What’s all the to do about god?

If you’re one of those types that  will defer judgment in favor of dictionaries, I’m speaking of this definition:

a person or thing of supreme value

Supreme as the highest rank of authority.  Some examples: Money, Family, Friends, Material Goods, Knowledge, Approval, Celebrity, Station, Accomplishments,  etc.

Ideas can be god.  Especially when they are placed on an altar of worship.  What get’s your attention?  What would you hold in such high regard? What would make you immovable? What drives you and towards what?

Apathy expressed towards the mundane is because it’s dull and lacks luster.   All things banal and uninteresting, where  the extraordinary is sought to be experienced.  Where none can be found, people tend to seek out some higher purpose, or some semblance of vision.  The imagination tends to play a role in this, a place where ideas are replaced with ideals.

It may account for why so many people are in the thralls of sociopolitical topics like Human Rights and Freedom.  It adds a sheen to daily routine as if talking ideals has altered the reality of what one is actually doing.  The ‘to-do’ has some rather interesting synonyms (among others):

noun commotion, excitement


Agitation is an efficient communicator, at the very least it can tell you when something has your attention.  Otherwise, apathy takes care when a topic is raised.  There’s only a small number of topics I find interesting enough to intrigue my thoughts. Topics that demonstrates human absurdity.  In writing for various publications over the years, at the Editor’s request the phrase “human condition” had been used when I’d breach a topic.  Condition is a funny sort of word, it can be both an adjective and noun, especially when describing the state of being human.

I’ve often been described as being a confrontational or insulting writer. The focus on condescension has always been intriguing to me.  I get the same descriptor when I talk and I always write in the same manner in which I speak.  Maybe these people just need to spend a year in New England, to pick up the essence of it, the form is merely consequential.  Born and raised there, I can distinguish what is cultural from my pathology but the two are intertwined.  The Latin caduceus would be a suitable symbol to carry this message not so unlike the kAru in Sanskrit. Both an art and a science.

I’ve been told that I should adjust if I want to gain a fan base.  I’ve been removed from writer’s lists, banned from message boards and told (in the politest way possible) that I’m just too agitating.    As if gaining a fan base was my end goal.  It never has been.  If readers become the anti-fan, then my efforts weren’t for naught.  If my presence doesn’t invoke a deep-sigh, then I’m just as mundane as doing the dishes.    The truth is, I’m well aware that I’m over-analytical, seem to talk in circles and tend to exhaust the audience.  That’s sort of the point.  As Marcus Aurelius put it:

“For Myself”.

It’s a rather interesting experiment to conduct, just to see how strongly a person holds ideas (or things) Supreme (including my own).  Will they falter?  Hold ground?  Does the topic stand on its own merit or will it come crashing down like a house of cards?

That old saying that if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything doesn’t ring true, at least not in my head.  Anything can be approached from many angles, chipped away at, and until only dust remains.

“This thing, what is it in itself, in its own constitution? What is its substance and material?” {Marcus Aurelius}

Perhaps this is where the leap is taken to Nihilism, if one misunderstands the form and its contents, then it accounts for this reductionist approach.  Ideas can be annihilated but it doesn’t mean the person holding the idea goes down in flames with it.    If the activity gives rise to depression and existential crisis, then god is dead.

I can’t help but applaud to that.

Sin Jones

Mental Illness: Satan’s favorite scapegoat

A person commits a crime, then offs themselves and there’s no grand manifesto to explain why they did it.  It’s done.  It doesn’t stop people from speculating the reasons, as if knowing the reason somehow consoles them.

I don’t know what’s worse, speculating that Adam Lanza had mental illness, Asperger’s or was a Devil Worshiper.  The hot buzz for the week:  The Devil Made him do it. The superstitious and reactionary herd can now feel vindicated in some way having some form of self-affirmed verification that EVIL is real, and plagues even those with a neurological disorder.

Some people are not willing to accept that reasonable, and rational people kill.  There has to be some dark underpinning that shadows them.  It’s as if mental-illness puts people at ease, vs. facing the harsh reality that man is a killing beast.

Morality thumpers negate that social ethics and morality is taught, hardly innate.  Sure, we have empathy, but it’s typically limited to only those we care about.  Matricide, Patricide and even Infanticide is part of the killing grounds of mankind.

In the words of Sigmund Freud:  Tell me about your mother…

Blaming mental illness (especially in the absence of),  is like looking in a mirror and denying what you see.  Take a long hard look people, because it’s in you.  Given the proper circumstances, you’d kill.  Unless of course you don’t value your life enough, and would rather martyr yourself.

Fight or Flight?  You won’t know until that situation presents itself.  You can kick around a thousand if/what scenarios and it won’t mean shit until you arein the moment.

The rampage of man is all around us, but especially in us.  Push a man to the event horizon and you’ll see what he’s made of.    Will he have a moment oftemporary insanity???  That’s Satan’s favorite scapegoat!  In a civilized society, you’d have to be completely insane to kill right?  Especially for pleasure.  Some people enjoy it so much, they get sloppy and then they get caught.  And that’s the bottom-line.  The profilers will feed you a line:  They wanted to get caught, it was a cry for help.

If they kill themselves, it’s to not allow civilized man the victory of them.  People demand justice, but what they really want is vengeance.  They want criminals to suffer punishment for their crimes, not just to remove them as abhorrent citizens.   The hypocrisy of their demands is just ignoring the beast in the mirror snarling back at them.  Have another look.  If you look at yourself and say:  ”I could never kill.  I could never be that apathetic towards my fellow man…”  Maybe you prefer the lie.  If you were more honest with yourself, you might admit that you are one of those demanding civilians of what is right and just.

Shhh, it’s a secret.  Sometimes…The lie is better. 

Tell the world you’re mentally ill, get your excuse card and laminate it.  Flash it when you are up on your soap box demanding truth, justice and freedom!  Bleed for it!  Or, better yet dress it up in a uniform and worship it a god.  Hero worship hasn’t faded in a modern society that claims to have civilized Barbaric values.    You really think so huh?

Just because public executions are behind the velvet curtain and encased in glass, makes it no less a slab of bloody meat that tantalizes the beast within.  Mmmmm can’t you smell it?

The Barbarians are at the Gate.  Satan is the ruler of the Earth, and its drenched in blood.  What excuse could you possibly offer Satan, for the thing that you are?

Poor little Causal beings… What ever will you do?

Swallow it like a jagged little pill.

Choke on the “reality” that you yourself create.

Blame the government.

Blame society.

Blame the indulgences you cannot resist!

Blame mental illness!

But most of all, blame the effect!  And never mind the cause!


Sin Jones