Religio Externa!

Out of the Mouthes of Liars…


Would you believe another man’s tale, or rely on your own Gnosis and Experiential Knowledge?

What is Truth in the realm of a Subjective Experience?

What if…

Instead of believing the tales of other men, you consider them, just for a moment to determine if your own story holds merit.

What if…

You have your own Near-Death-Experience but instead of awakening to the Kingdom of God, you instead awaken in an Infernal Realm where Satan is God? The dominion of truth, and the illumination of realization: All that you’ve been told is a LIE!

In another time, another story…Christ is the ultimate Adversary, willing to die for his own story.  He’s willing to die for it, but not willing to kill for it.

Are you?


The Bible Makers have been spending a great deal of time to tell you a tale,  the preacher man wants to lead you…The flock…Into a sea of lies!  Will you drown in the Abyss?  What is the REAL story of this magical tome?

Will you return to your life, after nearly slipping into Oblivion, and realize that this thing is stirring inside of you IS Leviathan?  The quest for knowledge, truth and absolute power that slithers around your spine and rests upon your very being!

You are not content to be told fairy tales! Instead you are determined to write your own!  The tales that you tell around the fire have far more admirable qualities, and the heroes are a far stronger force to be reckoned with!

Why should you be nothing more than sheep a midst the wolves?  Even wolves have pack mentality, those little pups will submit to the Alpha when it rises in rank!  Instead you grab up a bow, and become the hunter of beasts!  That meat sure would be tasty, and the pelts will keep you warm at night as you sharpen your arrows against the stone.

Shhh, Hush now.  Wolves are not sacred or holy animals.  They are beasts like any other in this world!

The stone is the lithosphere of the Earth, and mankind is just as much a part of it as it is of man.  There is no extraterrestrial being that is going to save you from being smashed upon it!

Instead, become the Geologist and learn the ways of the Stone.  Learn which stones are soft, and which are the most hard; use the right tools and shatter them into things you can use!  Weapons against those that seek to fool you with their lies, deceptions and lead you astray from the things you really want!

Your wants can be a pebble in the pond of desire, or the highest mountain’s peak!

Do you think I’m a liar?  Then for your own sake, find the truth of the matter!