What’s all the to do about god?

If you’re one of those types that  will defer judgment in favor of dictionaries, I’m speaking of this definition:

a person or thing of supreme value

Supreme as the highest rank of authority.  Some examples: Money, Family, Friends, Material Goods, Knowledge, Approval, Celebrity, Station, Accomplishments,  etc.

Ideas can be god.  Especially when they are placed on an altar of worship.  What get’s your attention?  What would you hold in such high regard? What would make you immovable? What drives you and towards what?

Apathy expressed towards the mundane is because it’s dull and lacks luster.   All things banal and uninteresting, where  the extraordinary is sought to be experienced.  Where none can be found, people tend to seek out some higher purpose, or some semblance of vision.  The imagination tends to play a role in this, a place where ideas are replaced with ideals.

It may account for why so many people are in the thralls of sociopolitical topics like Human Rights and Freedom.  It adds a sheen to daily routine as if talking ideals has altered the reality of what one is actually doing.  The ‘to-do’ has some rather interesting synonyms (among others):

noun commotion, excitement


Agitation is an efficient communicator, at the very least it can tell you when something has your attention.  Otherwise, apathy takes care when a topic is raised.  There’s only a small number of topics I find interesting enough to intrigue my thoughts. Topics that demonstrates human absurdity.  In writing for various publications over the years, at the Editor’s request the phrase “human condition” had been used when I’d breach a topic.  Condition is a funny sort of word, it can be both an adjective and noun, especially when describing the state of being human.

I’ve often been described as being a confrontational or insulting writer. The focus on condescension has always been intriguing to me.  I get the same descriptor when I talk and I always write in the same manner in which I speak.  Maybe these people just need to spend a year in New England, to pick up the essence of it, the form is merely consequential.  Born and raised there, I can distinguish what is cultural from my pathology but the two are intertwined.  The Latin caduceus would be a suitable symbol to carry this message not so unlike the kAru in Sanskrit. Both an art and a science.

I’ve been told that I should adjust if I want to gain a fan base.  I’ve been removed from writer’s lists, banned from message boards and told (in the politest way possible) that I’m just too agitating.    As if gaining a fan base was my end goal.  It never has been.  If readers become the anti-fan, then my efforts weren’t for naught.  If my presence doesn’t invoke a deep-sigh, then I’m just as mundane as doing the dishes.    The truth is, I’m well aware that I’m over-analytical, seem to talk in circles and tend to exhaust the audience.  That’s sort of the point.  As Marcus Aurelius put it:

“For Myself”.

It’s a rather interesting experiment to conduct, just to see how strongly a person holds ideas (or things) Supreme (including my own).  Will they falter?  Hold ground?  Does the topic stand on its own merit or will it come crashing down like a house of cards?

That old saying that if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything doesn’t ring true, at least not in my head.  Anything can be approached from many angles, chipped away at, and until only dust remains.

“This thing, what is it in itself, in its own constitution? What is its substance and material?” {Marcus Aurelius}

Perhaps this is where the leap is taken to Nihilism, if one misunderstands the form and its contents, then it accounts for this reductionist approach.  Ideas can be annihilated but it doesn’t mean the person holding the idea goes down in flames with it.    If the activity gives rise to depression and existential crisis, then god is dead.

I can’t help but applaud to that.

Sin Jones

Grotto Magazine: Fall Edition


Each person assumes the role of authority over their own lives; it’s when they presume to be the authority over the lives of others that conflict ensues.

The English term ‘Authority’ has had an interesting evolution linguistically speaking.  The Latin term Auctoritatem implied some invention, advice or opinion that was given by an Auctor.   The Auctor is where we get the English term Author.  There was a time when the Auctor was considered to be a master, commander, and leader that demanded respect and acknowledgement as being correct.  In 13th century France, the term was adopted Auctorité under the dominion of Kings.  The divine sovereign was considered to not only be correct, but held prestige and with the gravity of the scriptures.  By the time the term was adopted into the English language in the 16th century, it simply meant the power to enforce obedience.  By the 19th century, the term indicated the powers held by those in charge, such as the police and governmental agencies.

Today, the term authority takes on a similar aura but when used by a private person, can be problematic when deciding:  Just who has the authority to settle disputes?  It may lead to the individual asking many questions and the primary being:  By what authority do others have the power of an Auctor to dictate the daily lives of human beings?

The question seeks an answer but do you dare?  The answers may lead you to the realization that You are a Slave.  I can lock my door, I can enact my personal authority to not allow you entrance, unless of course there is probable cause for an Auctor to over throw my power and enter with a warrant issued by Law.  Well, then that places your personal authority in a different light now doesn’t it?  What authority do you actually have?

1.  Do you have full authority over your life?

If that’s the case, then why are laws in place to ensure that YOUR life is held in the hands of a higher-authority?  Don’t believe me?  Test it.  Try to take your life, and what consequences you will face if you don’t carry it out fully.

2.  Do you have full authority over your property?

Then why is your property used as collateral and taxable asset?  If you live in the U.S. you will NEVER own the land your dwelling stands on.  If you do not pay the property taxes on the land leased to you by the government, not only will your property be seized as collateral damage, you will still owe the taxes in balance even if they seize everything you ‘own’.

3.  Do you have full authority over how you live your life?

If you think you do, perhaps you might consider the constraints placed upon it by the Auctors and in full support of the ‘all the Kings men’.  Government manages the daily function of society so that each person living will have the benefit of having basic survival needs such as food, energy, and shelter.  Beyond that?  There is added legislation to ensure you live by the divine authority of Kings.

We do enjoy the delusions of freedom don’t we?  The Plebian role of eating cake.  We are left with crumbs and we do what we can with it, but does it truly provide us nourishment?  Hardly.  We are emaciated all the while stuffing our faces with porridge masked as a feast.

What will it take for mankind to realize how truly far we’ve fallen from Grace?

Isaiah 14:12-15

12 How hast thou fallen from the heavens, O shining one, son of the dawn! Thou hast been cut down to earth, O weakener of nations.

13 And thou saidst in thy heart: the heavens I go up, Above stars of God I raise my throne, And I sit in the mount of meeting in the sides of the north.

“For men-servants and for maid-servants, And they have been captors of their captors, And have ruled over their exactors.”

I know, I know… You really believe this story is telling a tale of literal God, an over-seer, an over-man…An Auctor in the sky.  He will save you, from yourself.

14 I go up above the heights of a thick cloud, I am like to the Most High.

15 Only — unto Sheol thou art brought down, Unto the sides of the pit.

And you wonder why Venus rises and falls each day, crying for the monotony of it All!  Perhaps you are falling, falling, falling…Into the pit.  No way out.  No sign of the Sun to bring in the dawn of day.

The idea of a messiah saving the human race from the Demiurge isn’t exactly original.  The essence of man pitted against the physical world of labor, toiling and for what?  How much of your life do you really spend living?

From Ancient Sumer to Modern Judeo-Christian-Islamic societies, it’s much of the same.  How much has man really learned about himself during his existence?  Not much by my account.  It’s all blah blah blah, we are the people, we have Authority!  Not while you live in the dominion of Kings.

Revelation 13

13 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and I saw out of the sea a beast coming up, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon its horns ten diadems, and upon its heads a name of evil speaking,

and the beast that I saw was like to a leopard, and its feet as of a bear, and its mouth as the mouth of a lion, and the dragon did give to it his power, and his throne, and great authority.

And I saw one of its heads as slain to death, and its deadly stroke was healed, and all the earth did wonder after the beast,

and they did bow before the dragon who did give authority to the beast, and they did bow before the beast, saying, `Who [is] like to the beast? who is able to war with it?’

And there was given to it a mouth speaking great things, and evil-speakings, and there was given to it authority to make war forty-two months,

and it did open its mouth for evil-speaking toward God, to speak evil of His name, and of His tabernacle, and of those who in the heaven tabernacle,

and there was given to it to make war with the saints, and to overcome them, and there was given to it authority over every tribe, and tongue, and nation.

And bow before it shall all who are dwelling upon the land, whose names have not been written in the scroll of the life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world;

if any one hath an ear — let him hear:

10 if any one a captivity doth gather, into captivity he doth go away; if any one by sword doth kill, it behoveth him by sword to be killed; here is the endurance and the faith of the saints.

11 And I saw another beast coming up out of the land, and it had two horns, like a lamb, and it was speaking as a dragon,

12 and all the authority of the first beast doth it do before it, and it maketh the land and those dwelling in it that they shall bow before the first beast, whose deadly stroke was healed,

13 and it doth great signs, that fire also it may make to come down from the heaven to the earth before men,

14 and it leadeth astray those dwelling on the land, because of the signs that were given it to do before the beast, saying to those dwelling upon the land to make an image to the beast that hath the stroke of the sword and did live,

15 and there was given to it to give a spirit to the image of the beast, that also the image of the beast may speak, and [that] it may cause as many as shall not bow before the image of the beast, that they may be killed.

16 And it maketh all, the small, and the great, and the rich, and the poor, and the freemen, and the servants, that it may give to them a mark upon their right hand or upon their foreheads,

17 and that no one may be able to buy, or to sell, except he who is having the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18 Here is the wisdom! He who is having the understanding, let him count the number of the beast, for the number of a man it is, and its number [is] 666.

Turn it on its head, and its 999.  So whether you see this parable as a prophecy of mankind or the number of millennia it will take for it to sink into man’s evolution matters little today.  Today?  We are still dancing the Fool’s Jig in the court of Kings.

Maybe, just maybe you might learn to become the Auctor rather than bending to authority.  How will you learn this?  Well… The story of man is still being written, will the history of our kind be recorded by the victors or will your legacy speak for itself?

Only time will tell.

Sin Jones