Appeal to authority?

I was under the impression that people sought out the arcane as a way to empowerment oneself and attain needs and desires.  The latest trend of  Occultists leaning on law to shelter them from adversity, is hysterical.  Left-hand Path you say?  I think not.  Be careful when seeking out peer-review because you may not get what you’re after.  Which is really just acceptance right?  This is precisely Right-hand Path attainment, not that which is associated with the Devil.

There appears to be an influx of legal cases in the last few months by Witches and Satanists alike.  It’s all this comment is harassing me, that comment is harassing meSlander! Libel! Scammer!  The Facebook environment just makes all of this more visible.   Blaming social tech as scapegoat isn’t quite cutting it for me.  That would be like blaming your cell phone for drunk dialing.

It’s been argued that legal posturing is a viable tool in psychological warfare.  I could almost agree but only as far as a threat to use against your adversary.  If a person sees a comment, criticism or critique as a perceived threat, then chances are they fear legal ramifications too.   It can be a viable tactic, however the elephant in the room is screaming to be noticed.  If you  need the the Law, in order to manipulate circumstances to your favor, you have weak kung-fu.   “Do as thou Will”  is so oft repeated that I doubt the meaning is understood.  Call me cynical but my observations have me draw this conclusion.  Totally clueless, and don’t get me started on the habitual snitching.  Snitches get stitches and end up in ditches, they aren’t heroes or a glory-hole to fuck.  That shit is full of AIDS and you can catch it.

frogIt doesn’t take much effort on your part to call the cops or hire an attorney.  The most amusing part is that at the end of a lot of these cases, the intended goal isn’t even reached!  No smack down on the opponent, no gag order, no power change; in fact nothing changes at all.  Many cases are dismissed as frivolous and misinterpreting Law or get over-turned in appeal.  It then just becomes a public show of weakness or a way to gain sympathy from the public.    For what?  Who knows, ego-stroking and masturbatory pleasure be my guess.

An appeal to authority, is Right-hand path.  I’m not sorry if it hurts your feelings and if it makes me a cantankerous cunt for pointing it out, I’m ok with that; why aren’t you?     Oh, oh …I know!  The way things are vs. the way you believe them to be is uncomfortable.    Your precious shit has been disturbed by a mean person.   Call the cops, have me arrested.  “Love is the Law!”


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CULT of SIN: Challenge

I’m often told that my so-called “cult” of followers are so loyal and dedicated that I can get them to do just about anything I want upon request.  So let’s test that theory shall we?! BUY ME THIS FILM by 10/31/15, if I fail to receive it by then, this assumption is thereby FALSE.  I use ‘cult’ very tongue-in-cheek, always have but at the same time I’ve experienced a bit of that culty-weirdness when people imitate you, hang on your every word or treat you like their guru.    Ties in to my recent blog:  Cults of Personality:  Are there any perks?

So I’m curious to discover whether or not a stranger will purchase this film for me just solely based on following my cult of personality.

Why this film?  This year, I’ve chosen ‘Alice’ (technically, Mrs. Tredoni) from the 1978 film “Alice, Sweet Alice” for my Halloween Costume.   It’s one of the first slasher films I watched as a child and I’ve always wanted to construct the costume.  Netflix was streaming it for a while but it’s been removed from their library recently. I think it’s high time I attain by own copy!  I figure I can use the DVD case as a prop since most people may not be familiar with the character.    You can reach me by email: for more details for shipping, or use my contact form on my website:

The film (directed by Alfred Sole) was out of print for a long time due to some boot-legging issues and was finally released again (and digitally remastered in 2007).  I find it an appropriate film due to its cult following.  There was some talk about a 2015 Remake but like most remakes, it would lose it’s original macabre especially if it’s taken out of a 1960’s setting,   I don’t know that I could bring myself to watch it, the original is a bit of nostalgia (given my Roman Catholic background).

If you’re interested in the film, you can watch it HERE.  It was previously released as “Communion, 1976”, there was a re-release in 1981 as “Holy Terror”, I just happened to be exposed to the 1978 version.  It has always received mixed reviews for holes in the plotline and seemingly missing elements such as what role did the 2-faced doll play?  Was it to insinuate that Alice had a split personality?  Was it widely known outside her own household that she owned these particular masks?  Was the original script intended to be a Ghost Story or Demon Possession?  Was Mr. Alphonso the catalyst for a Poltergeist? The role of Mrs. Tredoni as the actual killer always seemed like an after thought. There’s a lot of scenes that don’t make a whole lot of sense from a technical perspective.  The Catholicism element had always been thought to be a way to segment into deed of the Devil and Satanic Sacrifice but whatever ended up on the cutting room floor resulted in a totally different film.  That’s what kind of gives it its allure. It leaves much to the imagination.  Needless to say, I love this film.  At the very least, I have exposed you to it if it’s fallen under your radar.

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Poison Apple Radio: Interview with the Grand Mufti of Satanism!


“Troll Towelhead converted to Satanism in 1996 out of compassion for victims of moral panics and hate crimes. He signed a Blood Pact for mutual defense, then wrote The Gospel of Satan after standardizing Satanology and discerning how Christian theology tends to resemble Milton’s Paradise Lost and the scripture on which it is based usually features no anti-God or cosmic adversary. In the 21st century he placed his scripture on the world wide web, and in 2013 issued a printed version with commentary and fatwas. In 2010 the Cult of Cthulhu recognized Troll as a Keeper of the Green Flame, and shortly thereafter his guru consecrated him as the Grand Mufti of Satanism. This marked the beginning of his video fatwas and established his role with respect to Satanity. A networker and data-collector of occult and mystical praxis, Towelhead issues intermittent fatwas on Satanic subjects, consults with individuals in public on methods of pact-making, religious dedications and worship, and enjoys imagining new types of Satanism absent self-defeating or self-disabling qualities. He and his guru (instructor, partner, and wife) live on a hill in an unincorporated rural, California farmstead, where they raise chickens, tend fruit orchards, publish books, and maintain an arcane theme park.”

Candid discussion and Book Dissection.

Saturday, July 12, 2014 @ 8pm EST on Poison Apple Radio

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Demon in Hospital Photo – Debunked

This photo went viral shortly after it was posted on Reddit. Naturally, it would end up on youtube here is a clip:

People see what they want to see. A clear case of Pareidolia. I’ve been contacted to convey my ‘expert’ opinion. What makes me an expert you ask? Your guess is as good as mine.

I enhanced the photos a bit using a focusing tool. Clearly, what we’re looking at here is a few things in the photo that seem to come together to create a ‘form’, a figure. Superstitions about the dying and the dead will invoke a number of confirmation biases. If you believe in an ethereal soul, you might see that. If you think demons snatch them for Satan – well, you are among the believers! Same with Alien Abductions and earth-based entities that live in some other dimension beyond the view of the human eye. Except… They can be captured on video… Apparently.

I digress…

Here are the photos:

Photo 1.  As you can see, the ‘leg’ of the demon is clearly the patient’s leg in a bent position.  It stuck out to me immediately because the image behind it was lighter and less vivid.  The leg is closer to the camera, so the items in the background are a bit blurry.

Demon - Man's Leg

Photo 2.   Right behind the knee-bend is clearly the bed-rail.

I have enhanced the color in the photo adjusting the lighting a bit so it is clearly visible.

Demon - Bed Rail

Photo 3:  I used the focus tool to blur everything but what appears to be some type of medical equipment.  So what appears to be the torso of the ‘demon’ has a reasonable explanation.  What makes up its ‘head’, could be any number of things.   Together, it only gives the appearance of a figure bent over the patient.

Demon - Equipment

Voila!  De-mystified.  Your eyes will play tricks on you, your brain will make connections that just aren’t there.    If you want to believe its a demon, alien or there’s a government agency hiding the truth from you.  Fine.  You gotta ask yourself though, why do you need to believe this?

If I’ve managed to change your perception a bit, I’d say it’s a matter of introspect.  If you can be fooled by this, what else have you been tricked by?

Having a skeptical mind isn’t being cynical, it’s just being prepared for what your brain will dish out. It’s a tricky little bastard.

-Sin Jones