What could a woman possibly do for 75K?

brothelI had no idea who Lamar Odom was until this morning and after getting over my gag-reflex to find out he’s the husband to one of those Kardashians (Khloe), the topic on the news this morning was visiting a Brothel, dropping 75K and falling into a Coma.  The embodiment of sin:

Cocaine, performance enhancement supplements and two women round the clock to service his every need over the course of 4 days’; over-fill leaving one empty sounds about right.  Even if the marriage is over, divorce papers haven’t been signed and there’s Khloe to swoop in and make medical decisions on his behalf.  I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want my estranged wife deciding what happens to me after finding out I over-dosed in a Brothel.   I’ve been in a Coma, I guess I’m one of the fortunate ones to not have any memory of it, unlike Martin Pistorius who spent 12 years comatose and remembers everything.  Could you imagine laying there listening to friends and family talk about what to do with you?  Mind-boggling for sure.  But hey, what a great opportunity for self-promotion!

While Khloe is posting Selfies and continues to keep her fans captivated (value judgment being subjective), the guy that can’t stop talking about it is Dennis Hof,.   He cracks me up, what a hoot!.  No fucks are given about the outcry about poor-taste, or the jokes this guy is and seizing the day!  He’s appeared on just about every talk show and podcast to talk about the event.  This sort of promotion for his ranch would cost him millions!  Aside that, the rumor that Lamar was fleeced just provides more opportunity to advertise the biz!  I’ve been to Vegas plenty and if you compared it to say, a Southern State, they are worlds apart.  I say, good for him – work the crowd!

Then the matter of dropping 75K and what these women at the Love Ranch could have possibly done worth that much over 3 Days.  According to Hof, Lamar intended to stay 4 days, possibly 5 and had very specific requests.  He was quoted 15K a day, agreed and put it on his credit card.  Typical business transaction in NV but to people outside of that world, there must have been something far more nefarious at work.  Never mind that the guy had a history of addiction, was going through a divorce and was distraught over his portrayals in the media and the Kardashian’s TV Show.  People sure have funny ideas about what Capital should and shouldn’t be used for.  They scream “Human Trafficking!”   Meanwhile, in my neck of the woods (Hampton Roads) there was an FBI Bust, a dozen or so Pimps were nabbed and juvenile’s ‘rescued‘ from the business.  All the Norfolk locals know that the hotels up and down North Hampton Blvd. have always been a hot-spot for Prostitution.  Not exactly shocking.  The idea that there were 12 year olds among the sex workers gives the local community an impression that these ‘children’ were coerced, groomed, or kidnapped.  Highly unlikely, among them were transgendered folk and it’s a fetish here and elsewhere.  It’s more likely that these were runaways looking for work, your body is a commodity.  Excuse me if I can’t find a single reason to agree with my so-called “community” on the subject.

A comment I keep hearing is “He paid $75,000.00 for What?” in an accusatory tone.  When I hear sound bytes from the morally outraged, I can’t help but shake my head.  Really?  So on one hand, female personalities hold feminist views but then go on to devalue what Sex Workers are worth in their trade?  Got it.  Would you be willing to wait on 6′ something dude hand and foot for 15K a day?  How much is your service worth?  Most days I tune out the news because I can’t relate to the opinions of others nor what constitutes a crime and the arbitrary laws to persecute them.   Some days, I’ll step outside of my own head, even if just for contrast.  Then, I’m quickly reminded of my Misanthropy.  While I continue to work on it, I don’t think I’ll ever truly transcend it.  At this stage, I’m good with that.  Doesn’t mean I won’t still navigate the terrain and find empathic connections along the way.  I much prefer the microcosm which is my world. The ripple effects of it reach out to the Macro but are rarely any of my concern.


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