The Wheel of Power


Hypocrisy is Awesome!

Must be, people sure like to live that way – ALL DAY LONG in social media.

I watch people talk about how much they hate Christians, then get butthurt over the WBC claiming that God Hates Fags.

Satirical cartoons make them feel OH SO SUPERIOR.  Never mind what utter morons these people are, vapid little creatures.  One can only hope that a lynch mob chases them with as much zeal!


250K Signatures to label them a hate-group, the plebs really think that their begging of the Patricians to tag the group, is really a way to liberate themselves from hatred.  Only their own hatred is acceptable, right?

People talk all day about how they hate this and that, but they are not part of a Hate Group right?  They are love, light and lollipops all the while expecting the rest of us to lick their shit on a stick.

No thanks.  I have a mind of my own, and I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about your dislikes, hatred or self-loathing existence.  What I do care about is not becoming one of you.  The same group of Obamians that followed the lemmings into oblivion with their VOTE.


Begging fools, they keep demanding the Government get involved in our lives every day.  They want it, then when the government grows they complain about Big Government.  They want their welfare checks, free education, and jobs provided by the very system they claim to despise.

It’s all “We the people demand…”

Look at all the noise this single family is making, and the plebs do their advertising for them.  It’s easier to call a News Station than it is to put up a blocking hand.   It’s easier to sign an on-line petition than it is to create a counter-movement.

The only thing moving is the airwaves, yap, yap, yap…  Cherry picking Constitutional Rights, deciding whom will be privileged!

And they want a true Democracy in favor of a Republic?  Are you kidding me?  The people are too fickle… Too flighty.  Incapable.  They admit this every time they beg the government to govern them!

Living the code


Each person sets their own code by which they live by.  The trouble usually starts when the rest of the world doesn’t adhere to it.

Living by the code can often be a source of frustration and rebellion.  It may lead one to rebel, for rebellion’s sake.  It’s in the code.  This is when pride becomes counter-productive, but especially if the person that suffers the most is YOU.

You can become an angry and bitter person if you cannot or rather will not accept the nature of our species.

The condition of being human is that we are flawed.  We often have flawed reasoning, logic and the bi-product is irrationality and emotionality.

Living by the code may be the source of your own alienation, alien among the species simply because you view the world from behind Lucifer’s Lens.

“The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.” – Confucius

Will you become Jaded, or will you bend like the reed?

In order to spiral upward, we must first spiral inward.  Self-reflection is the mirror that we care most to avoid, isn’t it?  

Why is it so difficult to see ourselves for what we are?

Are we ashamed of our condition?  Are we to deny our nature and thus pretend we are not the ravenous creature staring back?

We each have needs, and wants; we are starved for them.  Do we really want the misery of our daily toils?  To be free of our mortal coil?

Then why, I ask...Do we spend so much time seeking it?

Why can’t we see ourselves in the moment, the very instance that we set it in motion and step back to prevent our demise?

Causality, in our complete totality.

Instead we seem to prefer fuel the flame that burns within our very souls charring us to brimstone and ash.  How delicious the taste of iron in our mouths must be!  It must be, instead of the pleasures of the ambrosia meant for gods!

Tell the tall tales of your pain, rather than gazing into the mirror to see the path behind you.  What rolls ahead is certainly within your power; however the Will of the true self is shackled within a dream.

Oh we beautiful dreamers!

Be honest with yourself for once in your miserable lives and admit that it’s easier to imagine it than it is to accomplish it!

The code by which you live is just another rigid dogma to hold in your hand like a rod you stir the embers with.

By rod and by staff, live by it…But don’t presume to think that you are fooling, you are living the Fool.

You want others to adhere to your code,

you need it.

You try to live with honor and the code guides you,

even if it’s into utter oblivion!

You stand at the event horizon,

Living the code.

Sin Jones

Happy New Year!

“Happy New Year!” That’s what they say anyway but it’s the same shit just  different flies.  People don’t change, events change.  What has really changed about them?  Nothing, as far as I can tell.

People still act like retarded zombies.

Does a shaved head always mean you have Cancer?  Apparently it does. I assure you, my tits are in tact.  They are quite stellar.


Living your life on your own terms doesn’t mean you have somehow changed the way people think, or view the world.  Mostly, they react like programmed robots.

A woman with a shaved head means, she must have cancer.  Breast Cancer.  I have a nice rack, it doesn’t mean I’ve had a boob job.  I’m 100% all woman.  Though, I imagine it a compliment at my age.  I’ll be 39 in two days, and the girls are still sitting at attention.  Pretty impressive, I suppose…

Get a grip people.  Women have been removing the hair from their heads voluntarily for thousands of years.  You’d think in the 21st century it wouldn’t make you bat an eyelash, but it still does.  I’m constantly checking my proverbial watch for the century.  Last time I checked, Corseting was an option, no longer a requirement, often times it’s even a kink.  I’m reminded of that 65 year old woman with a waistline the circumference of a CD. Amazing!  In our modern society oddities like that even make the Guinness Book of World Records.  What an accomplishment! *snark*

You people are a bunch of weirdos, and they say I’m strange!  At best I’m eccentric, some would say neurotic but you know what?  I’m the most sane and normal person I know.  People around me are the nut bags!!!

When you gather to ring in the New Year, you’ll bump into old acquaintances and those you haven’t seen you in a while.  The sympathetic stares, the whispering in the back corner of the room… And for what?  The bitch ain’t got no hair!  Deal with it.

For me, I don’t let people get away with being stupid and reactionary.  I walk right up, and engage them.

“Soooooo, you wanna know about my bald head huh?  Here, let me fill in that the hollow you call a backbone…”

I suppose the scar on the back of my head adds to the stigma.  For me, it’s an opportunity to peddle cupcakes and tell tall tales, and they fall for it every time.

I can tell these fools I got into a car accident, had brain surgery, or cracked my skull chasing after Santa on Christmas and they’d believe me.

Funny thing is, the truth is far weirder to them than some tragic tale of cancer eating away at my gray matter.

I can’t outgrow my genes, but I can certainly surpass them.  This chick, always goes out in a blaze of fire.

Androgenic Alopecia

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