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This has been a public service announcement.

4 responses to “STALK ME ON YOUTUBE

  1. I honestly cannot believe that you take the American televised “democratic” cartoon seriously whatsoever. In fact, I know that you know better. So seeing as I spend very little time online anymore, and I have no idea what your new series is on about, just tell me what your game is with pretending to buy into this nonsensical mass propaganda evangelism. You may as well be offering your insights in relation to the latest episode of ‘As The World Turns’, and pontificating on the issues of whose screwing who… Seriously, What gives Ali?

    • I’ve made my intentions clear. If you have no real desire to have that question answered by watching them, why should I invest my time to break it down to you? You need not complain about things you are not required to subject yourself to.

      • No need to become emotional, Ali. I said exactly what I intended to say, though your reply is merely a cop-out. “Listen to my illusions” is no answer to the question “Why are you entertaining these illusions”, now is it? Also, I’m not buying into your psych games. I didn’t present a complaint, I presented a question. Either you can answer it, or you cannot. They are your sensibilities, do what you want with them. Good day.

      • Emotional? No buddy, I’m calling you lazy. I answered your question. To wit, your interpretation is off. I need not put forth additional efforts to explain several hundred clips I’ve added to date. Go back and watch Pagan Push.

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