Appeal to authority?

I was under the impression that people sought out the arcane as a way to empowerment oneself and attain needs and desires.  The latest trend of  Occultists leaning on law to shelter them from adversity, is hysterical.  Left-hand Path you say?  I think not.  Be careful when seeking out peer-review because you may not get what you’re after.  Which is really just acceptance right?  This is precisely Right-hand Path attainment, not that which is associated with the Devil.

There appears to be an influx of legal cases in the last few months by Witches and Satanists alike.  It’s all this comment is harassing me, that comment is harassing meSlander! Libel! Scammer!  The Facebook environment just makes all of this more visible.   Blaming social tech as scapegoat isn’t quite cutting it for me.  That would be like blaming your cell phone for drunk dialing.

It’s been argued that legal posturing is a viable tool in psychological warfare.  I could almost agree but only as far as a threat to use against your adversary.  If a person sees a comment, criticism or critique as a perceived threat, then chances are they fear legal ramifications too.   It can be a viable tactic, however the elephant in the room is screaming to be noticed.  If you  need the the Law, in order to manipulate circumstances to your favor, you have weak kung-fu.   “Do as thou Will”  is so oft repeated that I doubt the meaning is understood.  Call me cynical but my observations have me draw this conclusion.  Totally clueless, and don’t get me started on the habitual snitching.  Snitches get stitches and end up in ditches, they aren’t heroes or a glory-hole to fuck.  That shit is full of AIDS and you can catch it.

frogIt doesn’t take much effort on your part to call the cops or hire an attorney.  The most amusing part is that at the end of a lot of these cases, the intended goal isn’t even reached!  No smack down on the opponent, no gag order, no power change; in fact nothing changes at all.  Many cases are dismissed as frivolous and misinterpreting Law or get over-turned in appeal.  It then just becomes a public show of weakness or a way to gain sympathy from the public.    For what?  Who knows, ego-stroking and masturbatory pleasure be my guess.

An appeal to authority, is Right-hand path.  I’m not sorry if it hurts your feelings and if it makes me a cantankerous cunt for pointing it out, I’m ok with that; why aren’t you?     Oh, oh …I know!  The way things are vs. the way you believe them to be is uncomfortable.    Your precious shit has been disturbed by a mean person.   Call the cops, have me arrested.  “Love is the Law!”


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Robert Fraize will be joining me to discuss his own legal case.

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