Conspiracy is another tool of the Bullshit Artist.  Whisper in the ear of the ignorant, and conspiracy is born!  Some diabolical plot is being orchestrated, and the Bullshit Artist is going to unmask the conspirators, and thus make them hunted by the general public.  The mob!   If you allow them.  If you enable them to work their mojo on your psyche.  


Why are some people so willing to be fed bullshit?  Told who their enemies are?  And, allow the bullshit to warp their perception of ‘reality’.  When personal reality runs off with the mind, well…That’s the momentum given to mob mentality.


Cry Conspiracy!  See where it takes you.  If you get some supporters of your cause, you have to ask yourself: Why?  Why are people so willing to follow a lead?  What stops them from analyzing the data you feed them?  If you like being surrounded by sheep, then your success as a shepherd can be measured.  What do you do with all these sheep once you have them?  I mean, they are just going to hang on your every word like gospel.  How does this help you?  I suppose, if you are Bullshit Artist by trade, it helps you fill your pockets.  If you are a Bullshit Artist by hobby, maybe it makes you feel more important than you actually are.  Let’s face it; you are popular among shit eaters.  Is that really accomplished?  I don’t think so.  In fact, I think that makes you a lowly person who has nothing to offer this world but shit.


I have no use for shit eaters, or the Bullshit Artist.  I’d rather unravel the webs they weave, and reveal the truth under the piles of bullshit.  Maybe then, people will realize how foolish they’ve been to follow such nonsense.  Maybe then, people will stop being so damn mediocre and strive for something more than being a shit-eater.


Oh yes, my diabolical plan has been demystified!  The conspiracy revealed!


Now what are you gonna do?


Sin Jones

The Poison Apple