Book of SIN


I.  Find your passion.  Will is driven by passion; in a word…It’s driven by LOVE.  Find what you love the most, and allow it to compel you forward.  We fall in and out of Love and often.   Place yourself in an environment which teaches you how to Love even if only for a reason or a season:  Master empathy in favor of apathy.  Apathy leads to nothingness, to inactivity, to death.

II.  LIVE.  Live each moment.  Live it on your terms.  Living your life, on your own terms isn’t as easy as it sounds.  It may take work, opposition and being adversary to anyone and anything that attempts to break your natural spirit.  Enrich your life with Death, to remind yourself that today could be the day you die.  Live each moment, as if the next will never come.  Memento Mori! Carpe Diem!

III. Remember yourself.  Remain aware.  Recognize when you are mechanized, and rage against the machine.  Work at it, and never relent.  It is through awareness that you become.  Become something more, than you are today:  Something more than a machine following your programming.  Be the formless chaos! 

IV.  Be not the Story.  Every person has a story, identifying with the story makes YOU disappear.  Ask yourself every day: WHO AM I?  If you can only express who you are by your story, you do not exist.  Only your story exists

V.  Strive towards becoming.  Contentment leads to stagnation.  If it takes a complete destruction of your current self to find your way to becoming more: Self-destruct.   Tear yourself down, and build it again.  Be the architect.

VI.  Follow not a commanding Master.  Be not a slave.  Surround yourself with inspiring people, allow them to provoke you, challenge you, and become your muses.  Inspiration leads to growth, and productivity.   If you cannot provoke the slave to free himself, leave him to his service.   

VII.  Create.  Always create.  It is through the process of creation, that you may understand the human potential, and its divinity.  Man creates, not just with his hands but the landscapes of his mind.  The creation is merely the by-product of creativity.  Creativity is the Will in motion

VIII.  Express.  Express yourself in any medium possible, as a social creature to know a person is to know the expression.  Language is but one avenue to express or lead a person down a rabbit hole of truth and lies.  To know me, is to know my expressions.

IX.  Achieve gnosis.  Be in the Know.  There is a distinction to be made between education and learning.  When you are educated, you follow the current of a curriculum.  The knowledge you obtain from education may become your programming.  Learning may force you against the current, and lead you to Gnosis

X.  Explore.  Achieving Gnosis, does not mean that you know all there is to know.  Explore by hobby, connect with diverse minds and create total environments to foster a change in the lens in which you view the world.      Experiment with method.  Be the anthropologist, the archaeologist, the sociologist, the mad alchemist and the tomb raider!

XI.  Dissolve Borders. Step outside of yourself; put yourself in the shoes of another.  Step outside your peer group, your community, your country, your continent, and your time period.  You invent your own prison.  Whether that be the borders of a conceived comfort zone, or the limitations of ideas you will consider. 

XII.  Be the Beacon.  Be the call to action.  Inspire others to find their passion; to live as if there is no tomorrow, to remember themselves and be not the story.   You may be the spark that compels them to strive for more, to shake free of their masters, to create, express, achieve gnosis, to explore, dissolve borders and be the beacon themselves