SIN JONES, cultus extraordinaire and proprietor of The Poison Apple, a conduit in which she imposes upon the voyeur, her Sintristic methodology of refinement. Writer, artist, occultist, cultist, and Satanic madwoman; her cult of SIN is unavoidable. It is a chaos agent unto itself where she acts as culture corrector to cultivate an ideal environment for reaping personal fulfillment and exceeding the limitations of humanity; for Satan is the poetry of the world and nature is its church. SIN JONES is lurking in the tree of knowledge, tempting thee to eat of her fruit. A mere taste will rob you of your contentment, and provoke you into your own becoming.

Contributor of the Trickster’s Bible an on-going work by artists who have a personal interest in shaking humanity out of its slumber and reveling against the oppressive and subjugating system of nature. It is a drop in the sacred well, a battle-cry in the Art war, and SIN JONES is among the infantry marching through its gardens. This civilization has robbed man of his senses; he no longer hears the blistering sounds of the universe crying out to liberate him from his slavery. Her methods are forceful, imposing and adversarial to your complacency. Brick by brick, she will disrupt your architecture; tear asunder your personal reality to enact change and actualization in the spirit of her cause.The Cult of SIN, you’ll never come out…The way you went in.

For a more detail see: SIN JONES: An Introduction

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