What Have You Done for Satanism Lately?

I keep hearing this absurd Rhetorical question uttered across the Internet.  It’s stratifying you know, you can peg a poser from a mile away.  These flag-waivers haven’t the slightest idea how to manifest their “Reality” so they go on to point the finger at others in the most classic case of psychological projection I can fathom.

It’s usually reduced to:

I can’t find a job:  So, I’ll blame these companies for not hiring me.

I can’t get my shit together: So, I’ll blame the booze I’m drinking, the drugs I’m taking, and the dealer for selling them to me.

I can’t maintain a meaningful relationship:  So, I’ll blame THEM.  It’s not me.


These so-called ‘Satanists’ finger wag at other Satanists if they aren’t out there doing the same meaningless shit for the public welfare.    It’s easier to project failures onto this word SATAN, than to actually practice Satanism.   There’s always some noob with stars in his eyes for community, even if he doesn’t have the first clue how a community should function.  He’s off looking for people that validate his identity, what he believes and he’s making these faux friends because it’s easier than making real ones.  To him, that’s Satanism.



Satanism doesn’t need a PR Rep, nor does it seek to bring your average Joe-Shmoe into the fold.  If you want to run some publicity stunt to turn a buck, fine.  Have at it.  All the power to ya but if you happen to under-estimate your target market, who’s to blame for that?  Oh right, it’s the target. /sarcasm.  Many take great joy in calling you on your bullshit or just calling a Spade a Spade.  They don’t include themselves in the mass of Yes-men patting you on the back while throwing  money down on your cause.   In fact, there’s plenty on the opposing side just having a laugh at your expense.  Some are quite active in just shutting you down.  They’re hip to your endeavors and refuse to stand counted among the cash-cows. They are your adversary, even if only for having the nerve to insult their intelligence.   It’s mosh pit of Satans!


Another piece of feel-good bullshit is this sentiment that if you don’t fight for your ‘Rights’ you will lose them.   So these would-be White-Knight patriots are out there  fighting for ‘Rights’ and ‘Freedoms’ (whatever the hell those are)!  Running off into oblivion to fix a broken world by getting balls deep in Nomian distractions.  These people are oh so bothered by a Church on every corner, religious icons on government property and Judeo-Christian values that permeate American society; they can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t function – can you imagine what kind of lives these people live?    Fan-fucking-tastic, I say.  They will crash and burn just like their predecessors.  Only, they don’t get to rise from the ashes a force to be reckoned with, No.  At best, their ashes get swept away in a whirlwind of hahahahahahah!     Poof motherfucker.  Life just served you up.  In this dog-eat-dog world, if you can’t deal with something as mundane as differing beliefs, you’ll perish – go Natural Selection!   

Rage against the machine, that’s all it is.  The cogs keep turning and nothing ever changes with these people.  It’s just noise.  You go to see what all the ruckus is about and it’s nothing impressive.  Look, if you just need money, create.  Always create.  I don’t trust anyone that doesn’t create.  I’m not talking about some profound piece of thought diarrhea posted on Facebook, either.   You want my money?  My support?  My SEO tentacles on your behalf?  Come at me Bro.  Make something with your own hands, with ideas from your own head, express who and what you are.   Blow my mind.  That, I’ll get behind.  I’ll remember you.  You’ll impress yourself upon me with such brute force I can’t but help ‘see’ your ideas gaining momentum in my head.    Set me on fire!  That, I’ll throw money down on.


To the rest, with your faux activism and perpetual guru-syndrome,   go fuck yourself.  That’s all you need, a good jack off session with sandpaper then run a full-sequence of ass-to-mouth, run a train because I’m not jumping into your caboose.  You and all your mental masturbation and look at your lives in shambles. Go fix some shit, then come talk to me.  Don’t ask me what I’ve done for Satanism lately, I practice Satanism.    This is why you’ll not hear me pissing and whining about employment, money, love, sex, or the world,  it’s life.  I live it.  Sure, I’m an opinionated woman and I have plenty to opine but you’ll not see me waiving flags with a come join me fa la la and run off into nowhere and nothing.

  signs5       You can’t join me.  These battles I fight alone.   SIN JONES