artistic people, even if it’s from great distances.

And so, the Fatwa came only a few weeks after my return to active participation.  Some cultists were reveling against it, not fully understanding what Venger was doing.  Others left the forum to join others where coffee klatches formed, and some of them were troll houses.  So the back and forth conflict ensued, not just between individual Satanists and LHP’rs but other networks as well.   Groups are easy to dismiss, the individual is often stronger than any group mind, herd think, or mob mentality.  Sometimes you have to wade through crowds of zombies to find an extraordinary individual of worth; one that stands on their own merit, and doesn’t need a group to support them.

I suppose people forget that Venger Satanis is an individual, and one that had provocative ideas which were given momentum by those that felt inspired by them.  He is the Ipsissimus of his own cult, and without cultists I feel pretty confident that he would continue to press on in his life’s pursuits.  He often lives up to his Messiah archetype, but no man is perfection.  Will he stumble and fall along the path paved with emeralds?  Most assuredly, but…The fact that he does not just lay down like a sniveling fool, keeps him zig-zagging through the black mountains, RHP/LHP and somewhere in between.

Yog-sothery isn’t for everyone, and often confuses the disingenuous Occultist. There are Occultniks running amok on Social Networks issuing their predicates as if they are in command and in control of their own lives.   It’s amusing to see, especially when they are declaring war against what they name as their oppressors.  Why do they live as slaves?  Why don’t they actively change their reality and live life on their own terms?  It doesn’t matter much what labels are applied to their enemies, the very fact that they are pissing and crying about them is a tell.

To that I say: Quit whining and do something!  Talk is cheap.  You wear your slavery on your sleeve like that bleeding heart of yours!

Change your situation. If you feel oppressed in every aspect of your daily life, then perhaps the prison you live in is that of your own design.  It all begins and ends in the mind.   What’s that old saying?  Free your mind, and your ass will follow… Yeah, that’s it.  Where are all those cry babies now?  Well, from where I’m sitting, they are still pissing and moaning but nothing has really changed in their lives.  Often times they are in a perpetual cycle of habit and ritual.  Perhaps they are too caught-up to realize they are still riding the Fool’s wheel, and continue to go round and round, distorting their perception of “reality”.

Reality, right… The only word that should always be in quotes.  People come at me with these notions of objective reality being of the utmost importance while the subjective reality is dismissed as day dreaming.    If you believe yourself to be a slave, then you will live as one.  The same is true for believing yourself a step-closer to reaching the godhead.

The Eldritch mandate still stands, and a Lovecraftian Theocracy is just around the bend.

“All religions are vehicles which can be used to arrive at a certain destination.  Within the Left Hand Path, that destination is defined by three tenets:  Autonomy, Power, and Self-Deification.  To go around thinking that anything can be achieved while the individual remains asleep to truth is the very height of blasphemy.  Stupidity, as Anton LaVey proclaimed, should be painful.  Thankfully, it is.  Maybe not in the ordinary world, which is full of ignoramuses, but in the extraordinary world… absolutely.  In the reality beneath this illusory construct, stupidity is downright lethal.” – Venger Satanis, Ipsissimus, Cthulhu Cult

I still support the notion that the LHP cannot become unified in any manner until people realize that they are deluding themselves into believing they are living in accordance with true will.  Most people are mechanized, reactionary, and are prone to being among the herd.  Where are the individuals?  I often only see groups claiming to have the answers, often received through revelations, and based in a puffered sense of authority to tell the rest of us how to live, breathe and practice.


Yeah, that’s right… React to this image.  If you do, then it’s doing it’s job and I haven’t even broken a sweat.  Call me the subordinate, believe that I am involved in a dangerous cult wreaking havoc on the occult.  The squidlies are coming to get you!  You had better put on your Sponge Bob  pants as there are always shoggoths in compliment ready to suck up your energy.


I declare a war on the notion of Slavery!

I will create havoc and bring the chaos!

Wake up!  Wake up! Wake up!

Mediocrity passed off as progress disgusts me!

I spit through the horns and curse it utterly!

The birth of a new era is coming, and you can not stop it’s arrival!

The Old Ones draw Nigh!

The devils of this world usher them in with the blistering sounds of the mad flutes of Azathoth!

Dance I say!  Dance!

And the frenzy will commence, the battlefields riddled in blood, ooze and the slime of your remains!

Oh that’s right, I’m supposed to be a ‘lady’ and allow myself to be pinned down by gender roles and associations right?  To be otherized and divided among the dregs of society.

Shhhh little girl, quiet now… They may believe you to be quite mad.

Sin Jones