Adversary to the herd?

It’s amusing really when the herd is on the field chewing cud.  They sure gotta a lot to say in their coffee klatch but when faced with a real person they skidattle in fear of the cattle prod.

Social Forums breed herd mentality.  Believe me when I say, I’ve had entire threads, groups, and wall discussions about my person.  At closer examination it’s a bunch of herd animals projecting their internal inefficiencies.  Insulting a person’s exterior is not the same thing as dealing with the person’s interior.  It’s the same old hat, “Sin Jones you are fat, ugly, have a big nose, and think you are so great! “ 

As a matter of fact I do think I’m pretty great.  Any person that lives insecurely and feels slighted when ridiculed with such childish arguments isn’t exactly earning my respect.  If you have an issue with me be direct and WITH ME.  Otherwise, you are just yapping away and showing yourself for what you really are all the while puffering and peacocking like you are some tough guy on the Internet.  *finger twirl*

Anyone familiar with my person would KNOW that I am always direct.   I am certainly not going to address every personal insult, it’s counter productive and a waste of time.  I don’t expect everyone to find me attractive or likable, and equally I might find you less than desirable according to my personal preferences.  I can however find qualities in people I am attracted to like a moth to flame.  You might have a stellar sense of humor and razor sharp wit, I find that very attractive.    I find weakness and self-pity to be quite ugly. 

I rarely find myself adversary to the herd but will at times blow the horn and get those cows moving.  Otherwise, they are mucking it up for the rest of us on a grander scale.  Sacrificial Cows, I say. 

A formidable adversary is one of an equal or higher skill set.  One can be adversarial to just about anything, it doesn’t mean it’s worth it.  We all have limited time in this life, and we should spend it wisely.  If you have ever found yourself at the end of my blade, then you will certainly remember it, and perhaps you may still be lamenting over it.  Get over it.  Get over yourself.  


That’s my advice.  

Sin Jones

The Poison Apple


Exploring the pathology of fear is a long-term interest of mine.  I found THIS BLOG to be stimulating and it should serve as a relatively good example of how Satanists, generally speaking, are constantly questing for truth and for contrast/comparison and introspect.

Fear can be reduced to a biological function to safeguard the body from harm, but fear of the mind is highly complex and not as black and white as one would imagine.  Our compulsions for fear are often nurtured through programming.  Whether that programming is familial, cultural or inherent really depends on the particular fear a person holds.  Consider if you will the nature of phobias.  A friend of mine is an arachnophobic, and I keep spiders as pets.  The very notion of having a Tarantula in my home (even if it’s caged) will thwart my friend from visiting my home.  My tarantula recently died, but my friend will not visit because I’m well known for not killing house spiders.  I let them stick around until they die and then sweep away webs and carcasses.  My friend finds me to be ‘crazy’ and I can’t help but laugh, because she’s the one with the phobia.  This phobia stems from having been bitten by a poisonous spider when she was a child, so the pathology of this fear can be traced.  When I first moved to Virginia, unfamiliar with native spiders I was bitten by a Brown Recluse.  I was smart enough to Google search it, print off a photo of it and take it with me to the emergency room.  I suffered a bit but not hesitating to visit a medical facility certainly eased my suffering and severity of injury.  

Between the two of us, I can see the distinct differences in our situations.  She was bitten as a small child; I was bitten as an adult.  Her bite wasn’t detected as quickly as mine was and so in her mind any spider is a danger and will cause her pain and suffering.  For me, I study arachnids and insects as a hobby so I can distinguish the harmless vs. the harmful.  Some people just freak out over the creepy-crawly of bugs.  The feeling of an insect can certainly make the skin crawl, and I’m not exactly covering my body with bugs like its bliss.  I still do the bug freak out myself if I feel something crawling on me and I don’t know what it is.  In the back of my mind there is still a fear of being bitten by something deadly.  So you see, we both have our fears but some fears are more severe than others depending on the person and their unique subjective experiences in their lives.

As friends, we laugh at each other when we are having our own unique bug freak outs.  When you encounter strangers with fear you don’t exactly have the same relationship with them as long-term acquaintances and friendships.  There isn’t always a level of courtesy and consideration extended to others, and some people even believe they are entitled to it.  

A recent issue was brought to light over the last several weeks that I believe should be addressed when discussing Fear in Satanism.  Some individual Satanists have a Fear of being exposed to the public and be subjected to persecution and even prosecution should that social hysteria come to a head.  Theistic Satanist Diane Vera comes to mind.  If you are conducting research about Satanism in general, whether you are a Satanist or not, you can’t help but bump into Diane’s extensive website.  You can see the care and attention she’s taken in providing valuable information to the general public.  In my opinion, she should be both acknowledged for that effort and given credit for her hard work.  A website is a labor and one that takes dedication and diligence in keeping it up to date.  

Over the years, I know I personally have linked to her site on countless occasions to provide readers with some perspective from Theistic Satanists.  Whether we all get along, or are friends is moot in lieu of fostering understanding about Satanism overall.  As some fundamentalists parrot archaic notions about Satanism I point to its evolution.  In my perspective when things stagnate and anchor themselves to a past that is rendered obsolete, we cannot progress forward.  Not as Satanists and not as human beings.  

Diane Vera is pseudonymous for a real person with a legal name.  It is her right to have her privacy and for whatever reasons she feels justified in having it.  During a crazy chain of events, Diane’s privacy was trashed in favor of the personal agenda of another Satanist.  It only reinforces the Fear that Diane has had over the years of which she has been labeled a paranoid delusional by other Satanists.  Satanists have Witch Wars much like the pagans do.  I identify as pagan so I have a leg in both.   While I am public about both my views and identity, Diane would prefer to maintain her privacy.  The veil of anonymity was ripped away from her and by a Satanist that Diane was working with online.  We all take that risk.  Now’s she’s left to deal with both her fear and determining who she can trust and befriend.   

What does she have to Fear you ask?  There are many social issues that Satanists face in our modern society.  What those social issues are depend on where you live and your life’s pursuits.  Diane lives in New York, and I live in Virginia, but we both face similar issues in our respective states here in the U.S.   It is unfortunate that Diane and I began speaking by phone under these circumstances, but I have extended to her my aid and support while she is under personal attack by other Satanists.  Her fears are certainly justified.  

There are polarizing people in our midst and I have addressed some of the larger issues we face when dealing with them in past blogs.  Social Media is in use by the Bullshit Artist to tear down their enemies, peddle their wares, and rise in ranks on search engines.  Diane Vera’s website has held a strong #1 position when searching for Theistic Satanism, and Social Predator Tom Blackwood has been after this position himself for over a decade.  And so, he has been orchestrating several strategies over the years to accomplish this.  Tom is an opportunist much like his accomplice, so in recent days a joint-effort was forged to blatantly attack and defame Diane’s moral character.  A volume of smear and defamatory content has been entered into the search engines to thwart Internet users from visiting Diane’s site, to bring it down in the ranks to render Diane Vera herself obsolete.

These examples offer the reader reasoning behind such Fears.  My primary point here is to address that there is pathology to be addressed before ever addressing both willingness and capability to overcome them.  We all run the risk of living in Fear, if we allow ourselves to be dominated by them.  Some Fears are more manageable than others but at the end of the day, you have to keep on living.  If a phobia of spiders developed into something more drastic like never leaving the house an intervention might be orchestrated and by people who show both care and concern for the person being defeated by their fears.  The more apathetic we are towards people the more this fosters dysfunction and insufferable people for the rest of us to deal with in some capacity.

We are Satanists yes, but we are also human beings with the ability to care and demonstrate our concern for our brethren.  It is with this notion in mind that I offer my assistance when I see other Satanists being attacked and without cause by others.  Through my view screen I see the damage they cause in the Macrocosm while people are focused on the Microcosm.  

I do my best to keep a wide perspective as this modern society moves forward while maintaining my empathy.  Apathy leads to nothingness, inactivity and death.  It can also make one bitter and resentful towards others which exude from our inner-core.  I’m often asked why there are so many angry Satanists, my answer?  Many haven’t faced their fears, and many have unresolved issues they are dealing with on a daily basis; Fear of both the unknown and that which is known to the individual.  It may be painfully apparent to the voyeur or speculated on some internal imagining.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” – Frank Herbert’s Dune

“The realization of what I am occurs in the timeless awareness which does not stimulate nor delude. I create a field without self or center, a field where even death becomes only analogy. I desire no results. I merely permit this field which has no goals nor desires, no perfections nor even visions of achievements. In that field, omnipresent primal awareness is all. It is the light which pours through the windows of my universe.” The Stolen Journals

In closing, we must descend inward before we can ever spiral upward.

Sin Jones

The Poison Apple

When did Satanists become so righteous?

Question of the day:  When did Satanists become so righteous?   

Imposed morality has been in use by Satanists for the better part of 25 years.  This often becomes shocking to more solitary Satanists, they find themselves a midst the herd of mob mentality and it begs to question:  What the hell kind of Satanists are these?  

I cover a number of socio-political issues on my radio show, and discuss focus groups such as Occultists, Satanists and pagans. Where the rubber hits the road,  is when imposed morality is likened to the Witch Hunts of the Middle Ages.  Is a Satanic Security AgencySatanic police force, and the Satanic Brown-coats necessary?  And what are these self-righteous Satanists policing?  Good question.  When taking a closer look, you may be alarmed to find that they are targeting your lifestyle, personal preferences, philosophies, religions and creeds.

A question I’ve recently received in email:  “Sin, I love your blogs but I’m a bit confused.  I thought Satanism was about personal liberation and freedom?”

There was a time when this was a value embraced by most Satanists in the 20th century.  Flash-forward about 2 decades, and ‘Satanist’ is not as definitive or absolute as one might imagine.  In order to distinguish ideals resoundingly Satanic, it becomes problematic for those individuals that seek answers.  

Satan = Iconic Satan

Satanic = of or pertaining to Satan

Satanist = a person which employs Satan

Satanism = a set of practices and/or beliefs with Satan at the center

Beyond that?  You won’t really know who or what Satan is, until you speak to the individual Satanist.  There are some tried and true axioms in Satanic philosophies that remain unchanged; such as those in use by Modern Satanists.  The term ‘Modern Satanist’, is relatively new, at one time it was enough to simply call yourself a Satanist.  Some writers address Satanism from a post-Modern point of view.  This implies that Satanism did in fact experience a change and flux, with the death of Anton Szandor LaVey in 97’.

Early interviews with LaVey himself reveal that Satan was not just regarded symbolically, but most importantly as a personal divinity to look to as a mentor and role model.  This was often misinterpreted as exclusivity of an Atheistic paradigm. His personal views on servitude are made resoundingly clear throughout his lifetime.  Even if, there were a godform called Satan in our midst, going down on bended knee to serve it, or worship it, a Satanist would never do.  Not because he was told not to serve, but because it is inherent in his nature to revel against such oppression, subjugation and slavery.  ”Born Not Made”, is an axiom embraced by many Satanists.  Either it’s in your nature, or it’s not.  No matter how hard you try to ‘make’ a Satanist, the primal nature of the individual always shines through.

In the 21st century and with more and more Theistic Satanists coming into the public eye, their personal ideals, morals and ethics become part of the Satanic landscape.  Theistic Satanism didn’t exactly get a red-carpet welcome in the wake of the Satanic Ritual Abuse scare which prompted the Satanic Panic!  It is unfortunate for the rest of us, that we must suffer these righteous paranoid shadow dwellers.  They hide in closets, in the ‘underground’ and it gives credence to social paranoia about Satanism.  On top of that, their paranoid delusions cause them to peek in the closets of their own brethren.  The trouble then is what they actually find there.  If the mob believe it’s a real possibility that you may have a criminal record or even whispers of sexual abuse a lynch mob is rallied.  An even larger problem is that many Satanists know this all too well, and so it becomes the weapon of choice to use against your enemies.  

Some Satanists wouldn’t bat an eye-lash at the idea of fabricating false claims of pedophilia, rape, murder, and other unfavorable crimes to eliminate other Satanists from the strata.  With the advent of Social Media, it just became that much easier and quicker to spread gossip, false claims and the whistle-blowers come running to stand at attention.  They are the new Brown Coats, specters that behave like Inspectors.  

This fosters more righteous behavior, and it extends to proper and improper behavior.  As rebels rage against the machine, the finger-pointers create social hysteria groups to discuss how mean and evil Satanists have become.  Become?  Yes, the new aura of Satanism is that Satanists are merely misunderstood dark neo-pagans.  Many even embrace the Wiccan Rede as their moral compass, with a special focus on “And ye harm none, do as ye will”, even if that portion is wholly misunderstood.  

Magical systems directly address the transmutation of thought and emotion to reconstruct internal architecture (i.e. Alchemy).  It was never meant to be used to determine which magical practitioners were performing helpful or harmful magic.  The labels ‘White’ and ‘Black’ Magic become prominent in the late 60’s and 70’s and more and more modern pagans sought to be accepted by their local communities.  Satanists were then regarded as ‘Those people’ while pagans proclaimed they were just as gentle and helpful as most Christians.  Even if, in their own ritual chambers they were gouging out the eyes of their enemies in the form of an effigy.  Shhhhh, it’s a secret.  Exploring the godhead on my Radio Show, this very premise was brought up and discussed between myself and Dastur Adam Daniels, Church of Ahriman

Believe it or not, there are Occult hipsters.  A term coined to describe them is Occultniks.  These are the posers, fakers, and all around foolish types that presume to pass off their fakery as living as a Satanist.  No matter how hard they try, they cannot fool those of the Infernal Empire.   They wave their dirty morality compass at you and to impose their own moral/ethical code upon you.   At the very core of my nature, I regard them as sheep in wolves clothing.  A sheep is still a sheep and not very good at the masquerade.  They are woefully enslaved by their own up-bringing, influences and experiences.

If you personally identify as a Theistic Satanist, then you too will be subjected to the stereo-type of being regarded as a Reversed-Christian.  This pejorative implies that you are a Christian in reverse meaning that you would directly reject the teachings of Christ and embrace all things condemned by the teachings of the Church.  This moniker is in use by Satanists to defer to a type of Satanists that actively practices blasphemy such as inverting crosses, reciting biblical passages backwards, and embracing acts considered sacrilegious but at the very foundation you are still very much a Christian.

The evidence lent to this label is best demonstrated in your own personal creeds, and behaviors.  Take for instance the idea that Satanists should turn the other cheek.  If a person does you dirty, you should take the higher ground and not repay the favor, in compliment is implication that you should forgive and forget.  Some Satanists refuse to pay lip-service to such scum, and vengeance is the ONLY repayment worth spending.  The outcry from observers is also telling.  The mob cries:  You are so evil!  He apologized and you refused his apology!  To many Satanists apologies are worthless, and nothing more than empty words, action is a higher valued commerce; especially in the atmosphere of Social Media.  In other words, in order for the scales of merit to balance in your favor, you must answer to your own moral conscience before ever considering the ethics and morality of another. 

Some Satanists demand that you conform to their social standards of behavior.   If you will not comply, some seek to have you alienated from social groups, even if they negate your nature as a non-conformist.  They spin their wheels attempting to have you black-balled from a group you would seek no part of anyway.  Many Satanists test the waters of social networks to separate the wheat from the chaff.  When the righteous come forward willingly and without provocation, it makes the labor that much easier for the Satanist.

For this Satanist?  I couldn’t care less if you like your nipples buttered before adding electrical current,  I’m more concerned with what you DO with your personal preferences, ethics/morality, philosophy or religion.  Influence is influence, no matter how you shake your compass at it.  It can be positive, negative or nullifying.   Every person has their influence.  And some of these Agent Smiths need to have their bloody asses kicked. Plain and simple.

Word of advice?

Short of giving them a much needed bitch slap, you may need to come in like a Ninja and dissolve the Matrix in toto.  

As for me, while some of these Satanists are acting like self-righteous Occultniks, I’ll be in the machine, hitting hard and fast with my mental kung-fu. 

My kung-fu is strong…I’m SIN JONES.