I Don’t Vote…

In response, the usual comes my way.  “Then you can’t complain.  You have no right to an opinion!”  What a crock of shit.  I’m not an avid complainer anyway and I’ll dole out opinions as I see fit.  I’m of the opinion that voting is just a placebo of mind.    I haven’t voted since before the Clinton Administration.  I admit, I pulled into the polling place during the 2008 election and decided it was just a dumb idea and left.  I didn’t vote.   I thought about it but decided that it was an ill-conceived idea.  Impulsive and automated, I saw myself there as if I wasn’t even the operator.

“Voting matters!”, ” Your vote matters!  ” the masses cry and I couldn’t find a single fuck to give if I tried.  It’s all so very bizarre to witness.   Especially from the outside.  I was once in, among the crowd, those standing in line to do their ‘Civic Duty’.  I chalk it up to the errs of youth.  Many people around me say that I’m making a grave error now.  To what end?  Cui Bono?  I certainly don’t.   Besides, the Electoral College is full of people indoctrinated by fuzzy politics   with their own ideals and agendas.  They aren’t mine, nor do they concern me.   Even if I’m taxed, I play the game as well as anyone cooking books for profit.

We are born in a country, we have no duty to it.  I don’t care how many ‘Patriots’ tow the party line.  A choice to swear allegiance is removed when children are bludgeoned into a false pride of country.    I think real power is executed when one can effectively navigate the terrain no matter the topography.     Rights and Privileges allotted by the State haven’t made the trek easier, they are always obstacles in the path.  A stone here or there, or a pebble in your shoe.  To complain is like throwing rocks at the sun.   I’m not in the habit of existential crisis.

People tend to get rather Utopian during the Presidential Elections to the tune of Arhurian legends complete with Lancelot shimmying down the drain-pipe.  The idealistic leader will rise on the throne and save people from their own ineptitude.    Little do they realize the  Branches of Government   are grown from the same Tree .    I’ll leave them to their Treehouse in Camelot.  Dreamers dream to attain, a way to see a path to the things they need or want.    Meanwhile, I’m out here living and sometimes discover I want things when I have the means and don’t really need much.    I find that needy people don’t really do much, if anything at all, to get what they want.  I find it difficult to be sympathetic towards them.  It’s all so very simple yet complexioned by politics.

I have eyes to see and ears to hear. It’s rarely a mystery to me when people feel disenfranchised.    Especially in 21st Century America.    People strip themselves of their own power when they make foolish choices.  It doesn’t matter what your socioeconomic background is, if you want it bad enough – you’ll do what it takes to get it.   I for one, will not accept excuses and call you on your bullshittery.



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    • Placebo of the mind, nothing more. Any ‘control’ we have, is to know the terrain we navigate and make willful choices. The idea that we participate in ‘government’ has been sold to the plebs wholesale since the Roman Republic.


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