Got Beef?

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Bloody:  Beefing it up with just about anyone and anything I don’t agree with.  Starting fights with people I don’t know.  Attacking people, rather than critiquing the ideologies expressed.  Let the blood flow!

Medium Well:  Cook that sucker but leave me with a bloody center!  I like to leave my options open in the event I get a douchebag response to a blog post, forum comment, or Facebook headline.  Yes, there will be blood!

Well Done:  I don’t care for the taste, I want my beef cooked all the way through.  I don’t engage in fights on the web, I’m even considering going vegan!

Drama! Drama! Drama!  Internet Drama!   Topical News: Lindsey Stone, Facebookers had a beef with Lindsey Stone’s photo flipping the bird to a sign at the Arlington Cemetery.  So much in fact they created a movement against her on Facebook and got her fired!

In Occult circles its usually reduced to taking issue with a person’s ideologies and practices, popularity clubs, and attention whoring.  Who’s got the beef?

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